Bathroom Fitting Cost 2022: Installation Of Accessories & Appliances UK

Bathroom Fitting

Having a bathroom that meets your expectations in terms of design and vibe is truly a blessing. Since everyone has unique priorities related to their bathrooms, their total bathroom fitting cost also differs depending on various factors. 

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When planning bathroom renovations, you need to get an estimated price quote for efficient planning beforehand. Whether you prefer marble, stainless steel, or glass doors in your bathroom, your total bathroom costs vary according to your preferences. Hence, you need to increase your budget accordingly. 

The average bathroom fitting cost in the UK can be anywhere between £1500 to £15,000 or even higher. Moreover, the bathroom cost depends upon location, room size, design, and products you want to use. 

However, bathroom renovation does not necessarily mean you want to install a completely new bathroom. Alternately, you might just want to change a few things, such as a shower cubicle, acrylic bath liners, etc. So, your fitting costs vary accordingly. Moreover, the bath fitter material you choose for your bathroom suite will also have different rates.

Thus, this article will try to cover the general bathroom remodel costs.  

Bathroom Installation Costs: Complete Price Range

Here is a table that covers the total bathroom renovation costs according to the quality of fixtures or accessories. Moreover, you can choose budget-oriented, standard, or luxury fixtures that will affect your total bathroom remodel costs. 

So, we will give you a rough outlook on how much does it cost to get a new bathroom of your choice.  

Bathroom Size Budget Standard Luxury
Small Room £1500 £2500 £5000
Medium Room £2500 £3500 £7000
Large Room £4000 £7000 £15,000 or more

If you are confused about the difference between budget, standard, and luxury bathrooms, then here is a quick explanation of each. 

  • Budget Bathroom: A budget bathroom makeover occurs on a need basis only. For example, if your shower, basin, tub, or tiles get broken or damaged, you will replace them in your old bathroom suite. Furthermore, the replacements like shower replacement will be with average quality fixtures that you can easily buy and get fitted again. 
  • Standard Bathroom: A standard bathroom refers to removing old fixtures and upscale bathroom remodelling. Furthermore, you can get your washbasin, toilet, or shower changed. Additionally, you may also get tiles, bath panels, flooring, or an extractor fan. As a result, the fixtures used in the standard bathroom are of good quality. 
  • Luxury Bathroom: In a luxury bathroom, extraordinarily high-quality and exotic fixtures add to the final cost of the bathroom renewal. Consequently, it gives a royal look to the bathroom, and you feel like using a five-star hotel’s bathroom. Furthermore, you may add a glass door, bathtub, fibreglass liners, or lavish flooring. Additionally, such a renovation does not necessarily happen due to damage; it can be for your satisfaction only. 

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Individual Bathroom Fixtures Costs

Here is an estimated quote for installing bathroom fixtures that should be kept in mind while planning a bathroom renovation. 

Fixtures Budget Standard Luxury
Tiles (Per sq m) £4 – £30 £35 – £55 £70 +
Washbasin £40 – £60 £90 – £150 £300 +
Shower £120 – £150 £160 – £250  £270 +
Toilet pan £50 – £90 £130 – £ 400  £650 +
Taps £35 – £60 £85 – £140 £200 +
Bath  £100 – £200 £250 – £800 £1100 +

Several accessories help make your bathroom extraordinarily lavish. While planning your upscale bathroom remodel, you should keep these extra items in your mind. Furthermore, they increase the total bathroom installation costs and installation time. As a result, the increase in installation time leads to an increased cost of bath fitters. 

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Accessories Estimated Cost Fitting Time
Budget Decorating £32 – £53 6-8 hours
Spotlights £70 – £140 2 hours
Mirror £40 – £180 40-50 mins
Towel radiator £50 – £150 2-3 hours
Standard Downlight £50 – £70 per light 3 hours
Full-length mirror £170 – £250 2 hours
Extractor fan £280 7-8 hours
Towel radiator £100 – £130 3 hours
Fitted bathroom units £450 – £600 2-3 hours
Luxury Underfloor heating £55 / sq m 2-3 days
Walk-in shower £1300 2-3 days
Moving electrical points £50 – £65 per hr 2 days
LED light and mirror £330 – £450 5 hours
Custom-built cupboards £2300 4-6 hours
Automatic lighting £35 per bulb 3-4 hours

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Bathtubs come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. Their final cost depends upon multiple factors such as material, size, and quality. Therefore, the average installation cost of a bathtub is around £300, which is quite a lot. So, while buying the bathtub, you must consider the installation cost. Moreover, you also need to get rid of any existing tub for which you require extra help from a bath fitter. 

