Best 7 AI Voice Generators That Can Improve Your Productivity

Best 7 AI Voice Generators That Can Improve Your Productivity

Just as there are AI tools that aid writing and SEO, there are also AI tools that generate voices. But who would have predicted that AI would one day be used to replicate voices?

Today, the power of AI has broken the barriers to voice generation, providing a variety of AI voice generators that can improve your productivity.

Before we explore some of the best AI voice generators available, let’s take a quick look at what they are and how they work. Let’s dig in!

What is an AI Voice Generator?

AI voice generators are online software that can be used to generate speech and audio. Some of them are capable of turning any type of text into audio that sounds freakishly close to a human voice.

AI voice generators have also proven to be useful for e-learning purposes and for people with reading disabilities. It is also popular among content creators, who use it for voiceovers and video content.

How Does AI Voice Generator Work?

How Does AI Voice Generator Work

AI voice generators mimic human speech by using artificial intelligence and deep learning to learn and recreate audio.

Deep learning is a sub-field of machine learning that structures algorithms in layers to create an “artificial neural network.” This artificial neural network is modeled after the human brain, making it capable of learning elements of human speech.

So, when audio data is uploaded, it is able to learn the rise and fall of voice pitch, variations in word delivery, and emotional elements like empathy or confidence. This is what enables it to produce audio that freakishly sounds like human speech.

Some AI text to speech converters even have features that allow you to customize the voice generated for different tones or languages.

Best AI Voice Generators to Improve Your Productivity

There are various AI voice text-to-speech converters out there, but knowing their particular features and interface will help you decide which will help you be more productive.

Let’s take a look at how to use some of the best AI text-to-speech software out there and their various features. Stick with me!

Here are 7 of the best AI voice generators that can improve your productivity:

1. FreeTTS


FreeTTS is one of the free TTS software with the option of male and female voices. It is a text-to-speech converter that supports as many as 50 languages and a variety of voice types.

It is particularly unique for its Google TTS and Amazon TTS voice options. The site’s design is simple, making it easy for new users to familiarize themselves with the platform.

Key features

  • FreeTTS offers male and female voice types.
  • It supports over 50+ languages.
  • It has both Google TTS and Amazon TTS options.

How to use FreeTTS

  • Visit the official Freetts website.
  • Copy and paste your text into the specified box.
  • Choose between Google TTS and Amazon TTS.
  • Choose your preferred language and accent.
  • To convert to speech, click the “Convert to MP3” button.
  • To listen to the outcome, click the play bar under “Download to MP3.”
  • To download, click the “Download to MP3” button.

2. Resemble AI

Resemble AI

Resemble AI may be said to be one of the pioneers of next-level AI text-to-speech software. It is an AI voice generator that helps users easily synthesize natural and smooth AI voices to produce various types of voice content. It is popular for its ability to clone your voice, making it stand out amongst other AI text-to-speech converters out there.

Another point worthy of note with AI text-to-speech software out there is its ability to integrate with other apps. Resemble AI has an API that enables integration with apps like TikTok and Twilio.

Key features

  • It can clone voices.
  • It has AI voice changer
  • It allows users to upload raw audio files without any script.
  • Resemble also creates custom ad texts for users.

How to use Resemble AI

  • Once on the official Resemble AI website, sign in to your account.
  • Enter the text you want converted and select the voice title and language type by clicking the “Create” button.
  • Continue by previewing the created voice and making any required modifications.
  • Then, click “Create all” to download or integrate the audio into your video.

3. Replica Studios

Replica Studios

Replica Studios is a tool for creating AI voiceovers for games, films, and the metaverse. It is well-known for its cutting-edge technology and library of 40+ voices.

Replica works by mimicking the distinctive speech patterns, pronunciation, and emotional range of the original voice performers. This enables it to impersonate voice actors, and it can also act as an AI voice changer.

It also gives high consideration to AI voice security and assures that voices are used only for permitted purposes.

Key features

  • It has a one-click export to Unreal Engine, Unity, and Roblox Studio features.
  • It can control the mood and emotion of the voice.

How to use Replica Studios

Replica Studios is used to generate voices for game characters, and it can require a complex process. To use it, you’ll need the help of skilled professionals.

4. Descript Overdub

Descript Overdub

Descript overdub is a feature that allows users to transform texts into speech that is modeled like their voice.

