Best Chinese Women Dating Sites & Apps: Who are These Girls and How to Date Them?


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Chinese ladies are known for their delicate beauty. Besides being sweet and demure, Сhinese women are also quite ambitious and family-centered. 

This is why so many Western men are looking for Chinese women for a long-term relationship. In this article, we have rounded up the best Chinese dating sites to help you select the one where you will find your Сhinese girl.

5 Best Chinese Dating Sites to Meet Women from China Online

Since there are so many platforms for those who want to date a Chinese girl, it might be difficult to choose the best option for your budget and needs. We have reviewed the most popular Chinese dating sites that you can use to find a Chinese girl.

  1. EasternHoneys. One of the most reputable Chinese women dating sites for those who are looking for a committed relationship with a girl from China.
  2. TheLuckyDate. This platform has an AI-based matching algorithm that makes it easier to land a first date with a Chinese girl.
  3. Orchidromance. This dating site has an extensive set of communication tools and offers discounts to newly registered users.
  4. CuteAsianWoman. The best choice for those who are looking for a catalog of carefully moderated dating profiles.
  5. AsianMelodies. Convenient service for Western guys interested in dating Asian girls.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these options to select the one that allows users to find family-oriented Chinese ladies for a long-term relationship.

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1. EasternHoneys


If you are interested in dating a Chinese girl, this user-friendly platform, EasternHoneys,  with a streamlined interface and advanced matching algorithm is a perfect option to consider. It deservedly tops our list of the best dating services in China due to its advanced functionality. On this platform, you will find many Chinese girls who are interested in dating foreign men.

It has a convenient dating app with two-way authentication for better security, which makes it a perfect option for Western men interested in online dating.

The site has a reliable customer support team and allows you to pay for its services with credits to talk to your girl. The only disadvantage is that this platform has a ticket system, which is why it takes longer for the team to solve user issues.

Being one of the largest platforms, it guarantees the security of user data. You can use advanced search filters to narrow down the selection and find the Chinese beauty of your dreams.

Features we liked 

  • Free registration
  • No-frills interface
  • Daily updated catalog
  • Detailed profiles
  • User verification for better security
  • Bonuses for new users
  • Mobile version of the website
  • Affordable credits
  • Bouquet delivery services

As a newly registered member, you can purchase the first package of 20 credits for only $2.99, which allows you to meet hot Chinese singles without getting broke.

If you are interested in Chinese culture and want to fully immerse yourself into the wonderful world of online dating, hurry up and sign up for this site to find a cute Chinese girlfriend for casual dating or serious relationships.

2. TheLuckyDate


With 170,000 monthly visitors, TheLuckyDate remains one of the most widely used dating sites for finding a hot girl. Its developers wanted to reach an ambitious goal and make it easier for people from various countries to find a girl for long-term relationships or casual flings. Here, you will also find many Chinese women who are looking for a husband from abroad.

The platform uses an AI-based matching algorithm, which makes it easier for you to find a suitable girl for marriage or casual sex. You can customize the UI to your liking by selecting a dark theme. This dating site has a 45-to-55 male-to-female ratio, which ensures that you will find the lady of your dreams here.

Since the website has a responsive website, you can access it from your tablet or smartphone. This is a perfect option for budget-conscious users. You can use a variety of free and paid communication tools.

Features we liked

  • Detailed profiles
  • Convenient mobile version
  • Likes, favorites, and stickers
  • Handy search tags
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free registration
  • Impressive bonuses for new users

If you are tired of being alone and consider the idea of dating Chinese woman, don’t wait too long and sign up for this dating platform to get 2,000 credits for free. It’s one of the most affordable dating sites available today since you can purchase the subsequent packages of credits for only $3. Thanks to the streamlined registration, you won’t spend more than 15 minutes to become a member of this platform and get access to a catalog of Chinese ladies looking for long-term relationships.

3. Orchidromance


If you are interested in dating Chinese women, Orchidromance is one of the most reliable dating sites to consider as it has over 1,000,000 users with over 13,000 daily logins. In addition, on this Chinese dating site, over 85% of profiles are with photos, which minimizes the risk of coming across scammers and gold diggers.

Whether you are a Chinese guy looking for local girls or a foreigner who wants to date a Chinese woman, here, you will find what you are looking for.

Most users on this platform are Chinese girls in their twenties and ladies from other Asian countries. Thanks to the favorable male-to-female ratio of 40-to-60, you will easily find the right girl for your communication needs, including flirting, casual chatting, and even true love.

Using free options, you can look for Chinese girls by their age and online status. Paid options allow you to search for Chinese women by interest and filter out the ones that have bad habits.

