Best Bitcoin Casino Sites – Top 10 Online Casinos that Accept Bitcoin in 2022


There was a time when Bitcoin casinos were in the minority, a time when they were poorly regulated and stocked only low-quality games. Thankfully, that didn’t last long, things improved, and today, they include some of the best casinos in the world.

To highlight that point, we’ve listed the most exciting and bonus-rich Bitcoin casinos that you can join this year.

Which Bitcoin Casinos Should You Join?

We’ve done the research; we’ve run the comparisons, and we have found the very best online casinos that you can join today. All of them accept Bitcoin, but they have many other things going for them, as well.

  • Casino Name: BitStarz Casino
  • The Highlights: A leader in the Bitcoin casino sector, and not without reason. It gets everything right.
  • Score: 100/100

  • Casino Name: King Billy Casino
  • The Highlights: An immaculate casino defined by its VIP Scheme, which is probably the best in the business.
  • Score: 100/100

  • Casino Name: Kingdom Casino
  • The Highlights: An excellent Bitcoin casino with one of the best VIP Schemes in the online gambling sector.
  • Score: 98/100

  • Casino Name: MELbet Casino
  • The Highlights: Huge accessibility options, as well as hundreds of games, bonuses, currencies, and more.
  • Score: 98/100

  • Casino Name: Oshi Casino
  • The Highlights: A Bitcoin casino with big bonuses, friendly support, and lots of games.
  • Score: 97/100

  • Casino Name: CryptoWild Casino
  • The Highlights: One of the largest Welcome Bonuses in the business, along with a vast collection of games.
  • Score: 96/100

  • Casino Name: mBit Casino
  • The Highlights: A dedicated BTC gaming site with big bonuses, lots of games, and more.
  • Score: 95/100

  • Casino Name: BetChain Casino
  • The Highlights: Free spins, matched deposit bonuses, and an excellent VIP scheme.
  • Score: 95/100
  • Casino Name: FortuneJack Casino
  • The Highlights: A cool layout and a stylish casino with an abundance of bonuses and BTC games.
  • Score: 94/100

  • Casino Name: 7BitCasino
  • The Highlights: A neon-inspired casino with great BTC games from top iGaming developers.
  • Score: 94/100

The 10 Best Bitcoin Casinos

1. BitStarz Casino

  • Huge Welcome Bonus
  • Beloved BTC-Casino
  • Regular Reload Offers

BitStarz Casino was not the first Bitcoin casino, but it’s one of the best-known. For many players, when they think of BTC casinos, they think of BitStarz Casino—the stylish black and white aesthetic, the varied games, the hefty bonuses.

It’s hard not to appreciate this site, and that’s why it’s one of the highest-ranked online casinos in the industry. Not only has it earned a place at the very top of our rankings, but other critical and user review sites have scored it just as highly.

It has won numerous awards and continues to excel in all areas. It’s hard to highlight any specific things that we like about this site, as it nails everything. It’s a complete casino destination, and it’s rare that you get to say that about online casinos

2. King Billy Casino 

kings gods

  • Excellent Loyalty Scheme
  • Fun Theme
  • Big Welcome Package

It’s hard to separate King Billy Casino and BitStarz Casino. The latter marginally has the edge when it comes to payments and limits, but King Billy Casino has an unbeatable Loyalty Scheme and it has of our favourite themes, as well.

The whole idea behind King Billy Casino is that it takes place inside a medieval kingdom run by a king named Billy. The key sections of the website are written on scrolls, the king makes several appearances, and it all fits together very nicely.

Of course, it’s still an online casino, and it still hosts games from the same developers you’ve played many times before. If you’re expecting an RPG, you’re going to be solely mistaken. But that’s part of what makes King Billy Casino unique.

Typically, casino themes are merely token gestures, and they apply to little more than the name and logo. King Billy Casino manages to create a theme that runs deep without relying on gimmicks, and that’s commendable.

3. Kingdom Casino


  • Generous Loyalty Offers
  • Great Theme
  • Huge Welcome Bonus

Kingdom Casino is one of the newest gambling destinations on this list, having launched in 2020. Like King Billy Casino, it uses a medieval theme, one that’s full of castles, knights, swords, and chivalry. It’s not quite as immaculately presented, but every other aspect of the site is perfect.

