Best 15 Website Builders for Lawyers & Law Firms 2021

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You can make a huge impact on your business and company by hiring the best website builders.

Everybody should have a webpage in this digital age. You don’t need to be thinking about whether you will create it. You must ensure that your attorney website and lawyer follow all current web regulations.

5 Best Website Builders for Lawyers and Law Firms

  1. Monster Reach
  2. Weebly
  3. Zyro
  4. uCraft
  5. Weblium

Also, the experience should be amazing for both desktop and mobile device users regardless of their web browser.

Website builders for lawyers can help you to create a website. These are great for beginners and will allow you to both become a developer as well as a designer.

A professional, sophisticated website for a law firm does not require any prior experience. Additionally, our services are extremely affordable compared to hiring someone to set up a page.

It is not necessary to think about the technical details, such as mobile-readiness or search engine optimization. It is the law website builders who know how to do it all. While you may only do the fancy stuff, you’re ready to attract new clients far sooner than you realize.

It can be very competitive in the legal industry. This is why it is important to make your law firm stand out from the rest. To make sure that potential clients see you, create a website about your law practice. This will show them that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to handle their case and win.

WordPress makes it easy to create law firm websites. There are hundreds of themes that were specifically designed for lawyers. You need to do more than just use a pre-made theme. It doesn’t look like the real deal. We’re sharing top tips for creating a beautiful and engaging website for your law practice or law firm.

Branding Tips

Your logo and colors are not enough to define your brand. Your brand is what distinguishes you from other people in your industry, and helps clients remember you. Your brand should be visible on your website. These are some branding tips to help you design your website for your law firm.

1. Use your logo and law firm name

As this helps build brand recognition, your logo should be included in the design of your attorney website. Potential clients will be able to recognize your posts online and offline if they are familiar with you as a brand.

You should also use your law firm’s or legal practice’s name in the URL of your website rather than using exact-match domains such as bostonpersonalinjuryattorney[dot]com. This was a common practice in the early days, but it doesn’t have any bearing on your SEO rank today.

Sweeney Morrigan is a Boston personal injury lawyer. His law firm name is used as his domain name. However, he also includes information about the practice area and the location of his office on his homepage.

2. Use your brand colors

Your brand colors are a great way to make your lawyer website stand out even if you have a premade theme. They can be used as background, buttons, calls-to-action and in links to create visual separation between sections of your website.

WordPress themes are now available with many customization options. You can change the colors of your theme with a click of a button. While you can incorporate your brand colors into different parts of your website, it is important to maintain sufficient contrast between background text and text.

A second tip is to remember to save brighter colors such as oranges and reds in your palette for calls-to action to make them more easily recognizable.

3. Focus on your Advantage

It’s important to identify what makes you stand out from other law firms in your area of practice. This information should be highlighted throughout your attorney website design. Potential clients will be able to relate to your advantage, also known as a Unique Selling Point (USP), and make a decision about whether or not you are the best lawyer for them.

Your advantage can be used in headlines, on the About page, or as your tagline.

Marketing Tips

These tips will make your website more visible on search engines and help you attract more visitors to your site via social media and content marketing.

4. Register Your Law Firm with Google My Business

Google My Business is a great place to start listing your law firm.

Google My Business allows you to create a free listing. You will need to provide basic information like your business name, address, website, industry, and location. The next step is to verify your business using a code that will be mailed directly to you.

After your business has been verified, you can enter additional information, such as business hours and a description of yourself and your work. This will increase the likelihood of your website being found in Google searches for lawyers near you.

5. Social listening can be used to create content

Your website can be a great place to share case studies and show the results you have achieved for clients. Social listening allows you to create more engaging content that will drive organic traffic to your website.

Social listening is the practice of monitoring social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for keywords and hashtags related to your industry. This allows you to get insight into the conversations of others in your industry as well as potential client’s problems and concerns.

These keywords and search terms can be used to create articles and blog posts, or even share them on social media. You can also participate in conversations by pointing others to your website and blog.

6. Optimize for SEO

SEO is essential for maximizing the potential benefits of organic traffic. WordPress comes with great SEO features.

Many themes for lawyers and attorneys WordPress sites have been optimized for SEO. There are many SEO plugins available that will help you optimize your site and content for search engines.

You can also find HTML templates for law firms that are optimized to search engines if you prefer HTML templates. Here are some SEO tips:

Avoid filling pages and posts with keywords that aren’t related to your practice. This can lead to search engines penalizing your site.

Search engines will understand your website’s content better if you use alt text and proper name for images.