Descript is primarily a podcast creator that doubles down as an audio and video editor. Its transcription and overdub functions set it apart from the competition.

Overdub works as an AI text-to-speech software and AI video generator. it converts copied text into audio using its stock voice. It can also utilize your recorded voice to generate audio based on your speech and voice patterns.

Key features

  • It has a remote recording feature.
  • It can screen records.
  • It can be used to transcribe words into text.

How to use Descript Overdub

  • The first step is to assign a voice to a speaker label by clicking on a speaker label and selecting one of the suggested speaker labels.
  • Activate the writing tool and start typing.
  • After a few moments, your Overdub should start generating.

5. Synthesia


Synthesia is an AI text-to-speech software that’s not only popular for generating synthesized voices but also for its capacity to create professional-looking videos using AI avatars. It serves as a handy tool for social media influencers and voice-over artists.

It is also one of the few AI voiceover tools that has a wide range of features available to its users. It offers integrations with apps like YouTube, PowerPoint, and WordPress.

However, Synthesia may be pricey to some, given the high-quality AI video feature and professional video templates offered on the platform.

Key features

  • Synthesia has a text-to-video feature.
  • It has AI avatars that can be used to create videos.
  • It can create high-quality videos within minutes.
  • Synthesia has a whooping 120 languages for generating AI voices

How to use Synthesia

  • Once on the website, sign in to your account.
  • Select “Create a free AI video”
  • Choose a video template and video script, then click “Continue”.
  • To get your personalized video, enter your name and email address, then click “generate free video.”

6. TTSReader


TTS Reader is a free AI voice generator that synthesizes voice from the text imputed into it. It is popular for the advantage of being able to use it without creating an account.

TTSReader can be used to listen to e-books, create audio for YouTube videos, and also proofread text. It is simple to use, works on several platforms, and retains your text across sessions. To use it, users only have to open the website, paste the text, and enjoy the experience.

Key features

  • TTSReader offers both American and British voices.
  • It supports different languages.
  • It also has male and female voice options.

How to use TTSReader

  • Go to the website.
  • Click on the “Get Started Button.”
  • Paste your text.
  • Then click the play button.

7. Speechmax


Speechmax converts text to audio in a matter of minutes, making the conversion of Hindi text to speech smooth and seamless. It makes it easier for rural internet users in India to create audio/video content in Hindi.

It helps content creators easily convert desired text into audio with a human-like voice. It can also perform as an AI voice changer by customizing audio with various tones and emotions.

Key features

  • It converts Hindi text to speech.

How to use Speechmax

  • Log in to your account on the website.
  • Click the “+New” button in the top left corner of your account page.
  • You can then upload files and web addresses or type the text you want the AI to read for you.

AI Voice Generators Comparison

Here’s a rundown of what sets these 7 AI voice generators apart from each other:

Resemble AI Replica Studios FreeTTS Descript Overdub Synthesia TTSReader Speechmax
Support Languages 30+ support languages supports only English 16 support languages supports only english 120 support languages 15+support languages 11 Indian languages
Subscription Plans A free trial is available and pricing starts at $30/month A free trial is available and paid plans start at $36 for 4 hours of speech It has a free plan and pricing starts at $19/month A free plan is available and pricing starts at $24/month A free trial is available, and pricing starts at $30/month Free plan available, and Premium plan starts at $2/month A free trial is available and paid plan starts at $6.04/month
Available Platforms Saas only Mac, Windows, and Saas SaaS only Windows, Mac, and SaaS SaaS only Iphone and Android SaaS only
Support Voices Multiple support voices 40+ support voices 20+ support voices 12+ support voices 400+ support voices 30+ male and female support voices 26 Support voices
API Integration It offers API integrations with apps like Unity and TikToc It has API integrations with Unity and Unreal Engine It has a Java Script API It offers API integrations with eWebinar, Outline, and Wufoo It offers API integrations with Speak and Quailo It has API integrations with Google Chrome and Safari It has an API for integration

Summing Up

The AI voice generators listed in this article are some of the best the market has to offer, and more will continue to spring up.

When deciding which text-to-speech converter to pick, you need to consider their unique features to know which one fits your purpose. But one thing they do guarantee is more time and improved productivity.


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