Benefits of Having a Water Cooler at Home

Water dispenser from dispenser of home fridge, Woman is filling a glass with water from the refrigerator.

Are you considering purchasing a water cooler for your home? If you are, then perfect, if not then you really should. Water coolers help you drink more, keeping you hydrated and healthy and also they help the environment, reducing the quantity of plastic bottles you buy from the shop and of course the water tastes better. 

There is a whole range of water coolers that you can choose from, suiting all ranges of budgets, with a variety of add-ons to make them more efficient. Some coolers come with hot taps, whilst others offer ambient and cold water. They are also very easy to maintain. Below we look into five benefits of having a water cooler at home. 

Water Tastes Better

It will be no surprise to hear that water from a water cooler simply tastes better than tap water and water filters. Water drunk straight  from your taps, can have a murky taste to it. This is due to the treatment of the water and the chemicals that are added in order to make tap water drinkable and to reach your home.

Home water coolers provide you with access to fresh water, at  its purest, with no chemicals added to it. Plus, it’s always available just like tap water! You just need to grab a glass and put it under the water dispenser. 

Served at the correct temperature 

If you buy bottled water, then you will know the pain of having to put it in the fridge (taking up valuable space) when you get back to cool it ready to drink. If you are in a rush, you’ll probably put it in the freezer and then on many occasions forget it’s in there and leave it to freeze. When it comes to tap water,  you need to run the tap until it reaches an adequate temperature, wasting water whilst doing so.

With a water cooler for home, you can set the temperature that you enjoy your water at. Whenever you are thirsty, you know the water will be coming out at the perfect chilled temperature depending on your preference. Some water coolers have hot taps as well, giving you instant hot water for that quick cup of coffee or tea when you are most craving it. 

Water coolers are convenient 

Many people struggle to drink the recommended 2 to 3-litres of water a day. With a water cooler at home, you’ll find this a lot easier to achieve. Water coolers are convenient and easy to use. You frequently walk past them and can easily fill your glass up, ready to drink. They are perfect for children, accessible and fun to use.

To achieve the recommended amount of water drunk during the day why not use a water bottle, hydration app or simply fill up a 2-litre bottle of water each day and make sure it’s finished before you go to bed. 

Water coolers help the environment 

We touched on it above! When drinking tap water, most people tend to run the tap until you get your preferred temperature. This is a waste of water and not good for the environment. If you are buying plastic bottles of water from the shop, chances are you are not reusing these bottles and throwing them away once finished and just like running tap water using one-way (single-use) water bottles is not good for the environment.e The process of recycling the plastic bottles causes pollution. By using a water cooler, you reduce the amount of plastic damage and wasted water, as the water is readily available as soon as you are feeling thirsty. You’ll buy less plastic and won’t run the taps whenever you need a drink. 

Water coolers are cost-effective 

No more buying plastic bottles from your local supermarket when you fancy a drink.  Now is the time  to save money on your water consumption and reduce the  constant running of water when you fancy a drink. Your monthly budget will almost certainly be reduced by using a water cooler, especially when you are drinking plenty of water. And, water coolers don’t take up much space or cost much to run. 

There are many benefits to having a water cooler at home on top of the five we have mentioned. Depending on your lifestyle , some of the benefits above will benefit you more than the others. For us, the taste of  fresh spring or mineral water is the greatest benefit and why we love water coolers. Do you use a water cooler at home? What are your reasons for doing so and what benefits have you got from having one? Which of the five benefits from the above have you benefited most from? Let us know in the comment box below. 


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