Best Asian Woman To Marry: Top 10 Countries For Your Search

10 Best Asian Countries To Find A Wife

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Asia is known as a place with some of the most loyal and beautiful women on the planet. Asian brides make wonderful wives and devoted life partners. But why should you consider marrying an Asian woman and where to find one? These are the questions we’ll answer with our guide to Asian brides.

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What makes Asian women such irresistible wives?

What makes Asian women such irresistible

Your desire to find beautiful oriental women may not be easily explained because it’s hard to explain the attraction to someone, but there are plenty of reasons to go for an Asian bride. Here are just some of them:

  • Asian ladies are the most loyal wives you can ever wish for.
  • Asian bride will become a caring and nurturing mother to your children
  • Asian wives will never violate your trust by showing romantic interest in someone else
  • Asian girlfriend takes care of the household stuff without any resentment or pressure
  • Asian wife will become not just your romantic partner, but also your trusted friend

10 Best Asian countries to find a wife: Which ones are worth considering

Asia is the largest continent with over 50 countries. More importantly, it’s an incredibly diverse part of the world where women from one corner of the region have very little in common with women from another section of the continent. This is why a foreign man often faces the dilemma of where his future Asian wife should come from. Maybe you need to look for Chinese girls? Or probably you have to explore other Asian societies to marry single Asian women for marriage?

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Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can now meet Asian mail order bride without leaving your home. You just have to find best Asian dating sites to encounter your ideal partner. We need to admit also that some countries in the region are especially popular when it comes to meeting hot Asian girls for marriage. Here are the 10 best countries to find a wife from Asia.

1. Thailand

Thai women are known all over the planet as some of the most graceful Asian females. A Thai woman is also loyal beyond belief and very family-oriented, so if you are looking for someone to start a family with, Thailand can be one of your top options with its wonderful Asian ladies who make exceptionally good wives.

2. The Philippines

The Philippines may not be the most famous travel destination in Asia, but it produces a surprisingly high number of Filipino women marrying foreign men. You should go for Filipino girls when you want a partner who is equal parts faithful, modest, sexy, and easy-going, which is exactly what Filipino wives are like. You can attract here hot Asian ladies who can compete in beauty with Western women.

3. Vietnam

Vietnam is a very traditional country in many regards, and so are Vietnamese women. These Asian ladies make an ideal partner for someone who is looking for a tight-knit, big family. A Vietnamese woman is also a talented homemaker, so chores will never be a problem in your household if you choose this mail order bride as your soulmate. You can use online dating services or come to the country if you want to find an Asian wife.

4. China

Chinese brides are highly motivated to find a Western husband, which is why they often reach out to guys first. These Asian wives are not only perfect for starting a family but also incredibly smart and money-savvy, which is why your marriage to a Chinese woman will feel like a union of two equals. Such a cute Asian woman will respect you and make your home feel as the most comfortable place in the world. Besides, there are fewer men than women in China, that’s why you will quickly marry Asian bride there.

5. Japan

A Japanese woman is considered by many to be the epitome of Asian beauty, so if you’re a fan of ivory skin, petite figures, and silky black hair, Japanese girls should be right up your street. They are more elegant than many Western women. These Asian mail order brides are also very ambitious and often want to contribute to the family budget alongside their husbands. So, be sure, such Asian lady can make you happy.

6. South Korea

Korean girls, specifically women from South Korea, stand out from the rest of Asian brides thanks to their unique worldview and culture. They are highly romantic and slightly naïve, which is why a relationship with such beautiful Asian girls will always feel fresh and exciting without ever needing the help of a relationship coach. However, these hot Asian women worry about being easy-to-achieve for men, that’s why they may be unapproachable. But doesn’t it make dating these mail order brides even more exciting? Choose this girl as your Asian mail order wife and enjoy the life!

7. India

India may be the best country if you want your wife to be the total package. These beautiful oriental women are good-looking, highly respectful, docile, but also well-educated and with sensible ambitions. Most Asian brides from India want to succeed as wives, mothers, friends, workers, and individuals with their own hobbies and dreams. So, visit any Asian dating site and encounter your Indian soulmate there.

8. Cambodia

Cambodia is the birthplace of women who are ready to settle down at a fairly young age, which means your wife will get to spend her best years with you. These Asian mail order wives want nothing more than to have a family of their own. Nothing will distract such Asian girl from her goal. Register at any dating platform popular in Cambodia and meet your fairy tale!