 Features we liked 

  • Video streaming tools
  • Free registration
  • Large user database
  • Advanced search filters
  • Handy search options
  • Free likes and winks
  • Detailed profiles
  • Mobile-friendly platform

Those who have never used such platforms to find a Chinese date will be pleasantly surprised to learn that they can use the first 20 credits free of charge. Since this website was created specifically for those who are interested in dating Asian girls, you can quickly find a Chinese lady that meets all your requirements. Don’t wait too long if you want to meet a Chinese beauty today. The hottest Chinese girlfriends are just one click away!

4. CuteAsianWoman


Unlike other Chinese women dating sites, CuteAsianWoman allows you to use a wide range of communication options, including tools for making voice calls. During the sign-up, you just need to provide some basic information about yourself and upload your photo. After the registration, you can start browsing the catalog. There are many convenient search filters that will help you find a Chinese bride. When using this Chinese women dating site, you may search for women by age, interests, height, religion, profession, and other parameters.

While it doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app, you can access the platform from mobile devices. After signing up, you can try out the one-month Premium membership subscription by paying $9.99. It includes 5 free first emails and 20 minutes of chat with a girl. Besides, you will be able to see all the profile photos of any Chinese lady that you like.

The standard package of 16 credits costs $96. To save money, you can purchase 100 credits for $399.

 Features we liked 

  • Over 1 million active members
  • Reputable service
  • High response rates
  • Streamlined interface
  • Detailed user profiles
  • Free emails and search tools
  • Affordable prices
  • Convenient filters
  • Quick registration

This platform is frequented by Chinese men and foreigners who are looking for a family-centered Chinese girlfriend. Even if you are on a tight budget, shake a leg and start dating a Chinese woman today! As a new member, you can get the first two credits for only $4. You will be instantly matched with a gorgeous Chinese lady and will be able to start chatting with her immediately.

5. AsianMelodies

Asian Melodies

This Chinese ladies dating site will be a perfect choice for those men who are interested in rich Chinese culture and prefer dating Chinese women. AsianMelodies has more than 600,000 monthly visits, which explains why we decided to include it in our list of the best dating sites. If you are interested in Asian culture, it’s a perfect place to start since here you can find a beautiful Chinese woman who will tell you more about her country.

With about 6,000 Chinese girls being available online at any given time, you won’t need to worry about getting lonely. However, be ready to spend a lot of time filling out a detailed questionnaire. It’s necessary to ensure the higher accuracy of the matching algorithm.

To show that you are interested, it’s enough to click the Like button when browsing through the catalog.

 Features we liked 

  • High reply rate
  • Chat and email tools
  • The Face feature with Like and Skip buttons
  • Impressive search algorithm
  • High-quality photos
  • Message filters
  • Gift delivery services

While there is no mobile app, you can access this dating site from your smartphone. If you want to find a Chinese girlfriend, browse through its custom-curated catalog to find a hot Chinese date in major cities. To learn what China means, you need to date a Chinese woman who knows a lot about this country and its customs. After joining Asian Melodies, you can get a package of 20 credits for $9.99.

What are Chinese women like?

While their appearance may differ depending on the region, many Chinese women are beautiful and stylish, with a great fashion sense. An average Chinese woman is 5′3″-5′5″ tall.

Due to favorable genetics, Chinese women age slowly and remain gorgeous even well into their forties.

Whether they come from big cities or small towns, they:

  • Believe in traditional roles;
  • Value family relationships;
  • Respect their parents;
  • Love their kids.

For a Chinese person, a strong marriage is the main indicator of success. This is why Chinese women are looking for well-off men who are interested in family relationships.

Why choose Chinese women for dating?

There are several reasons why many men are looking for Chinese girls.

  • Chinese dating sites are so popular since Chinese women are known for their exquisite beauty. 
  • Chinese girls are good at cooking and know a lot about traditional Chinese cuisine. If you love Chinese food, dating a Chinese girl might be a good idea to consider.
  • Since the dating culture in China is so traditional, Chinese girls are extremely loyal and never flirt with other men when they are in a relationship.

What to expect when dating a Chinese woman?

While the country has a rich dating culture, it remains quite conservative, so you need to take into account some important cultural peculiarities that define the Chinese dating culture. Chinese parents will expect you to ask for their approval to marry their daughter. Even Chinese people living in big cities still follow old traditions.

When dating Chinese women, it’s important to clarify important issues first. If you are dating a Chinese girl, it will ensure that you are on the same page and share the same life principles and family values.

  • When dating a Chinese girl, you need t take into account some key differences between Chinese women and Western ones:
  • Chinese women expect that their husbands will provide for the whole family;
  • They are content with a role of a housewife and are good at managing the household;
  • They don’t discuss personal things and family matters with strangers.

Chinese women are interested in serious relationships and want to have a family with kids, so make sure to be clear about your intentions right from the start.

Why are Chinese women dating foreigners?

While China is a rich country with an ancient culture, a typical Chinese woman always wants to give a chance for a better life to her children. In China, building a family means fulfilling a duty. However, many Chinese women aren’t content with traditional Chinese culture. They are looking for a relationship with men who are:

  • Fun-loving;
  • Open-minded;
  • Interesting to talk to;
  • Ready to resolve any conflict quickly.