A lightweight acrylic bathtub is usually the cheapest to install but needs a sturdy frame and bathtub liner, which increases the cost. On the other hand, if you invest your money in a heavy-duty acrylic bathtub, it comes in a built-in frame. 

There are also comparatively cheaper steel baths, but since they are heavier, they have high installation costs. Thus, keeping the high fitting costs in mind, we suggest you skip this type of bathtub to save some bucks. 

Fibreglass bathtubs are also light in weight, strong, and durable. Even though such baths are expensive, they will last for many years. The most expensive bathtubs are cast iron and stone baths because they are heavy-duty tubs. Furthermore, they have many health benefits, which adds to the cost. 

Therefore, your final choice will depend upon your budget and preference. Moreover, you can call to get a quote for their fitting bath charges and plan everything accordingly. Since you need a professional bath fitter for this service, you should use a reliable source like  

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Many prefer having both a bath and shower in their bathroom if they have enough space. Furthermore, a bath usually takes time to fill up, and you need to have some extra time when you wish to enjoy a relaxing bath. On the contrary, a shower comes in use when you quickly need to freshen up. Hence, having both options available in your bathroom is a great idea. 

Showers help in saving water and space in your bathroom, so they are always a better option. Moreover, if you have a half bath, you won’t be able to fit a bathtub in it. So, you need to choose a shower in such cases. Additionally, you also need to use shower curtains to keep the surroundings dry. 

Like baths, they also come in a wide variety to choose from. For example, electric showers heat the water to the required temperature and provide hassle-free warm water during winters. 

Another type of shower mixes cold and hot water to create a perfect temperature for the user. Since they contain a thermostatic mixing shower valve, they can control the water temperature. 

Moreover, for a Sauna experience at home, you can get steam showers installed in your bathroom. They might be a little more expensive than others but worth your extremely stressful or tiring days. 

Choosing the shower according to your budget and liking might be difficult, but you must also be mindful of fitting charges. Thus, you can call right now to get a quote on their bath fitter cost. They will give you a detailed response about how much it costs to get a shower remodeling.

Toilet Pan

Even if you are incredibly low-maintenance and do not require a lot of things in your home, you still need a toilet pan in your new bathroom. No bathroom is ever complete without a toilet pan, so you need to get one for your new bathroom. 

If you have a half bathroom, then you need to choose the correct size of the toilet pan that fits well into your bathroom. Ask your bath fitter to find the perfect spot for the pan while keeping the bathroom spacious. 

They also come in various types and sizes to choose from. The low-level toilet bowls are smaller, so they fit perfectly in a small bathroom. However, they do not provide efficient water pressure. 

Some toilet pans can be fixed on the floor while some need to be fixed on the wall. Your bathroom will be comparatively easy to clean if you get a wall-fixed toilet pan. 

Toilet pans with high-level cisterns are still available on the market but are a little pricey. However, they are more suitable for elderly or sick people. Other than these types, there is a smart toilet pan, which provides better hygiene and health. Furthermore, they contain automatic sensors for flushing and wash cycles. 

However, the final choice of the pan depends upon your priorities and preferences. Thus, you can get whatever you like according to your budget and comfort. However, you need to keep the bath fitters’ charges in mind, so you can call to get a quote. According to our research, the estimated cost to install a toilet bowl will be around £250. 


The next most important thing in a bathroom is a washbasin. They are crucial for the maintenance of hygiene and general cleaning. Like all other fixtures, washbasins also come in various sizes and shapes. Thus, you can choose the one that matches your budget and imagination. 

Additionally, the pedestal basin is the most common design of the washbasin that you see almost everywhere. It is a freestanding basin made up of porcelain. Furthermore, they need to be fixed on the wall. 

Finally, the console basin is the most expensive washbasin, which is wider and deeper than the others. Moreover, they must be mounted on the wall and possess two or four legs. Consequently, their installation charges are also higher. 

