Best Business VPNs in 2022


VPNs have been the go-to option for teleworkers who want to access business networks since long before most employees began working full-time from home. According to Per-Erik, you can conveniently and securely connect to the internet using a reputable Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. VPNs allow organizations to safeguard their personnel while allowing remote workers to access company assets as if they were in their workplaces.

One of the most effective tools in most firms’ toolkits is a corporate VPN. Being capable of accessing corporate files and data with significant restrictions is vital for keeping our now-distributed teams coherent— and also shielding classified documents from public scrutiny— while most of us carry on working from home.

The best VPN solution for enterprise protects all your web traffic and content, preventing hackers from reading it even if it is intercepted. Furthermore, specialized business VPNs provide static IP addresses. This enables you to limit data access to a single IP address that only you and your team may use just like Avast SecureLine VPN.

Nevertheless, because a corporate VPN is an investment you’ll likely keep for a long time, picking the proper one might be challenging.

What Characteristics Distinguish the Best Corporate VPN?

Each business is unique, and each one will have various needs from its business VPN. There are, nonetheless, a few characteristics that will be valuable to almost any organization, and these are frequently distinct from consumer VPNs. First and foremost, ensure your corporate VPN offers strong encryption; if it doesn’t, keep looking; there are plenty of excellent solutions.

If you’re a solo merchant, you’ll need a dedicated static IP address on a personal server rather than the shared IPs available in consumers’ VPNs. These are beneficial since they allow you to observe activities through a central software system and enable you to make decisions based on that information.

Top VPNs for Business Purposes

Personal liberty is incredibly protected by using a VPN. It can also safeguard your company’s data by integrating your personnel into a private system or guaranteeing that they are safe in their daily life. Although you can establish your VPN, choosing a team or corporate account from a consumer VPN implies you’ll have access to additional servers, assistance, and applications designed for daily use.

Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 is a business-focused VPN. It enables companies to set up private VPN servers that employees can link up to securely from anywhere. Without an IT degree, you can efficiently handle internet usage for your staff members from an interactive dashboard. Staff will be able to safely access files, applications, and other services from afar.

Perimeter 81 is a security solution for companies that include network fragmentation to protect sensitive data from breaches. If your company has offices in various places, site-to-site VPNs can be used to connect the two systems. Cloud VPNs enable remote access and can be ramped up and down.


Twingate is a new VPN service with unique functionalities that distinguish it from the competition. Twingate is a cloud-based service that distinguishes itself from conventional VPN workarounds by implementing zero-trust access authority and making gateways unnoticeable to the internet. Twingate is simple to set up and scale without requiring any changes to the network infrastructure.

Twingate uses single sign-on (SSO) to ensure that employees only have access to the resources that IT administrators grant them. This encompasses applications in the cloud and on-premises, as well as remote channels. Split tunneling enables traffic to pass via the network only when strictly essential, while bandwidth-intensive operations such as video calls use a direct connection.

Nord Teams

NordVPN is probably the most well-known VPN service. Nord is currently one of the world’s most powerful brands, according to YouTube sponsorships. As a complement to their consumer VPN, NordVPN Teams was launched. Teams is a business-oriented VPN service with more robust protection than the regular service and better security than most of their rivals.

Nord’s service features 2048-bit double encryption, one of its most appealing features. Because of this level of encryption, any company can entrust its most sensitive data to NordVPN. It’s also a lot more durable than the alternatives offered by its competitors. is a business-oriented VPN service. It’s one of the few VPN services for companies that allow for unrestricted concurrent device connections on all of its packages. could theoretically handle hundreds of devices simultaneously. is compatible with most operating systems. You can get the iOS and Android apps, as well as the Mac and Windows desktop clients. Irrespective of the gadget you’re utilizing, setup is simple and quick once you’ve created an account. The security procedures are the same on all devices, and every version protects against DNS leaks.

Private endpoints can also connect to your office network from a distance discreetly. It also includes information filtering, which allows you to restrict access to various materials on your system. is an excellent option for SMEs looking for a VPN that allows for an unlimited number of concurrent connections. The logging policy may put some off, but others will be drawn in by the user-friendly interface and impressive technical specifications.


ExpressVPN is yet another excellent VPN for people and small businesses. A few folks will find the device restriction to be too limiting. Furthermore, no specific business plan is available. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, provides a stable and quick service with worldwide server coverage. ExpressVPN is compatible with a variety of devices. Mobile apps for iOS and Android are available, in addition to desktop clients for Windows and Mac.

ExpressVPN employs cutting-edge encryption and security procedures, as do all of the best VPN services. No data about your web surfing exercises are stored when you use a no-log policy. If you have any problems with the service, you can contact 24/7 live chat support for quick and efficient troubleshooting.

Bottom Line

The top VPNs will safeguard your company from data breaches and threats by combining high-end security measures with dedicated servers. These functionalities are critical for maintaining your company’s good name and preventing legal ramifications from data leaks.


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