Benefits Of Garden Rooms For Work and Play with Quick Garden

Garden rooms are the latest trend in the home improvement industry worldwide. The pros of garden rooms can be life-changing at times and are guaranteed to have a positive impact on your life. Here are some of the many benefits of garden rooms for work.

Garden living is the new trend in household design and is becoming popular with a majority of homeowners worldwide. Garden rooms differ in size, design, and shape to make them suitable for all types of properties. There are many ways that a garden room can benefit you and your loved ones. If you are still to decide whether a garden room will be best for your property, read the below list of garden room pros to know how one of our products can benefit you.

Additional Space For Living

Additional living and recreational space are some of the most obvious benefits of garden rooms. Today’s homeowners are challenged when they want to find enough space for every activity in their homes. Home extensions were a popular method of increasing living and recreational space in a home. But garden rooms have overtaken home extensions in popularity during recent years. They are becoming the leading form of home improvement these days. 

Garden buildings help a homeowner creates his/her own personal retreat. Home extensions are complex when adding another room to your property. It also takes a lot of time. Our garden building products don’t usually require planning permission unless you decide to add an annex for living purposes. Our annex buildings need planning permission since these products are for full-time living. But our dedicated team of professionals will handle all the work for you.

Garden rooms are so popular because of their versatility. They can be used for any purpose with all the amenities that a room in your home would have. Whether you need space for a growing hobby or simply want to relax in the evening after a hard day’s work, a garden room is your best choice. If you’re interested in knowing more then visit this website.


Worrying about elderly family members can leave any homeowner with constant anxiety. A garden annex is one of the best ways to keep your elderly family members close by. They are a turn-key solution for year-round living. You don’t have to go through all the cumbersome work of home renovations and extensions with a garden annex. They are quite simple and cost-effective. Senior care homes are becoming increasingly expensive these days. There are thousands of senior adults who cannot afford such facilities or merely don’t want to go to a care home.   

The average annual cost of a care home was around £44,512 last year. It’s an immense cost that equates to the cost of a garden annex. Our garden annex buildings are permanent living solutions that can be easily placed in your backyard. This type of annex includes all of the basic amenities you need to live a comfortable life. With all the facilities, a garden annex won’t cost more than the yearly cost of senior home care. The garden annexes we build are built to last. With a permanent solution like a garden annex, you can have your loved ones close by at a more cost-effective price. It makes living simple and satisfying for your loved ones.

Quick And Simple Installation

With a home extension, the installation process is quite long and tedious. After your project is granted planning permissions, the construction alone can take months. It may leave you agitated and disturbed in your home while the construction process goes on. This isn’t the situation when you invest in a garden annex to increase your living space. The installation process won’t take even a week. But the process can take between 4-5 weeks depending on the size of the garden building. It is a much shorter turnover time compared to any other home extension process. It offers a brand new living environment for your loved ones. installation is quite simple and will be handled by our site surveyors. 

Design Options

If you are someone who loves to personalize your living space, our endless design options will let your creative side flare. There are many types of add-ons that you may decide to add including underfloor heating and more. When it comes to decorating the building, you are not limited in any way to what you can do. You can wallpaper or paint the walls of the building just like a house. Make the building feel homely and choose a design that you love.

Suitable For All Types Of Properties

A lot of homeowners worry that our garden rooms will not suit their properties or the current home design. If you have an old-looking property, you might be worried about this. The ability to combine modern with traditional design is another concern for most homeowners. Our garden buildings differ in exterior design and are extremely versatile to suit every type of property. Even if you don’t have a large-scale garden, there is still the option to install our garden room on your property. You can discuss this further with our site surveyors and find the most suitable option for your garden.

Increased Privacy

Privacy is crucial when you want a room suited for all your hobbies. With a garden room, you are still connected to your house but are in another room. Privacy is at its highest in a garden room. Our outdoor garden building will separate you from the house and offer more privacy compared to a home extension project. 

If you want to listen to your favorite music with your friends or watch a loud film during the weekend, a garden room will let you do it without disturbing anyone at home. Our garden rooms provide the perfect solution for your privacy. Even though our products are not soundproof, the insulation used in our products contains natural sound-muffling materials to prevent loud noises from escaping your own private retreat.


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