Underfloor Heating

Furthermore, if you want to add an extra feature to your bathroom, you can get a heating system to keep your bathroom floor heated. However, it requires proper installation methods and components for efficient working of the system. 

In addition, the electric heating mats cost around £20 to £50 per metre square. Moreover, the cost to install other components like heating controls and insulation boards is additional to this estimated bath fitter cost. 


Bathrooms contain extra moisture, which can damage their walls and floor. Therefore, the walls and floors of the bathroom should be adequately concealed using impermeable materials like stone, plastic, or ceramic.

Tiling is the most suitable option for keeping your bathroom safe from excessive moisture. Furthermore, tiles come in various sizes, materials, themes, and designs. Additionally, the installation charges of tiles are usually per square metre. So, the bigger your washroom is, the higher will be tile fitting charges.

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In a bathroom, you need two sets of taps; one for the washbasin and the other for the bathtub. Consequently, if you change one set due to damage, you need to change the other set to maintain the bathroom theme. 

Taps are also available in a huge variety, from a simple mixer to pillar taps. Thus, you can choose according to your liking. Do not forget that a stylish tap set will elevate the whole look of the bathroom, so you cannot compromise on them. 

Moreover, their installation time and cost depend upon the type of taps. Hence, you should call and get an estimated quote of their bath fitter cost. Furthermore, they will connect you to a professional bath fitter to help you get everything in place. 

Extractor Fan

Similarly, a proper ventilation system is crucial to the bathroom to eliminate the humidity and smell. Extractor fans help a lot in this regard. Hence, they are an essential part of bathrooms. However, you must ensure an excellent ventilation system attached to the extractor fan. 

The cost to install can vary depending upon the type and quality of the fan. Usually, a good quality fan will cost you around £250. Moreover, you can call bath fitter services from and get their help. 

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Towel Radiator

A towel radiator is an extra feature you can add to your bathroom if you have enough budget. Otherwise, it is unnecessary because it falls under the category of luxuries. 

Its job is to keep the towel dry and warm. It is great for winters when you are too cold to wrap a cold towel around your body. Furthermore, you can get several options on the market. Moreover, get help from to find a bath fitter. 

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Bathroom Renovation: Labour Fees & Day Rate

A good and reliable bath fitter can handle all the jobs related to a bathroom remodel. However, you might wish to get individual people for each task. Moreover, before starting the bathroom project, you need to dismantle the existing tub, existing plumbing, shower liner, etc. Getting rid of your old bathroom also requires an additional cost of around £250 to £500. 

Furthermore, to install a bathroom, you need the help of a plumber and bath fitter who might charge between £40 to £60 per hour. For electricity-related work such as the installation of fans and lights will require the help of an electrician. They also charge around £40 to £60 per hour. Hence, you should consider electrical costs as well. 

Moreover, you will need specialists for special tasks like the flooring of PVC vinyl liners. They cost according to the area of the bathroom. Thus, if you have a half bathroom, it will cost less and vice versa. Additionally, for tiles, you will need a professional. 

Hence, all these labor costs add up to the final bathroom fitting costs. Your overall cost becomes quite a lot when you count all these extra charges. 

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Extra Installation Costs

Renovating a bathroom is not only installing new fittings and fixtures. Hence, there are many other aspects that you should not forget. A few examples are as follows:-

  • After replacement, you need to dispose of old basins, toilet seats, floor/ wall tiles etc., by hiring any waste company. However, this is not very expensive and costs up to £100-£400 depending on the amount of waste. So, you should keep bathroom removal costs in mind too. 
  • Your house will also be full of dust after completing masonry work. Thus, instruct your bath fitter to clean the dust and seal the vents and doors during work. However, the bath fitter may charge you extra for cleaning services.
  • The fittings, components, and fixtures will have to be transported from the store to your location. Therefore, ensure the vendor secures everything properly on the truck and adds padding between the items. Consequently, the transporter will charge you extra if you use his men for loading/ unloading the items.

How to Plan the Design of Your New bathroom?

Before selecting an expert bath fitter, it is essential to finalise your bathroom theme. Furthermore, discuss the theme, colour scheme, components, and type of fittings or fixtures with your partner. Finally, note your complete plan, the tentative cost, and your maximum budget. 

A few companies like connect you with a professional bath fitter. Additionally, the bath fitter gives you some free ideas per your budget and will request you buy his services in return. Furthermore, since getting the idea is the most challenging step, once you finalise the blueprint of your bathroom in mind, you are ready to go. 

