Best Carpet Fitting Prices 2022: Installation Costs UK


Carpet installation does not have to take a lot of time. If you know the correct dimensions of your room, you can install a carpet within minutes. Fitting a new carpet can brighten up your space but needs a careful selection of the right colour and design.

However, a professional carpet fitter can go a long way in providing neat and beautiful work. For instance, the carpet fitting cost does not have to be much when using brands like Bark.

Although installing a new carpet in any space is pretty simple, getting a perfect finish yourself is tough. With the help of a professional carpet installer, you can enjoy the best wall-to-wall carpeting, carpet stairs, or peel-and-stick carpet tiles on your floor.

You pay less for carpet installation if you hire trusted carpet installers from a company like Bark. On your own, you may not know how to calculate per square foot dimensions and may end up buying too little or too much carpet. 

This guide will help you learn how to calculate per square foot for carpet installation. With this information, you can compare the carpet cost and room dimensions to determine if your new flooring option is financially viable. Meanwhile, you should know that carpet cost rises considerably with materials such as wool. 

How Much Does Professional Carpet Installation Cost? 

Buying a carpet online is a fairly simple task. However, if you want to blend your carpet perfectly with the rest of the room, you may need some research.

Similarly, you need the help of carpet installers to measure the space per square foot if you plan on getting a carpet for your stairs. However, you can also use a carpet installation cost calculator to know what to expect from your carpet installation.

Everybody loves the sudden, stunning facelift a space gets after carpet installation. But professional carpet installers such as Bark will usually charge you per square foot of the installation. Moreover, even minor carpet installations can take at least a day because of the various processes involved.

Processes like old carpet removal and installing a carpet pad add up to your carpet installation cost. On average, you can expect to pay around £2 to £3 per square foot of carpet installed. That means installing carpet in an average or mid-size room measuring 15 feet by 12 feet would be anywhere between £350 to £450.

However, this is a ballpark figure and will vary greatly depending on many factors. You will spend more on labour costs if you hire a skilled carpet installer. Similarly, labour and material charges vary greatly depending on your location and the company you’re buying from.

Carpet materials also play an important role in jacking up prices. Synthetic and nylon carpets are cheaper than their woollen counterparts. Moreover, if your space isn’t a perfect square or rectangle, you will lose some carpet during installation. Using expensive carpet material for smaller spaces and sticking to cheaper carpets over your existing flooring for large areas is a wise option.

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Factors That Determine the Carpet Installation per Square Foot Cost 

It’s best to consider the cost of new carpet materials before removing your old carpet. Installation costs, maintenance costs, and the cost of the carpet itself are important factors.  

Other factors determining carpet installation costs include the room dimensions and the carpet’s material alongside the underlay. These factors are explained in detail below.

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The Size of the Room

You can calculate room size by adding at least 10% wastage in your per square foot calculations. This formula gives a close estimate of how much carpet the carpet installers will need. 

Using simple math to determine the dimensions of your room is the easiest way of estimating your carpet installation costs. Meanwhile, your choice of online shop and carpet material will also jack up prices if not handled smartly. We suggest buying from Bark for the best deals.

Carpet installers from Bark will consider your room size per square yard and recommend an ideal carpet for your space. For example, a bedroom needs a soft, warm carpet like wool or Berber.

Middle range carpet costs at least £15 or more per square yard, while underlay costs under £4 per square yard. You will also need to add tack strips for more cohesion with the walls and carpet padding to cushion and insulate the floor.

The labour cost can range from £3.50 and £5 per square yard, but a carpet installer can charge you an average price of £40 for the whole visit. Therefore, the total cost for a medium-sized room measuring 4.5m x 3.5m can be at least £350. Similarly in Ireland, Clean 4u carpet cleaners in Dublin offer lower prices based on bulk work or repeated contract work.

People often consider DIY carpet installation to save money. However, this is a cumbersome project requiring a lot of time and effort for an untrained individual. Moreover, installing a carpet yourself will not yield a finish as nice as one from a professional installer.   

Type of Carpets

There are a lot of options to choose from when buying a carpet. Some types include Berber carpet, polyester carpet, loop carpet, nylon carpet, low pile carpet, lay carpet, wool carpet, or the cheaper synthetic carpets.