While Western men are often less interested in marriage and avoid building a family until they are financially secure, many of them still want to date a Chinese lady even though their views on life might be different. Chinese women value them for their generosity and non-judgemental approach.

How to date a Chinese woman?

While every Chinese woman is different, she is likely to expect you to be respectable, have a good job, be polite and respectful to older people, and be open to the idea of having kids. If you are wondering what to expect when dating a Chinese woman, read on to learn some handy tips. Chinese women are used to being judged, which is why they always try to keep appearances.

To win a Chinese girl over, learn some Chinese, show an interest in China and its culture, and demonstrate that you are looking for a serious relationship.

Dating Chinese woman: the dos

If you want to date a Chinese lady and are wondering how to date a Chinese girl, you need to follow several rules.

  1. Be as serious as possible since it will show the Chinese woman you like that you are truly interested in a relationship with her.
  2. When dating Chinese girls, find an engaging topic for a conversation.
  3. Ask her questions about her views on marriage. As a follow-up, you can also ask her about how many children she wants to have.
  4. During the first date, show her that you are interested in the culture of Chinese people and want to know what her views on relationships are.
  5. Tell the Chinese woman that you are dating about your job and career. Chinese girls respect men who hold important positions.

The culture of dating in China has strict rules, but your can easily sweep your lady off her feet if you follow these simple tips.

Dating a Chinese girl: the don’ts

A typical Chinese woman is quite different from a Western lady. She wants to build a long-term relationship and share her life with a man who is genuinely interested in building a family.

This is why, when going on a date with a Chinese girl, you should avoid doing several things that will automatically disqualify you as a potential husband. If you want to learn how to date a Chinese woman, avoid these things:

  1. Don’t joke about China or Chinese culture;
  2. Don’t judge her on her past relationships;
  3. Don’t suggest splitting bills if you date a Chinese woman;
  4. Don’t discuss the political situation in China as Chinese women avoid such topics;
  5. Avoid talking too much about your other relationships during your date;
  6. If a Chinese woman invites you to her house, don’t keep your shoes on.

Now that you know what not to do when dating a Chinese woman, keep in mind that most Chinese women are quite shy, which is why it’s better to avoid public display of affection at the early stages of your relationship. Since the culture of dating in China is very traditional, most Chinese girls are also against one-night stands.

How much do Chinese dating sites cost?

If you have made up your mind and want to date a Chinese girl, you can sign up for platforms that are popular in China, such as TheLuckyDate, EasternHoneys, and CuteAsianWoman. Let’s take a closer look at their pricing policies.


TheLuckyDate has a credit-based system. There are several credit packages available:

  • You can buy the first 5,000 credits for $19.99;
  • 25,000 credits cost $44.99;
  • 75,000 credits cost $149.99.

By using this virtual currency, you can pay for the following services when dating a Chinese woman:

  • Live-chat (200 credits per minute);
  • Emoticons (1,000 credits for full-screen and 500 for regular emoticons);
  • Animated text (500 credits per text);
  • The first message (1,000 credits).

This platform provides affordable services for those who want to learn more about China and its culture by talking to beautiful and delicate Chinese women.


If you want to meet the Chinese woman of your dreams, try using EasternHoneys as it has affordable prices. You don’t need to pay any hidden fees to talk to your Chinese girl. It will suffice to pay for any of the available credit packages:

  • 20 credits for $9.99;
  • 50 credits for $19.99;
  • 125 credits for $44.99;
  • 250 credits for $69.99;
  • 750 credits for $149.99.

If you have found a hot woman from China who seems to be into you, use credits to pay for these services:

  • 2 credits per minute for a live chat;
  • 5 credits per sticker;
  • 10 credits per photo;
  • 625 credits per date request.


While Chinese women can use this dating platform for free, men who want to date a Chinese girl at CuteAsianWoman are required to pay for the credit packages:

  • $3.99 for the first 2 credits;
  • $15.99 for the subsequent 2 credits;
  • $96 for 16 credits;
  • $399 for 100 credits.

You can also pay $9.99 for the monthly Premium subscription. It will allow you to:

  • Send 5 free first emails;
  • Chat with Chinese girls for 20 minutes;
  • Unlock profile photos of Chinese women registered on the platform.

Our editor`s notes

“Chinese women are a joy to be with. There are plenty of Chinese girls for dating who are ambitious, reliable, beautiful, and family-oriented. Every girl in China dreams about finding a well-educated and financially stable husband. If you want to date a Chinese girl interested in a stable relationship, these sites are what you need. Since the local culture is so traditional, you need to remain serious when dating Chinese girls. Hurry up and join one of the dating platforms described above to start chatting with Chinese women within a few minutes after signing up.” – Asian Countries Expert, Samuel Chavez


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