To make your text easier to read and help search engines understand its importance, use proper formatting.

Contextual descriptions are better than “click here” and “click that”. This makes it easier for your readers to understand the link’s purpose, and helps search engines to determine if you are linking to relevant sources.

7. Share Testimonials

To build trust and credibility, you can use testimonials from clients in the past. Website visitors will be more likely to book a consultation if they see you have handled similar cases to theirs.

Research shows that customer testimonials are the most effective content marketing tactic. So use these testimonials to your advantage. They can be displayed on your website’s homepage, on a separate page or on the profiles of individual lawyers and attorneys.

8. Showcase your achievements and practice areas on Attorney Profiles

No matter if you have several lawyers working for your firm or just yourself, you should list all of your achievements and awards on each attorney profile. This is a great way to not only promote your skills but also build trust and credibility with potential clients.

It is also a good idea for clients to see a list of your practice areas and contact information. This will help them to find the right person to reach out to. Take the example of Rochelle Friedman Walk. Her profile clearly displays her accomplishments, areas of practice, and biography.

Tips for Law Firm Website Design

These tips will help you design a website for attorneys that contains the most important information. They will also ensure that your visitors have the best user experience, no matter where or how they visit it.

9. Register Your Services

Your website should clearly describe the services you offer and how they can best assist your clients. Visitors will be able to instantly determine if they want to hire you or if you have the right skills for them.

10. Multiple calls-to-action

Your website design should encourage people to contact you or request a consultation. You must guide them through your website using multiple calls to action that will make it easy for them to contact you or schedule a consultation.

Your homepage should contain calls-to-action. A call-to-action can be included in the sidebar of your blog page, or below individual blog post.

11. You must ensure that your website is responsive and fast.

Nearly everyone now uses their smartphone or tablet for online searches and even to work. Mobile visitors shouldn’t abandon your website because they can’t scroll or it takes too long to load.

Responsive websites should be able to adapt to the size of the device they are being viewed on. This makes it possible for visitors to your website from any device to view and read your content.

A slow-loading website can also drive visitors away, even if it’s responsive. Google Pagespeed Insights can help you test the speed of your website. Next, follow their recommendations to improve page speed.

Find WordPress themes on Envato Elements and ThemeForest.

12. It’s easy to use

As mentioned above, responsive web design will ensure that your website is accessible on all devices. There are some other factors to consider if your website is to be easy to use.

Make sure you don’t add unnecessary links to the main navigation.

It is important that your text is clear and easy to understand.

Avoid distractions like popups and flashy animations.

13. Simpler Contact Forms

Finally, make your contact and consultation forms simple and only ask for the essential information. This will help you avoid making visitors feel overwhelmed, and causing them to abandon the form before they complete it.

For the initial contact, you can ask for their name, email address, or phone number along with a short message. Once they have scheduled a meeting, you can always find out more about their case.

A booking form allows users to book the date and time, and saves them time on calling. However, it is best to keep the form as simple and straightforward as possible, and only ask for the information that is necessary.

What We Look For in the Best Website Builders for Law Firms

Templates for law-related projects – Using a template to start your website can help you save time and effort. It comes with all the features you require. These templates are customizable to match your company’s branding.

Easy to use – To make it easy to update your website and manage it, a good website builder must be simple and intuitive.

Blog features – To help you attract clients, you might add a blog that offers legal tips and general advice or even a list of cases that have been closed.

SEO tools – People searching for lawyers in their area will find your website first. Website builders with integrated SEO tools can help you rank higher in search engines so that you reach more people.

What makes a website for a law firm great?

A website should contain some basic pages such as an About Us page and Services page. Blogs can be an excellent way to inform clients and show your expertise.

It is a great way to build trust with potential clients by including testimonials and reviews from past clients. When choosing a website builder to help your law firm, keep these things in mind.

What does it cost to build a lawyer website?

 Your needs will determine the cost of your website. The cost of your law firm’s website will depend on what you need. If you are just starting out or need a basic website, a paid premium plan may not be necessary. However, if you do you can visit our coupon page to find the best deals.

15 Best Website Builders for Lawyers and Law Firms 

Monster Reach

Monster Reach combines world-class eCommerce technology with internet marketing techniques, making them easily accessible for all businesses. Our platform allows all businesses to achieve their goals, regardless of whether they’re sole traders, franchises or start-ups. It is easy for businesses to build professional websites, apps, or eCommerce stores that generate leads. We are always learning and remain committed to our customers.

Monsterreach provides three options for a primary plan.