The carpet cost largely depends on the material and where you’re buying from. It’s best to compare different carpet prices on the market before you make your purchase.

Adding an underlay to your carpet installation increases the carpet cost. The better quality underlay you use, the more carpet prices increase. However, good underlays help insulate your old flooring. Moreover, underlays also outlast your carpets since they don’t wear as much. 

Lastly, old flooring also adds to your cost. If your floor needs repair, it will add to the cost. Removing old vinyl flooring is also expensive.

Carpet Installation Price Comparison

A midrange carpet will cost around £15 per square yard. However, this calculation does not contain the cost of underlay or travel expenses that you will be making. A regular underlay retails at around £4 per square yard. Travel expenses and shipping costs depend solely on where you buy the carpet. However, you can add it and check the average costs of the carpet installation.

In our calculations below, we use a room size of about 15.75 per square yard. Thus, each per square yard should cost at least £15 or more.

Bedroom Size

Total Cost for Carpet

One Bedroom £236 
Two Bedrooms £472 
Three Bedrooms £708 
Four Bedrooms £945  
Five Bedrooms £1181 

We have listed some standard rooms you can consider per square yard.

Room Size  

Per square yard

Small Rooms 10.5
Medium Rooms 15.75
Large Rooms 26.25
Hallways 4.8
Stairs 3.0

Your rooms won’t necessarily be the same size as we’ve stated. Also, your labour costs will multiply the longer you employ a carpet installer. Removing an old carpet is also an additional cost.

However, labour costs reduce when a carpet installer works in separate rooms. It will be cheaper to install carpet in the same area if you have two bedrooms instead of one large hallway. 

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We recommend that you buy new underlay when you get a new carpet. While the old carpet might have underlay, you should complement the new carpet with excellent carpet padding.

Additionally, when the carpet starts ageing, it can lose its cushioning effect, just like carpets themselves. 

Underlay Benefits

Offers thermal insulation:  Many homeowners enjoy lower energy bills because their underlay retains heat in their bedrooms. Carpet padding helps you stay warmer and help you reduce spending more on energy.

Reduces noise: If you have a carpet installed with a suitable underlay in areas with foot traffic, you experience low noise. The impact of people’s movement may stain your carpet. As a result, you need a carpet that offers stain resistance, especially in foot traffic areas. 

While underlay can make your home calm and quieter, it can keep the noise level low for those below you.

Extends the lifespan of carpets: One of the reasons why underlay is added during carpet installation is to prolong the carpet’s lifespan. Since it acts as a shock absorber, replacing carpet no longer happens often.

Softer and springy carpet: Adding underlay to your carpet provides a springy effect underneath the feet when you walk barefoot. Hence, it becomes pleasurable to relax and walk on the carpet, especially for kids.

Easier to clean: The underlay makes it easier for you to clean your carpet. While many carpets do not offer stain-resistant support, the underlay can help you clean quickly.

Do you want a carpet replacement? It would be best to consider the carpet replacement cost and material. An underlay functions like natural fibres that make carpets soft and warm.

 The cushioning effect can protect your carpet cut pile, offers stain resistance, and keep it cleaner.

How much can carpet installation cost per square yard?

A carpet installer may charge you according per square yard and the type of carpet material you need. Some installers can charge you up to £3.50 per square yard and a minimum fee of £40.

In places like London, the labour costs of carpet installation per square yard can be more expensive, and the carpet replacement cost takes into account the vehicle, tools, and labour costs.

Meanwhile, the room shape could increase the carpet installation cost. Some rooms come in rectangular shapes, while others come in square shapes. Since the carpet has a rectangular shape, the room determines how you can cut the carpet.

The carpet cost estimator Installation cost can help you estimate what you would spend.  

Furthermore, the carpet installation price can increase due to other charges. For instance, when you buy a new carpet like a Polyester carpet,  you can discover that more work is required, and this extra work can increase the carpet installation cost.

