Best Black Friday Standing Desk Deals

Best Black Friday Standing Desk Deals

The 2022 Flexispot Black Friday sale is fully loaded with the best deals and offers you’ve never experienced in the last few years. And for the standing desks alone, there are some nice deals with massive discounts you need to tap into. Keep reading to discover them!


It’s no longer news that our promo campaigns at Flexispot are always divided into different deals. And the aim is to ensure that you easily lay hands on your targeted ergonomic products. It’s all for your convenience!

And this year’s Black Friday is no different. Many of these deals cover ergonomic office chairs, desk bikes, height-adjustable standing desks, and other office accessories and supplies.

However, our attention today is fully on the standing desks. Therefore, we will check through some of the standing desks under each deal – the Flash Sale deal and the Price Drop. Now, let’s get to business!

Flash Sale Deal

Standard Standing Desk E1

Although it has the original price of $289.99, the Standard Standing Desk E1 will be available for $159.99 on the 25th of November, 2022. That’s a huge jackpot where you can save up to $130 right there. Incredible, right?

The desk is quite sustainable, durable, and elegant. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re working remotely or from the traditional office setting, your workstation needs the Standard Standing Desk E1.

The desk is also highly durable and you have two basic keypad options – standard and basic. And with a single and gentle tap of the button, you can easily switch from sitting to standing and vice versa.

The desktop of this piece is built to be environmental-friendly desktop and you can have it in fiberboard, bamboo, chipboard, solid wood texture, and solid wood.

Pro Standing Desk E5

Pro Standing Desk E5

The Pro Standing Desk E5 has the original price of $459.99. But the good news here’s that you can save $130. This means that the chair will only have $329.99 as its asking price. However, you should remember that this offer is only on the 28th of November, 2022.

The desk is specially built with a dual-motor lifting system which allows you to derive a steady and smooth working experience. It also has a state-of-the-art motor tech and this explains why it has the most user-friendly touch and its stability is assured even when raised to the highest level.

Ready to accommodate 220 lbs of weight,  the Pro Standing Desk E5 also comes with a  keypad panel that carries 3 Programmable Height Resets.

Furthermore, you should know that the height range for adjustability is 24.4″ to 50″. This easily covers folks whose heights are between 4’6″ and 6’7″. And there’s an anti-collision feature that’ll automatically bring the desk to halt once it foresees obstacles.

Other standing desks under the Flash Sale deal are the Pro Plus Standing Desk E7 now at $419.99, E1+4224 at $219.99, and Kana Bamboo Standing Desk at $299.99, among others.

Price Drop Deal

Oval Shaped Standing Desk E8

In place of the original $589.99, the Oval Shaped Standing Desk E8 is another offer you should grab now that you can have it for $499.99. That’s an avenue to save $90 for the future.

As its name suggests, this luxurious standing desk has oval leg designs and sleek features that make it the best choice for everyone out there. It has a dual-motor lifting system designed to give you premium satisfaction since the density of the stability doesn’t reduce.

With the Black Friday promo, getting the Oval Standing Desk E8 will also give you access to a child lock feature – this will prevent your pets and kids from touching the core parts of the desk.

It also supports a clutter-free workstation through its reliable cable management system. Thus, you can use a cable tray while the groove also conceals all the cables and wires under the desk to give the office a more organized look.

Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk Wooden Top – 48″ W

This is another standing desk under the Price Drop deal and its original price is $499.99. But from the 25th of November to the 28th of the same, you can get the Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk Wooden Top  for $349.99. In other words, you’ll keep the remaining $150 to yourself. Amazing!

With the 4 customized and programmable height presets, multiple users can also store their preferred heights. And if your workspace doesn’t have much floor space, the Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk Wooden has you covered.

And despite using minimal space to fit in, it is one of the few standing desks in the ergonomic world with very spacious desktops.

Other standing desks under this deal are Height Adjustable Sewing Table (ES9W) for $379.99, Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk for $529.99, and Vici Duplex Standing Desk (EF1) for $249.99, among others.

See you at the Black Friday!


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