Maximum 5 Products

One page

Perfect for small businesses

Start online.

GROWTH ($14.95 per month)

You can purchase up to 100 products

Unlimitted pages

Advanced ecommerce

Growing businesses

UNLIMITED ($99.95 per month)

Unlimitted products

Unlimitted pages

Enterprise grade features.

All you could ever want.


Weebly has been a top-rated site building software for many years. Its versatility and ease of use have been proven over the years. Weebly is a great choice for creating your own website space, no matter what type of law or lawyering you are involved in. Weebly is a popular choice for lawyers because of its unique features and ease-of-use. Even if you are a beginner, you will still have a lot of fun.

Weebly offers many features, including design tools, templates, SEO tools, third-party integration and helpful templates. It’s easy to create a unique and interesting page for your legal requirements and needs. You can also access the Weebly app to update your page directly from your smartphone. It is clear that Weebly offers a comprehensive package of materials for quickly creating advanced pages.


Zyro is a website builder that can be used for any type of business, even law. The bundle of templates is ready to use and will help you save a lot of time and effort. Everything you do with Zyro is easy. It doesn’t require any coding knowledge. This makes it extremely beginner-friendly.

Zyro allows you to create an about page, share information, introduce lawyers and even start a blog. Zyro’s technical side is optimized for SEO, mobile devices and retina screens. It also supports fast loading and web browsers. Zyro’s websites are outstandingly optimized for user experience.


Making any kind of website is easy with all the information and resources available online. You can make any type of website, even if you’re not a professional like lawyering. Website builders for lawyers require that you have no coding or design experience. uCraft is one such service. It’s a powerful page builder that can be used for multiple purposes. You don’t even have to use third-party services for domain registration and web hosting; all you need is uCraft.

uCraft offers many useful features, including a variety of layouts that are ready-to-use, mobile-readiness and a logo maker. There are also handy analytics and marketing integrations. uCraft’s team of experts can help you with any stage of creating your law page. A modern page launch is almost inevitable.


With the versatility of Weblium, you can utilize this website builder for all sorts of intentions, including lawyers and law firms. It even comes with a dedicated sample that you can employ out of the box. But if you would like to step things up a few notches, you can also modify the default appearance and tailor it to your branding directions. On top of that, the integration of artificial intelligence will take care of all the rest.

When working with Weblium, you do not need to have any experience. Not just that, but you will master this builder on the fly with ease. Last but certainly not least, Weblium makes your lawyer page mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible. It takes care of domain name, hosting and security, too. And you will benefit from Weblium’s SEO optimization, too.


Webflow is an alternative platform for lawyers who are looking for a custom-built site builder. Although it does some things differently to the rest of the site editor, they are still very simple. Webflow, however, offers more flexibility in web design.

Webflow is a great resource for lawyers looking to set up a website. You can start your online presence with nothing but a blank canvas.

Webflow’s powerful and innovative components make it easy to create a website that allows you to share your vision with everyone. Webflow is an ideal website builder to lawyers. Your firm will be able to take it to a whole new level and increase your client base. As a professional, manage and maintain your website.


Squarespace is the best website builder for lawyers if you want to have experience and expert advice. Squarespace is a site-building platform that will ensure you not only get high performance, but also its ability to innovate. Squarespace allows you to easily customize your website according to your needs or intentions. Squarespace offers many flexible features and functionalities that make this possible. There are tons of pre-made materials that you can use to impress and amaze others.

Squarespace offers many popular features such as templates, style editor, hosting, and domain names. Squarespace pages can be optimized for mobile devices as well as all modern web browsers. Your law firm page will provide a great experience and show professionalism in every area of your business. Do what you do best.


​​A website is a great way to establish credibility for your services, especially if your business is a law firm, lawyer or agency. Doodlekit is a popular website builder for lawyers. This page-building software is for anyone who runs a law-related company. Doodlekit can handle any type of project, no matter if you are a solo practitioner or a large firm. Doodlekit makes it much simpler and easier to create a website than other online platforms. You will be able to benefit from its many features and easy-to-use tools.

Doodlekit makes it easy to quickly create lawyer bios and disclaimer pages. And, the best part? You can even show the results! A professional and persuasive website will increase your chances of winning over your clients and help you grow your business. You won’t take too long to design your lawyer website using the handy Doodlekit.


WPBakery will make your website look amazing. WPBakery is a WordPress page creator that can cover almost any niche or industry. WPBakery can also be used to build websites for lawyers and law firms. It can be integrated with your existing WordPress theme, or you can use the included content. You don’t need any prior design or coding knowledge to create your online presence. The drag-and-drop site builder makes it easy to become an expert in web development.