There are more than 5,000 games in the Kingdom Casino catalogue, and these come from some of the best iGaming developers in the world. Furthermore, it supports both mobile and desktop; Bitcoin and fiat currencies and is devoted to keeping all of its players happy.

Kingdom Casino also has a very impressive Loyalty Scheme, one that can even rival the one available at King Billy Casino. It also goes big with its Welcome Bonus and Loyalty Rewards. 

Overall, it’s an exceptional Bitcoin casino—what’s not to like?

4. MELbet Casino 


  • Huge Number of Currencies/Languages
  • Dozens of Payment Providers
  • Thousands of Top Games

MELbet Casino has been criticised for being a little messy, and we completely agree. It doesn’t have the best theme and it’s not as neat as some of the other sites on this list. 

However, that downside is partly due to the casino’s biggest upside, which is the fact that it includes pretty much every game, accessibility option, and payment option you can think of.

And that’s not an exaggeration.

Most online casinos have half a dozen currency and language options, MELbet Casino has in excess of 40 for both of them. Many casinos work with a few developers, MELbet Casino works with dozens of them. 

If you’re a cryptocurrency player, you can choose from Bitcoin and all major alt coins, as well as a few cryptocurrency exchanges. If not, don’t worry, as there are dozens of fiat currency payment options.

If you’re an online casino novice who prefers to keep things simple and is easily overwhelmed, MELbet Casino probably isn’t for you. If you’re the sort of player who feels like you’re seen everything, played everything, and want to see something unique, MELbet Casino is perfect.

5. Oshi Casino 


  • Stacked Loyalty Offers
  • Generous Welcome Bonus
  • Great BTC Games

Oshi Casino is very similar to BitStarz Casino and offers many of the same features and benefits. It is smartly presented, has a huge Welcome Bonus, and offers a multitude of top BTC games.

It’s hard not to like this site, and that’s why it ranks so highly on our list. 

The reason it doesn’t rank as highly as the others is mainly down to personal preference, as there’s nothing specific that we can put our finger on. It’s an exceptional gambling site that you will probably love just as much as the others.

6. CryptoWild Casino


  • Huge Gaming Roster
  • Loyalty Bonuses and Welcome Bonuses
  • Real Money Tournaments

CryptoWild Casino launched in 2017 and since then it has been on a crusade to become one of the biggest and best-loved casinos in the online gambling industry. We have been huge fans of this site since the beginning and have watched it progress from “great” to “exceptional”.

Some of the standout features of CryptoWild Casino include its four-tier Welcome Bonus, which begins with a 150% Matched Deposit Bonus and also offers 150 Free Spins. You can collect up to 4 Bitcoins as you advance through this bonus, and that’s just the beginning.

Like all of the great Bitcoin casinos on this list, CryptoWild Casino offers a plethora of Free Spin bonuses and Matched Deposit Bonuses targeted toward loyal players. You can also join the casino’s real money slot tournaments.

Slot tournaments are seriously underused in the online gambling industry but sites like CryptoWild Casino, as well as the other brands on this list, have been instrumental in ensuring they are commonplace on BTC gambling sites.

You can join without spending a penny and then play slots just as you normally would. The more you wager and win, the higher you will climb up the ranks of these tournaments and if you make it to the top positions, you’ll earn some points, spins, cash, or credits.

7. mBit Casino 


  • Dedicated BTC Gaming
  • Big Welcome Bonus
  • Excellent Mobile Support

The Welcome Bonus available on mBit Casino is one of the largest in the online gambling sector. If we convert it to a fiat currency amount and base it on the price of BTC throughout the time that the bonus was offered, it equates to between $200,000 and $300,000.

That’s a simply staggering sum of money, and while it’s spread over multiple deposits, it’s still a huge amount. If you’re a high roller with a lot of Bitcoins to gamble, this is not a site that you’ll want to overlook!

If you’re not a high roller, don’t worry, as it’s a Matched Deposit Bonus, so the awards are relative. If you’re only depositing the equivalent of $50 or $100, that’s still okay. You might not get the full $300,000 or so, but you can double your money.

mBit Casino also includes a VIP Program, giving high rollers even more of an incentive to sign up. Again, you don’t need to be a high roller to benefit from this scheme and everyone is invited, but high rollers are the ones who will earn the highest rewards. 

