Best Advice for Advancing Your Business Right Now

Millionaires are born in some of the most trying times, which is why right now is one of the best times to think about growing your business. Once the economy is back to its usual self, you could stand to see huge gains if you start taking the right steps now to ensure your business is on track to see amazing growth. The following five tips can help you advance your business right now, despite what’s happening in the economy.

1. Be Strategic About Marketing

Growing your business in the middle of a pandemic is going to take strategy. You’ve got to be smart about how much time you’re spending on certain marketing activities and what resources you’re using to market your business. Investing wisely in marketing tools is essential to see faster growth. Think about your customers’ perspectives and try to leverage that when communicating with them through social media and other channels. Analyze your current marketing strategy and make adjustments based on your past results and your current goals. Think about what marketing strategies would work best for your business during the pandemic and tweak them if need be.

2. Set Up a Remote Workforce

If you’re not already set up for a remote workforce, start by incorporating workforce optimisation technology and other logistics into your business plan. With the pandemic in full swing, people want to feel safe by staying home, but some can’t afford to not work. As an employer, providing a remote option makes employees feel valued, safe and therefore, happier. And that leads to lower turnover and (typically) happier customers. The happier your customers, the more money they spend. That’s a win for everyone.

3. Work on Your Company Culture

Company culture is vital to the success of your company because it consists of the overall character and mission of a company. If you want to attract quality employees that put their all into their work and contribute to your growth, you’ll need to create a positive work environment and company culture, placing emphasis on employee well-being. Don’t just focus on the bottom line. Think about offering incentives and perks that employees can look forward to — something that’ll motivate them to do good work. Team-building activities can also help make your employees feel more like a family and contribute to amazing company culture.

4. Keep Lines of Communication Open

Make sure it’s easy for your employees to communicate with each other. Lack of communication can slow down productivity and it can also make for very frustrated employees. It’s also important to make sure your employees know that you care by checking in with them regularly just to see how they’re handling everything — they need leadership in times like these. So do what you can to support your employees’ emotional well-being. Doing so can make them feel more valued as a part of the company and help keep them motivated to continue doing a good job.

5. Improve Upon Your Virtual Selling Skills

Many companies have had to switch to remote-only operations and you might be one of them. If that’s the case, you’ll need to brush up on your virtual selling skills. Use every tool at your disposal to close deals. That might mean using tools like Zoom to pitch to clients and offering guides, tools and workbooks that might benefit your client. You might use a presentation tool to help drive your point home. Regardless, make sure whatever you’re using is helping you close deals efficiently. If they’re not, it may be time to reevaluate the tools you’re using.  

Finding the Right Tools to Grow Your Business 

Advancing your business right now is absolutely doable. With the right tools, resources and strategies (like the ones we just discussed), you’ll be able to grow your business even during a global pandemic. As long as you get strategic about marketing, setting up a remote workforce, improving your company culture, keeping lines of communication open and improving your virtual selling skills, you should have no problem growing your business right now.


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