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In as much as people own garages, most of them prefer to use them as storage facilities in their homes. You will find someone turning his or her own garage to a storage space in order to keep their things. If you love your car, then you should know that adverse weather conditions like intensive UV rays can really cause big damage to your car. Hence if you opt to use your garage for other purposes or you don’t own one at all, then here is a remedy for you. With car covers, made from the highest quality materials, you can be guaranteed safety from the scorching heat in your parking lot.

Sunbrella Car Cover

No matter which brand you own, the aesthetic nature of your car is something you should value most. With the sun’s ray, both the interior and exterior of your car will be at risk if exposed to sunlight for a very long time. In as much as there are other brands, none can match the magic of the sunbrella car cover. The covers are crafted to withstand the harsh sun rays. You might wonder, why does sunbrella care covers have to be expensive? This is the case because sunbrella is made from acrylic fiber that make it strong and durable when it comes to UV rays. Not only does it last long, but it comes with some other great features that other brands don’t possess. Available in more than two different colors, you have an opportunity to choose which color matches your lawn or general outlook of your car. With the capabilities of high performance, they are also easy to install. The best feature about the sunbrella car cover is that it has the capability of preventing water or dust from resting on top of your car. With sunbrella’s super technology acrylic fiber, you can be rest assured your money has not gone to waste.

Impact of Sunbrella in the Textile Industry

Every textile company out there is pushing to bring out the best products in the market. But the best thing about sunbrella is that they are at the top of the food chain when it comes to the textile business. with a team of qualified experts, sunbrella makes sure that the raw materials that reach the consumer are efficient and long lasting. When it comes to recycling, in the US only, sunbrella has made sure that over three million of textile waste has been recycled and yet again used to manufacture other products. Their products are mostly dyed. What does this mean? Water retention is kept at bay hence reducing water waste. The people who benefit more from sunbrella are mostly from Anderson and Norlina, both in the south and north of Carolina respectively. Their plants have produced over half a million megawatts of power giving energy in form of solar for over two hundred homes. Being ISO 14001 certified, this is evidence enough to assure you that when you go for sunbrella, not matter the expensive nature, you are taking with you home something that you will never regret.

Other Alternatives to Pick from

If you feel your budget is tight, there are still some other alternative covers that will ensure your car isn’t damaged by adverse weather conditions. Some of these covers include:

1. Ultimate Car Cover

Crafted from multi-layered fabricated material, each layer sees to it that your car is protected from the scorching sun. The first layer, or rather the top is made from fabricated polypropylene that mainly deals with the sun rays. The middle layer keeps the car cool and free from moisture hence preventing rust. The last layer of the ultimate shield assures a perfect condition when it comes to your car’s paint due to its soft layer.

2. urethane coating Car Cover

Made from a urethane coating, the cover also boasts of its polyurethane coating that makes sure not even a drop of water rests on top of your car in case it rains. When it comes to UV rays, the polyester fabric is able to filter the sun rays through its thick layer ensuring that your car remains beautiful and polished. Another good thing about the platinum car cover is the ease of installation, unlike other covers, its manufactured light hence making it easy for you to cover your car.

3. Gold shield 5L Car Cover

Made from polypropylene, gold shield car covers are also a good option to choose from in case you don’t go for sunbrella. The cover is lightweight hence ensuring no water rests on top of it. Not only is it water resistant, but also breathable giving the beast protecion for uv rays. The cover is easy to install and can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. Cleaning is easy due to its polypro porous nature.

When you compare the prices of other car covers, sunbrella is relatively high since its more efficient in the protection of your car. Sometimes due to buyer’s remorse you might find yourself investing on a cover that will later on disappoint you. It’s better to invest in something that will make your car desirable for a long time. Remember most of the time, cheap is expensive and vice versa. If your budget is fixed, you can go for a pocket-friendly car cover but it’s good to make sure you get the right product to avoid disappointments. Hence when you hit a store for a car cover, talk with the relevant personnel to make sure you don’t cash in on some poor car cover. Even if they might be cost-friendly, make sure they are made from polypropylene.

Another important key factor to never forget is sun rays. The sun is good yes, but also its rays and heat can damage both the interior and exterior of your car. Imagine walking around with a sedan that has worn out paint. The clear coat should always be looked after to ensure your car sparkles throughout and avoid shame while in traffic or cruising downtown. The main reason why you should pick sunbrella when it comes to sun rays is the fact that it never wears down from the heat no matter what. Even if you break your pocket, it’s better than having your car re-painted all over again. Its way expensive than buying a sunbrella car cover. Depending on the season, sunbrella covers are crafted to maintain your car in the best means you could ever imagine.


To sum up, sunbrella car covers comes with a lot of advantages even though the price can be hefty at times. Its performance is better beyond measurable doubt. From water resistant, high quality polypropylene fabric and UV resistant, you should consider no other brand other than sunbrella. With low chemical emissions, you are guaranteed that both your family and your neighbors are in a free non polluted zone. Don’t buy something that will later make you lament. Instead, invest in something long term and none other than sunbrella. So if you are considering ordering a car cover online or hitting the store to buy one, think big, think large, think sunbrella.


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