Believing In These Online Reputation Management Myths & Misconceptions Can Ruin Your Business


Today, everything is public and apparent. There’s actually no getting away from all the data out there on the web, every one of the conclusions, every one of the thoughts and all the chat. Attempting to control it can appear to be unimaginable – particularly with regards to building an online standing for your business. Everything necessary is only one awful second to discolor it. 

In any case, on the off chance that you feel overpowered, similar to it’s difficult to try and survive, reconsider. Your battles might come from every one of the normal legends that are misshaping insight and prompting lamentable slips up.

Thanks to the internet, customers can easily access all the information they want before spending their money on products and services. Indeed, often the first thing they do is to check out the online reviews to find out how other customers have experienced their quality, performance, and after-sales service. Businesses must also take care to protect their online reputation because it can make or break them. The concept of online reputation is often poorly understood, and it can be relatively easy to believe in some common myths that can derail your business. 

Some of the top myths and misconceptions surrounding online reputation management debunked:

Online Reputation Cannot Be Controlled

Many business owners think that since it is impossible to prevent people from writing negative things online, there is no point in worrying about online reputation management. However, the best way of preventing negative comments is by selling products and services that deliver the performance expected and solve customer concerns. Even then, since it is not always possible to meet customer expectations, you can mitigate the damage of negative publicity by taking note of the issues and responding to them promptly, politely, and appropriately. By addressing their concerns, you can convert dissatisfied customers into delighted ones who will be ready to advocate your brand, says a consultant of a leading reputation management company Singapore.

Deleting Bad Reviews Will Get Rid Of the Problem

The last thing you would want to do is to delete all the negative remarks and reviews. It is because people expect to see a mix of good and bad reviews, and any site that has only good reviews loses its credibility. Customers also want to see how the business responds to complaints and whether it respects and values them. Further, any comment, positive or negative, once posted online tends to remain visible in one way or the other, on other sites where you cannot exercise any control. If you see fake claims, you can either delete them from your site or report them, if they are on other sites.

Some awful audits sprinkled in with every one of the great ones really loans authenticity to your business. Mull over everything: when you see just shining audits of an item or business, you might think about how genuine they all are. All things considered, nobody has an ideal record! An absence of tributes and surveys will just serve to stir doubt, proposing you are either dishonorable or excessively new of an organization to have a standing yet.

Online Reviews Are Not Worth Bothering About 

More than 70% of Americans use social media, especially for product discovery and research, according to a Forbes report. Given that your audience is more than likely to check you out online before giving you their custom, it is vital that you proactively manage your online reputation. According to Search Engine Journal, as many as 91% of consumers in the age group of 18-34 not only believe in online reviews but trust them as much as recommendations by people they personally know. Another survey on consumer behavior reports that 83% of customers believe reviews more than advertisements.

Social Mentions Monitoring

Continuously keep steady over the thing individuals are saying about your image and items via web-based media. Google Alerts will assist with your standing observing by monitoring any new posts and articles that are applicable to your image. You can likewise follow news sites and screen your rivalries’ notices. You can likewise utilize the cherry on top standing administration apparatus, which additionally permits you to react to any of these notices continuously. In doing as such, no regrettable remarks or surveys will go unrecognized or unaddressed for quite a while to accomplish more harm. 

With eclincher as your web-based media and online standing administration stage, you will actually want to accomplish your objectives, develop your business, deal with your advertising, and assemble a positive online picture, in just a small amount of the time. Try not to stop for a second to begin your 14-day preliminary right presently for nothing!


Given the importance of the internet in contemporary lives, no business, big or small can afford to ignore it. Effective online reputation management can mean the difference between an enterprise that is admired and respected and one that barely manages to survive. In today’s world, it is impossible to avoid public scrutiny. You should go all out to leverage it to create a favorable impression of your business and the product and services you offer.


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