8. BetChain Casino 


  • Lots of Free Spins
  • Amazing Loyalty Bonuses
  • Real Money Tournaments

BetChain Casino has been around since 2013, making it one of the oldest sites on this list. It was also one of the first major Bitcoin online casinos and it continues to be a major player in the iGaming industry.

One of the things we like about BetChain Casino is the fact that it accepts CoinsPaid, an online payment provider that facilitates BTC and alt coin transfers. You can use this payment solution to deposit and withdraw with a variety of different coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

The Welcome Bonus is generous, the games room spans some of the best developers in the world, and you’ll also find an abundance of Free Spin promotions, real money slot tournaments, Reload bonuses, and more.

9. FortuneJack Casino


  • Established BTC Casino
  • A Cool Theme
  • Big BTC Welcome Bonus

FortuneJack is another long-running Bitcoin casino, as it has been doing the rounds since way back in 2014. It has a very attractive theme and offers a vast selection of Microgaming titles, as well as games from other top developers.

There are no withdrawal limits holding you back and there is a big Welcome Bonus to entice you through the virtual doors. The bonuses are great for small stake players and high rollers, but the latter can really benefit here. 

Not only are there an abundance of Reload bonuses, but the high limits, perks, and the multiple of payment options makes it ideal for big spenders.

10. 7BitCasino 


  • Retro Gaming Theme
  • Lots of Free Spins
  • Established BTC Casino

7BitCasino has a slick retro style that’s rich in neon vibes. It will appeal to fans of retro video games as well as dedicated BTC players.

It offers some of the very best BTC games on the market and works across a multitude of devices and platforms. There are lots of Free Spin bonuses and Reload bonuses, and you can also collect cashback.

FAQs About the Best BTC Casinos

Are Bitcoin Games Fair? 

Yes! Bitcoin games are required to adhere to the same rules and regulations as fiat currency games. They are completely safe and fair, and that’s true for all developers, all games, and in all regions around the world.

For extra security and peace of mind, make sure you stick with 100% regulated and certified online casinos and play games created by trusted developers. In addition to the sites listed here, you can find several in our guide to real money casinos online

 Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal?

If gambling is legal in your country, then Bitcoin gambling is legal as well.

However, there are some potential issues to be aware of.

Most Bitcoin casinos are licensed in Curacao, where the laws are a little more relaxed concerning Bitcoin gambling and online gambling in general. 

Regulators like the UK Gambling Commission take a much stricter stance with regard to Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering rules, and while Bitcoin doesn’t promote illegalities with either of these things, it does make them easier to exploit. 

When you use a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or even a web wallet, it is linked to your name, address, and age. It makes those payments—and you—easier to track, which in turn makes it harder to commit fraud and gamble under the age of 18.

With Bitcoin, there is no such connection and no such information. As a result, regulators have concerns about its use.

That will likely change in the future, though, and there are already systems in place to make Bitcoin gambling safer.

Will I Be Charged for Using Bitcoin?

There should be no fees for using Bitcoin, and that applies to both deposits and withdrawals. A legitimate casino will typically only charge you when they also incur charges, and as there are no such charges for Bitcoin, you shouldn’t need to pay anything.

What Do I Need to Gamble with Bitcoin?

Acquiring Bitcoins is much easier than you might think, and that’s true even for complete novices. There are some myths and misconceptions surrounding the use of these coins, and they seem to stem from half-understand news reports and fearmongering.

Just to be clear: you don’t need to mine the coins to acquire them, nor do you need to visit “dodgy” websites, invest large sums of money, or use the dark web.

You can simply sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange and then add them to your wallet. The wallet is free to download, and it will give you a unique code. That code essentially works like an IBAN or PayPal email address, allowing you to receive money. 

To perform a Bitcoin transaction, simply visit the Cashier section of the casino, choose the amount you wish to deposit, and then follow the information on-screen. 

What is the Best Cryptocurrency for Gambling?

All cryptocurrencies are fast, easy to use, and free. The “best” one for you will depend on which cryptocurrencies you already have and which ones you want to invest in.

It really all comes down to the coins that you like using and think will be worth more money in the future. For some, Bitcoin is the only way to go. For others, it’s all about Ethereum or Cardano. 

Of course, that only applies if you’re playing at a casino that offers a multitude of cryptocurrencies. Most sites only work with Bitcoin.