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Example of Increase in carpet replacement cost:

  • Many homeowners forget to add delivery charges. For instance, a carpet fitter may pick synthetic materials, nylon carpet rolls, or natural fibres from retailers. Since the fitter will not carry out a free installation, you must pay at the end of the carpet installation.  
  • In addition, the items collected from retailers add to your carpet replacement cost, including the delivery cost. However, you can decide to reduce the cost by picking your carpet home. You can pay at least £30 for your delivery.
  • The carpet replacement cost can be equally reduced when you remove your old carpet if you don’t want a professional installation. However, if you carried out your carpet removal, you save yourself about £35. 
  • Disposal prices vary, but you can get it free because you brought it home. Do not forget that room clearance must be done if you want to get your carpet installed per square yard. 
  • You should ensure that every item, especially the furniture, leaves your room before your fitter can work on the floor. Some installers can charge you about £10 to clear a space for you.
  • The labour cost increases if you need repair or levelling on the floor. Rooms with uneven floors, especially around high traffic areas, damage carpets. So, you have to remove everything that makes the floor unstable. 
  • Your concrete floors may require floor levelling or new screed if you live downstairs. The screed can cost you at least £12 per square yard, while fitting plywood may cost you  £13 per square yard. The two projects must be done if you want a professional installation with about £75 as a minimum charge. 
  • In high-traffic areas, door easing could turn out to be a challenge. You have to prepare for such a task. Also, if your underlay and new carpet have a greater depth than the old carpet, you may require door rubs to allow the door to shut. You can spend at least £10 to reduce the depth of the door.
  • Replacing carpet may require grippers to ensure that the carpet stays in place. When calculating the carpet replacement cost, you should consider this addition. You can buy the item from most online stores, or you get charged about £1.75 per square yard.
  • Finally, your door bags should not miss the list. However, you can save money when you purchase from B&Q.

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Tips to Select Your Carpet Replacement

Replacement carpet is not something you often do, so that you can get overwhelmed. Nevertheless, you need time to do your research when considering the carpet type, square yard, labour cost, and stain resistance feature.

Using the carpet cost estimator Installation cost, you can compare the average cost in terms of the square foot installation. If you have trouble searching for carpet fitters, you can consider Bark your carpet replacement plug.

Do not forget that you can select natural fibres like synthetic materials and wool carpet, which have their benefits and weak points.   When it comes to stain resistance, you should pick carpets that can withstand the strain from high-traffic areas in your home.

The carpet type can determine how long you can go without carpet replacement. You should consider the square yard to ensure you bought the correct carpet size. 

Remember to take advice if you have little information about per square yard or the average costs of nylon carpet.  

Carpet installation cost can determine how many square yards you need to buy. Additionally, you have to check if the manufacturer offered you a warranty. As a result, you should check for carpets that have refund policies.

Carpets should offer you stretch and stain-resistant for a period. If the warranty does not cover some of these factors, you may have to change it over time. 

You must not assume that the most expensive carpets come out best. While some carpets might cost you more, they may not be the perfect carpet for your home. Consider pets and kids when it comes to carpet installation costs.

With a carpet cost estimator Installation cost,  you can have a clue of the money you can spend on your carpet replacement.

Also, if you want to buy your carpet from a warehouse, you should take it outside to get the best daylight colour. In addition, you can take a carpet sample home and compare it with your home colours. 

Furthermore, you should remember what we said about underlay and carpet. When you get the correct square yard needed for your home, don’t forget to add underlay to your shopping list. 

Finally, do not buy if you don’t have confidence in the product. With the number of products on the market, you have a variety of choices to make. You can consider talking to the professionals at Bark to help you make the ideal carpet replacement choice. 

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Laying a Carpet Per Square Foot: Preparation Checklist

You must ensure that the carpet’s square yard comes complete if you want to buy from any carpet shop. Meanwhile,  here is a checklist that can help you lay your carpet.

You should discuss with your carpet fitter from Bark if they want to remove your old carpet. You have to remove the carpet and ensure everywhere is neat before the fitter comes to your property. 

Remember that if the fitter wants to remove your carpet, he can handle the repair of your floorboard. Many people save money when working on this project without the help of a professional. If you can handle this project, you can save money. 

When you repaint a room and have the correct square foot installed, you will love the beauty. 

However, ensure that you have your underlay and carpet available when you hire a fitter.

Finally, the furniture should leave the room to make your carpet replacement easier for your fitter.

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Do I need a carpet installer with qualifications?