9. Malaysia

Malaysia is sometimes underrated among other Asian countries for meeting a partner. but it definitely deserves your attention. Malaysian women have a unique appearance and an even more unique view of the world. They Asian wives tend to be overachievers, but they never lose focus of their loved ones and taking care of them. Rest assured your Asian girl will be splendid!

10. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is located between Asia and Europe. Its women may visually resemble Chinese ladies, but they also have a lot in common with Slavic girls. They are equally good at getting an education, taking care of the community elders, and being loving mothers. So if you are attracted to beautiful Asian brides but find it easier to get along with girls from European countries, a Kazakh girl may be perfect for you.

How to find a wife in Asia as a foreign man?

How to find a wife in Asia as a foreign man

When it comes to local women, you probably don’t have a problem with scoring a date or a serious relationship. There are plenty of ways to find an Asian wife locally, from studying and working to meeting through friends and even accidentally hitting it off during your morning commute.

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This is not the luxury you can afford when you are interested in the most beautiful Asian woman from the best countries in Asia. The chances of running into real Asian brides during your lunch break or during a karaoke night at a local bar are minimal. This means you need to take a more proactive approach to find your future Asian wife. Here are the top two options for you to consider.

Option #1: Offline dating

If you know exactly what is the best Asian country for you to look for your Asian bride and you have time and money to spare, you can simply book a one-way ticket to Manila, Bangkok, Tokyo, Seoul, or another Asian destination known as the best country for dating, and spend an indefinite amount of time there, trying to meet as many most beautiful Asian women for marriage as possible.

The advantage of this method is that you get to meet many Asian girls in their natural habitat and see what they are really like. You can also find out more about the way Asian brides live, who they communicate with, and what they do daily.

The downside is that it’s likely going to take more time to develop a meaningful connection with Asian girls than you think. It’s also going to take a lot of your money, especially if you stay in the country for more than a month.

Finally, many pretty Asian mail order brides, especially Muslim women, are not particularly open to the idea of talking to foreigners, let alone considering them as potential boyfriends or husbands.

Option #2: Meeting beautiful Asian bride online

The good news is that you are not out of options. In fact, you should consider yourself lucky, because as a man living in the 21st century, you have one more way to meet Asian brides and girls from other countries than men from previous generations.

The most effective, easiest, and affordable way to meet Asian mail order brides for a serious relationship or marriage is to use online dating sites. However, not every dating service will help you find Asian brides.

You will need to search for an international dating site that is designed specifically for people from different parts of the world to connect. Once you decide, visit a site, register there, and start your journey. It will surprise you how many real Asian women for marriage are available on online dating platforms. Analyse the most popular Asian brides profiles, pick the cutie you like the most, and send first hello-message. To help you find your Asian girlfriend, we prepared a list of specific Asian dating sites.

Rating of international dating sites for finding most beautiful Asian women

Rank Site  Rating
#1 Eastern Honeys 4.9 


#2 TheLuckyDate 4.7


#3 Asian Melodies 4.5


#4 Orchid Romance 4.4


#5 Asian Singles 4.1 


Compared to traditional dating, internet dating has lots of advantages. Here are just a few reasons to consider it if you are looking for a real Asian wife:

  • You get to meet beautiful Asian women who are looking for the same things in life that you do. They are searching for a loyal, reliable partner to start a family with. Most Asian brides are not searching for a temporary fling, so they won’t waste your time.
  • You meet Asian girls online who are determined to date a foreign man. There are countless women in Asia who have decided to turn their lives around by dating or even marrying a Western guy. That’s why your relationship will already get a strong start.
  • You are the one who controls your relationship. Internet dating gives you a level of freedom and responsibility that is hard to achieve with real-life communication. You can talk to more than one Asian bride at once, and you can end and start new conversations whenever you want.

Why are Asian brides looking for marriage with foreign men?

Why are Asian brides looking for marriage with foreign men

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We will never go as far as to say that every Asian girl dreams of meeting one of the Western guys, marrying him, and moving abroad permanently. However, there are many girls in every Asian country who don’t mind this possibility.

So what is the nature of this phenomenon? Of course, every Asian bride has her own reasoning for seeking foreign men, but most Asian ladies are motivated by the combination of these three factors.

Traditional values

A typical Asian mail order bride wants the most traditional marriage and family possible. Asian bride wants to marry her sweetheart in her twenties or early thirties. She wants to have at least two kids, and a beautiful Asian wife is perfectly fine with the idea of being a stay-at-home mother and wife as long as her husband can successfully provide for the whole family.

