3 BEST Cloud Mining Sites In 2022 [Bitcoin Mining]

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2. IQMining


Name Price per GH/s Minimum contract Supported coins Founding year
GMINERS 0.0120 500 Bitcoin 2018
IQMining 0.0135 500 Bitcoin 2016


If you’re searching for the best and trusted cloud mining sites, you are definitely in the right place. Cryptocurrency cloud mining has quickly become one of the hottest topics that investors never stop discussing. And it is quite clear a lot of people are interested in mining BTC. Are you going to start earning crypto but don’t want to deal with expensive and resource-intensive hardware? Here are three trusted cloud mining sites that can make you a high-flier in the Bitcoin cloud mining business.


GMINERS is the most promising cloud mining site in 2021. The company with head office in London makes everything possible to provide crypto investors with high-standard customer service focusing on Bitcoin cloud mining. There are over 3000 authorized users so far that mine cryptocurrency with daily payouts. Also, as a regulated hash provider, GMINERS targets environmentally-friendly technologies. Maintaining data centers in Iceland, Georgia, and Kazakhstan, the company uses mainly renewable energy sources (such as solar panels and wind generators).

The current profitability rates on GMINERS start at 143%. Let’s see what it means for you in figures.

If you purchase a $5000 one-year contract right now, you will get $600 just within one month (all fees and costs are already included in the contract price). So, when the plan duration period is over, you will come up with $7200 of income. To earn even more BTC, keep the cloud mining process up by reinvesting your reward funds. With an extremely rising Bitcoin price, it is the best way to create steady passive income.


  • A personal manager supports you through the whole cloud mining process.
  • You get an easy cryptocurrency mining experience with small investments.
  • A wide variety of Bitcoin plans are available.
  • 24/7 access to cloud mining tools from wherever you are.
  • You can use a cloud mining income widget to calculate your estimated profit status.
  • GMINERS is one of the most convenient cloud mining platforms for absolute beginners.

If you are interested in earning cryptocurrency with Bitcoin cloud mining, check the latest offer from GMINERS, a 30% off sale of all kinds of miners. So sign up and make the first deposit to get your 30% off any chosen cloud mining plan. Keep in mind this is a limited-time offer.

Popular Bitcoin plans

  • Start – 90 000 GH/s (the price is $0.0120 per 1 GH/s).
  • Professional – 450 000 GH/s (the price is $0.0120 per 1 GH/s).
  • Smart – 2 000 000 GH/s (the price is $0.0120 per 1 GH/s).

2. IQMining

Launched in late 2016, IQMining is one of the globally leading companies that provides crypto investors with a reliable cloud mining service. Today IQMining is a smart cloud mining platform with thousands of authorized members. The company data centers are located in different countries, such as Canada, Iceland, Georgia, Russia, China, and Algeria.

Why IQMining?

  • The company offers several profitable contracts for easy cloud mining under the SHA-256 algorithm.
  • The minimum hash rate to lease is only 10 GH/s (and it is pretty good for beginners).
  • A platform offers a wide variety of contract durations (from 12 up to 60 months, lifetime plans are also available).
  • It is easy to start mining cryptocurrency on IQMining, even if you are a first-timer.
  • A mining income calculator helps to calculate estimated income in cryptocurrency before purchasing a suitable plan.
  • Frequent payouts in Bitcoin and altcoins are another pro of cloud mining on IQMining.
  • There are some extra-offers such as Forex and cryptocurrency trading tools for advanced investors.
  • You can use an auto reinvestment feature to increase your passive income from Bitcoin cloud mining.
  • The company provides customers with regular promo, an affiliate program, and some extra specials.

Popular Bitcoin plans

  • SHA-256. The current price is $0.91 per 10 GH/s (for a one-year plan).
  • SHA-256 PRO. The current price is $1.036 per 10 GH/s (for a one-year plan).

The service cost under both cloud mining plans is $0.01 per 10 GH/s. There are several account levels on IQMining, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond options.


What is Cloud Mining?

In a nutshell, cryptocurrency cloud mining is a process of creating new coins (BTC and mineable altcoins) using the equipment installed in the remote data centers. All the hardware and software are owned, run, and maintained by big blockchain companies (so-called cloud mining providers) that share their hash capacities with users. To start cloud mining, you have to purchase a contract and lease a miner.

How Does Cloud Mining Work?

Above all, the cloud mining process is done from remote data center parks located anywhere in the world, from Iceland and South Africa to Myanmar and Northern America. There is no need to buy, set up and maintain any special equipment to be involved in a global cloud mining business. Just choose a trusted cloud mining website and invest some money in the hash contract. It is an easy-to-understand scheme that is affordable for everyone, including people without technical knowledge and beginner digital investors.

Which are the Best Cloud Mining Sites?

There are dozens of cloud mining sites today over the internet. If you want to put your money in trusted and gainful cloud mining, make some time to learn and analyze available offers. Pay your attention to the user feedback on the related websites and expert reviews (including this article).

Which Coins Are The Most Profitable to Mine?

Bitcoin is still the most profitable digital coin to mine after all these years. The BTC price rises and will continue to rise. So you can create a passive income by investing in Bitcoin cloud mining right at the moment. Also, you can set your sights on some promising altcoins such as Ethereum, ZCash, Monero, RavenCoin, Dogecoin, and so on.

Is Cloud Mining Safe?

The crypto cloud mining process is safe as long as you deal with trusted providing companies. So you should do your own research into your service platform before diving into the cloud mining business. Make some time to find out how long the company works in the cloud mining field And what user reviews are like in the public domain. Avoiding scammers is the only way to earn cryptocurrency safe and secure.

What is Hash Rate?

The hash rate is literally the key aspect of crypto cloud mining, and the profitability index totally depends on it. Basically, hash rate (expressed as hashes per second) refers to the amount of processing power being contributed to the blockchain network through the mining process. For individuals, calculating a hash rate can help to predict profitability from the chosen cloud mining contract. Higher hash power means higher income.

How Much Can I Earn from Cloud mining?

Your income amount depends on several aspects. The hash rate and Bitcoin rise in prices are merely some of them. Use the cloud mining income calculator to predict your estimated yield amount before investing in any type of contract. Also, most cloud mining platforms provide information on the average profitability rates.

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