Can I Use Bitcoin Casinos On My Mobile Device? 

Yes, you can play Bitcoin casinos on mobile devices and desktop platforms. You can join, sign in, deposit, and withdraw through mobile devices. 

These days, all new online casinos are fully mobile friendly and the same is true for nearly all of the older sites.

How Long Do Bitcoin Withdrawals Take? 

A Bitcoin withdrawal, just like a Bitcoin deposit, should be instant. However, that doesn’t mean you will get your withdrawals instantly.

Casinos have something known as a “pending time”, during which time they will sit on your money. This time allows them to perform additional checks and make sure everything is okay. In reality, it’s not really needed anymore, and the best sites don’t delay in sending their players their winnings, but that doesn’t stop other casinos from delaying.

Maybe we’re being cynical, but we can’t help but think that some sites use the pending period to earn more money. After all, the withdrawal will be reversible for much of this time, and the longer you make a withdrawal reversible, the more likely a player is to reverse it and then lose it.

In any case, if you want your money quickly every time, look for Bitcoin casinos that don’t have a pending period or have a pending period of just a few hours. Most of the casinos on our list fit this description.

Are Bitcoin Deposits Safe? 

Yes, Bitcoin deposits are very safe, but there are some risks to using Bitcoin and you need to be aware of this.

Firstly, you should always keep your Bitcoin wallet safe, and the same applies to the devices that you use to gamble. 

Secondly, make sure you only join legitimate and fully regulated online casinos. If you are scammed by an online casino while using methods like credit cards and web wallets, you can file a chargeback and get your money back. With Bitcoin, there is no such option, so you need to be a little more cautious.

Also, as with all cryptocurrencies, remember that Bitcoin is very volatile, and the price can increase or decrease significantly.

What Are the Limits on Bitcoin Casinos? 

The limits vary from casino to casino, and this is something that you should check in advance if you are a high roller. Typically, Bitcoin casinos are very generous when it comes to withdrawal limits, but there are still many sites out there limiting players to withdrawals of no more than the equivalent of €10,000 a month.

That’s not even 1 Bitcoin!

As a high roller, this can be a huge problem, but even medium stake players can encounter problems where withdrawal limits are concerned.

How Do Bitcoin Casinos Work? 

Bitcoin casinos work just like fiat currency casinos. The only difference is the currency itself. When you deposit, your Bitcoin will be converted into mBTC, allowing you to gamble at a wide range of stake levels.

Alternatively, you can convert your Bitcoin into another currency. It all depends on the casino you use.

Should I Use Bitcoin or PayPal? 

It’s entirely down to your personal preference and there is no “better” option. For more information, check out our list of the best casinos accepting PayPal online. It will give you a chance to compare the two based on the information you already have from this article.

It should be noted that PayPal casinos that also accept Bitcoin are rare, and you often have to choose one or the other.

Conclusion: The Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Casinos

Bitcoin casinos clearly have a lot to offer. As a payment method, it suits both the player and the casino. It’s fast, easy to use, and it doesn’t come with any fees or complications. If you’re fed up with the fees charged by credit cards and Pay by Mobile, don’t like painfully slow bank transfers and debit cards, and aren’t a big fan of web wallets, Bitcoin casinos are perfect!

To start your journey with Bitcoin gambling sites, sign up for one of the sites above, make your first deposit, collect your bonus, and enjoy! There are thousands of games to play, VIP bonuses to collect, and so much more.


Whether you’re playing at fiat currency casinos or Bitcoin casinos, remember to gamble safely and responsibly at all times. Don’t risk more than you can afford to lose and if you fear that you’re gambling too much, check out the following helpful resources:

  • NCPG: The National Council on Problem Gambling is based in Washington D.C. and runs a 24-hour helpline. Problem gamblers in the United States can get help by dialling 1-800-522-4700.
  • GamCare: A UK-based organization that runs a helpline at 0808 8020 133.
  • CAMH: The Center for Addiction and Mental Health is based in Canada and can be reached online or by dialling 1-866-531-2600.
  • Gamblers Anonymous: An international organization. Click the link to see their chapters in cities all over the world.
  • Health Direct: An Australian website with a lot of useful information to help problem gamblers.
  • Problem Gambling MA: Although this site comes from the state government of Massachusetts, it has info to help all problem gamblers.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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