WPBakery offers many elements, templates, addons, color skin builders, Yoast SEO compatibility, multilingual support and more. WPBakery makes it easy to create stunning parallax sections or build an RTL lawyer website. No limits!


A website is not difficult to create and should be easy for everyone. Site123 is a website builder that lawyers can use to help them create their own websites. You may have noticed that I use the word “you” quite often. You don’t need to hire someone else to do it. It is you who will create your page, no matter what your design or coding experience.

Site123 is a popular platform that beginners can use. Site123 does not require any programming or website design skills. Site123 makes it easy to create a website for law firms with its pre-designed templates and elements. Site123 promises that it only takes three simple steps to make your website live.


uKit was created for business people and entrepreneurs, but you can also use it to build websites for lawyers. It comes with 350 designs, which cover 38 different categories. uKit is a tool that can be used by everyone, even those with discerning tastes. Creating a law-related website will be easy with uKit’s many features and functions. You will find it fun and even entertaining. You can use uKit’s predefined options or let your imagination run wild.

There are many great features in this bundle, but some stand out: mobile-friendly layouts and unique typography. Grid-based style is also a good option. uKit allows you to add your branding and personal touch to your website. This will allow your professionalism and expertise to shine on the internet. Try uKit first and you will be amazed at its incredibleness.


8b is a powerful website builder that can be used by lawyers because of its versatility and power. It even comes with custom designs that can be customized for the legal sector. 8b is also free. You heard it right. With 8b you can create your ideal lawyer or law firm website without spending any money. You simply need to choose your industry and pick the name of your business or website so you can start establishing your online presence.

You can still create a page even if you have a lot of cases to attend to. It takes only minutes to set up, and you don’t need to be a technical wizard to make it work. 8b includes a mobile website builder that allows you to make changes and improvements directly from your mobile device.


Elementor can be used in any way you like, as long as WordPress remains your preferred content management system. If you’ve read this far, Elementor can be used as a website builder to help lawyers. It’s a great all-in-one tool for creating high-quality pages in all sizes and shapes. Elementor is not a web developer, so you don’t need to be an expert. You don’t need to modify any code at all to build the entire process.

Elementor includes over 80 design elements that will accelerate the website-building process. Elementor will allow you to quickly build your law website. The final product will also perform well and be reliable. Elementor doesn’t have any specific rules or regulations. You can create your site in your own way.


Pagecloud can transform almost any business with its countless elements, superior features and readily available material. This website builder can be used by any lawyer. Amazing services like Pagecloud make it easy to create a website that promotes your message. You can quickly create and establish your site using the drag-and drop method and your familiar keyboard shortcuts. Pagecloud makes it quick and simple to create your final product.

Text and image editing, videos, app integration, search engine customization/optimization and hosting, as well as security are all part of Pagecloud. This is only a small portion of the amazing features Pagecloud offers to its users. You also have access to a professional and reliable support team who will assist you at any time.


Mozello gives you access to many of its features and tools that make it an excellent site-building software for all types of projects. A high-performing website is essential for lawyers or law firms looking to achieve a specific goal online. How can you get one? You don’t need to pay a lot to have a developer create it for you. You can instead use any of these website builders for lawyers to do the job yourself. That was simple, wasn’t it? Mozello comes packed with features to help you create your dream website.

Take a look at all of the demo websites to see the incredible results you can expect. You can modify any Mozello layout to make it yours. There is no reason to limit your creativity and express yourself in a distinctive way. There are many options available so don’t be afraid to stand out and get a lawyer page.

IM Creator

IM Creator makes it easy to create unique web spaces. It’s so easy to use that you will be amazed at how simple it is. IM Creator is easy to use, and you don’t need any technical knowledge. IM Creator is a great tool for lawyers, legal agencies, and attorneys. It will help you to refresh your website. It is free to use and you can upgrade to a premium plan only when it becomes necessary.

You can create a fully functioning website for lawyers in just minutes. It is difficult to believe that something once complex and complicated can now be done in a matter of minutes. Using the complimentary XPRS mobile application, you can make updates from anywhere with IM Creator. What more can you ask for? You can be the creator of your own law firm and take it to new heights.

A law firm’s official website is a must if you want to reap long-lasting benefits. It is easy for even the most novice coders to create a website using the ready-made templates provided by the website builders. Always choose a website builder that offers responsive templates, intuitive dashboards and extensive customer support.


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