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Moreover, Asian mail order wife wants her marriage to last forever and be built on fidelity and trust. Unfortunately, she cannot always expect that from local guys, so she turns to Western men who are more likely to share her values. And in some Asian countries, where arranged marriage is still a thing, marrying a foreign man is often the only way for Asian bride to escape that fate.

Economic conditions

Asia is a very uneven region when it comes to the financial situation and opportunities for women. For example, a woman in South Korea or Japan can have far more opportunities to receive a wonderful education and to make a decent income than a woman in South Asia, where possibilities for Asian women are scarce.

Women in Asia have healthy ambitions. They don’t want yachts and private islands, but they want to be able to raise their family in good living conditions and not worry about the food on the table. That’s why, for many of Asian mail order brides, moving abroad for marriage is one of the few ways to have the family life they’ve always wanted.

Interest in Western culture

Asia may look like a culturally and socially independent region that doesn’t have a lot of ties to the Western world. However, thanks to pop culture and the internet, local Asian singles are perfectly familiar with the Western way of living. Moreover, this is exactly how they want to live their lives. So what attracts mail order Asian brides in the Western world?

Most importantly, it’s the opportunity for Asian brides to be whoever you want and remain happy and respected. This is something an Asian girlfriend often cannot afford in her home country. Plus, young Asian brides usually feel a strong connection to Western culture, and they rightfully believe that they can easily fit into a new environment, especially when they have a loving and supportive partner by their side.

The main takeaway from this guide is that if you can already imagine yourself being happily married to an Asian mail order bride, your dream doesn’t have to remain just a dream. One of the benefits of living in the 21st century is that you no longer have to be confined to your own city when looking for a hot Asian woman. You can choose the best country anywhere on the planet to meet Asian mail order bride – your life partner, and hopefully, our guide to the beautiful Asian brides has made things clearer for you.

Is a marriage with an Asian mail order bride successful?

with an Asian mail order bride successful

The number of international marriages is on the rise. Once such unions were prohibited, but Loving v. Virginia of 1967 banned miscegenation laws, which didn’t let many people become happy. Interracial couples transform the world since their marriages prove we can co-exist and create something incredible together.

That’s why many Western men marry women of other races, looking for them on various dating platforms. In particular, they choose mail order Asian brides. It’s not a surprise because most beautiful Asian women make perfect, reliable wives and life partners. Some sources say that the divorce level between Asian women and some European men is quite low. Also, the recent search shows that three-in-ten Asians in the USA are intermarried. The trends present also that most beautiful Asian women marry representatives of other nations more often than Asian men. It proves Asian women are eager for international dating.

Success stories

If you wonder whether there are many success stories among Western men who dated beautiful oriental women from different Asian cultures, we can assure there are such cases. People meet Asian women very often through dating websites or in person.

Here are some stories which prove dating mail order Asain brides can be an unforgettable experience!

This page has great examples of intercultural relationships which transformed into long-lasting successful marriages (names were changed).

For instance, the story about Chinese girl Spring who met an American man 20 years older than her. The Asian girl met him at the university where he worked as a professor. Her family couldn’t accept her dating with such an old man, but Spring was a strong-minded person and knew what she wanted. Now they are a happily married couple who have a daughter.

The commentator, BeijingBob, also shared his love story, which proves once again – your desire to marry Asian girl can also come true. The man agrees that taking Asian girls for marriage is not easy. Cultural differences play their role, but aren’t those efforts worthy when you find an Asian and fall in love?


Are there high chances of marrying Asian mail order brides?

Asian brides tend to marry Americans. Firstly, there are many stories about abuse and other violent actions Asian ladies experience in relationship with local men.

Secondly, the globalization is making all nations closer. Asian women discover exotic American men and choose them as life partners. Besides, all these images of intercultural couples on TV make the idea of marrying a Western guy appealing.

Thirdly, for some Asian brides, such a marriage is an excellent chance to travel abroad and start a new life.

So, yes! You, as an American man, can easily conquer the heart of an Asian bride!

Is dating beautiful Asian women online difficult?

Absolutely not! Many online dating sites can simplify your search for Asian mail order brides! All you need is your burning desire to meet your future wife from Asia there and readiness to invest your time and resources in the search. Asian women are loyal to their partners. So, if you mange to charm your online Asian bride, you don’t have to worry about the infidelity.

Is it expensive to meet Asian women?

If you are planning to meet your mail order bride in person, you may have to spend some money on accommodation, travel, food, etc. The cost will be over 1000 dollars, as you understand.

Dating websites, in contrast, can save your resources since the average monthly subscription to them is only from 50 to 200 dollars.


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