You don’t have to beat yourself looking for carpet fitters with qualifications. A reputable carpet firm like Bark has some of the best-qualified fitters in the country. However, if you do not need qualifications, you can hire people with experience.

Many of these fitters have learned the job as apprentices and have improved over the years. The apprentice must have attended college and passed the Level 1 Award in Flooring Operations. 

Also, you can check fitters who have licenses from the Flooring Industry Training Association (FITA) In the United Kingdom, The Contract Flooring Association (CFA) and the National Institute of Carpet and Floor layers (NICF) offer licenses to carpet fitters.

These organizations ensure that fitters follow the British Standards Code of Practice for carpet installation. Therefore, you can get fitters who can give you an excellent carpet replacement with the correct per square foot measurement. 

Nevertheless, fitters don’t require building regulations or planning permission before they can fit your floor coverings. Fitters must comply with the relevant local rules required in fitting your sub-floor.  

With the number of carpet companies advertising their fitting services, you may not know the right one to use. However, with Bark, you don’t have to worry because they have professional carpet fitters.

Lastly, these professionals must obey the BS 5325:2001 Installation of Textile Floor Coverings – Code of Practice.  

How to Maintain Your Carpet 

You don’t need to do much when maintaining your carpet. When you have to replace the carpet, you have to vacuum it clean to ensure the debris and fluff from the installation do not remain.

You can follow these simple tips in maintaining a carpet. You must prevent sand, grit, and dirt from entering the house.

Everyone should take out their outdoor shoes or clean them before entering the house. Every two weeks, you should vacuum your carpet to avoid grit that can cause discolouration to the carpet.

Every year, ensure you shampoo your carpet per square foot to eliminate piling dirt. You can hire carpet cleaners to keep your home fresh and clean.

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FAQs Regarding Carpet Fitting

1. How do I know the best carpet grade?

When it comes to carpet grade, you have the choice to make. For instance, you can find two grades sold to customers in the United Kingdom.

Woven carpets come as labour-intensive with a traditional loom, including Wilton and Axminster. You can take them as the best option, but they come with a high price tag.

The tufted carpet can be found in most homes in the United Kingdom and is manufactured with a machine. 

2. How can I know the best carpets to purchase?

Before you buy a carpet, you should consider the thickness and fibres. High-quality carpets have these two fivers and are tightly packed. 

3. How do I select a colour for my carpet? 

Some of the popular carpet colours come in the form of neutral shades. Today, you can pick colours according to your room and furniture colours if you want to complement the room.

4. Do I pick a lighter coloured carpet than my walls?

We recommend that you pick a neutral colour for your carpet, which can be lighter or darker. You must not buy the same shade with the wall. With the number of colours online, you can pick a contrast or complimentary carpet colour.

5. How do I select carpet for my bedroom?

When picking carpets for your bedroom, consider luxurious and soft ones. Meanwhile, go for the velvet cut pile or the fluffy textured carpets because you can walk and sit on them.

6. How do I pick the proper backing for my carpet?

The choice depends on your room. You can use the foam rubber backing for your kitchen and jute for your living room. However, you can think of the right carpet for this job.

We have some luxury carpets like the Berber carpet, wool carpet, and then the Polyester carpet, Loop carpet, Nylon carpet, Low pile carpet, and Lay carpet. You should think of using the Berber carpet.

7. Should I buy a lighter or thicker carpet?

You can decide to buy a plush-feeling carpet if you like the texture. Otherwise, consider durable carpets for your room. Both thick and thin carpets have no significant difference, but the high-density pile offers you durability.

8. How do I know the most hard-wearing carpets?

To buy the most hard-wearing carpet, you should consider polypropylene carpets. These carpets offer stain-resistant and soft touch. The average price should not cost much; you can use them in any room or space. 

Discover the Best Carpet Fitters Near You

Regarding the carpet fitting cost 2022, you can consider Bark to do the job for you. You can have the best carpet installation with trained professionals without a wrong per square foot measurement.

Laying carpet helps your room become softer on the feet, warmer, and pleasurable to use. Carpets come cheaper than painting and offer homes significant facelifts. If you are considering an experienced brand for your carpet replacement, Bark has your needs covered.

You can request quotes, and Bark offers you the best quotes with no obligation.

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Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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