Some ideas

Few ideas are as follows:-

  • Select your primary colour and secondary colours. Additionally, you may also think of a single colour theme as it looks more attractive and immaculate. 
  • After colour, decide the shape and type of tile. Additionally, considering the dimensions of the bathroom, think about smaller or larger tiles. Larger tiles give a more elegant look in the washroom than smaller tiles. 
  • Efficient and flawless plumbing and wiring work will play vital roles in your project in the short and long term. Similarly, any pipe leakage or loose wiring can cause severe damage to your entire bathroom. So, select an excellent bath fitter. 
  • While laying/installing electric wires, keep in mind where you require connections for your electric shower, heater, lights, etc. Furthermore, good bathroom fitters will do all this amicably, and you need not worry. 
  • Furthermore, select the type, colour, and design of your taps. You must remember that taps add the beauty and sophistication of the bathroom the most. Thus, select state-of-the-art taps with decent shine, and you will never repent your spending. 

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Things To Discuss With Your Bath Fitter Before Performing Repairs 

  1. Ask the bath fitter to give you a detailed price estimate covering the rate of items, labour charges, etc. Furthermore, get estimated cost effects from 2 to 3 different bath fitters along with the timeline. Then, select a suitable one, keeping in view the rates and timelines. Similarly, inquiring about the bath fitter’s cost beforehand will help you understand the mindset of the bath fitter. 
  2. Then, ask about his experience in your type of bathroom. You must acquire pictures of the bathroom’s condition before and after. Thus, you can judge the quality of his work by looking at before and after pictures. Furthermore, by observing his way of answering your questions, you should be able to check his knowledge and expertise in the field. 
  3. Furthermore, ask a few technical questions to gauge his knowledge about the job. Thus, questions regarding tile installation techniques, electric fittings, flooring, etc., can show you the experience and skills of the fitter.
  4. Additionally, check whether the bath fitter is qualified for all fitting-related jobs or if he requires to hire specialists like plumber or electrician separately. Moreover, always give preference to one specialist in electric, plumbing, and all types of fitting jobs himself. Furthermore, it enhances coordination and cleanliness at work.
  5. Finally, a bath fitter with a good portfolio is a plus point. Additionally, you can check reviews from his previous customers, check before and after pictures of his past work, and the fitter’s experience in this field.    

Building Regulations Approval & Permission

Before starting the renovation/extension work, consult the local council and seek advice on whether you require planning permission for this project or not. Moreover, if your bathroom is a further extension to your house, which is already a listed building, you will need planning permission.

Alternately, approval from building regulations is not required for maximum renovation cases without drainage and electrical works. However, if there is a drainage system, electric connection, water pipe from the mainline, etc., do not forget to get approval from a competent authority.

Additionally, if you are converting your normal room into a bathroom by adding fixtures and fittings, take extreme care of the following aspects:

  • Ventilation measures
  • Plumbing, zero leakage in pipes
  • Electric, no loose wiring
  • Anti-fire measures
  • Structural safety

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FAQs About Bath Fittings 

1. Will adding a new bathroom in my house increase overall house value?

Yes, a house’s value depends upon its bathrooms and kitchen. Moreover, having a lesser number of bathrooms in your house discourages its potential buyers. Furthermore, your house value can be increased by up to five percent if you add a new lavish bathroom.

2. When should I install tiles in my bathroom, before the fittings or after?

There is a set pattern to follow for bathroom tiling and fittings. Thus, never install tiles at the first stage of your project. Otherwise, you will ruin the new tiles while doing other fittings over them. Furthermore, install the bath at a  suitable place only after the completion of electricity and plumbing jobs. The next step is to tile the floor and complete the remaining fittings once the tiles are completely dry. Finally, apply tiles on the walls as per requirement and grout them. 

Keep in mind that if you are doing multiple fitting works at a time, never start the next step before completing the basic one; otherwise, your bathroom will be ruined later. Moreover, if you want to add luxurious fittings like custom-built cupboards, towel radiators, etc., plan them at the final stages of your project.

3. What is the recommended height for tiles on the walls of a bathroom?

It is entirely your decision how high you want to tile your ne bathroom walls. However, as per famous designer techniques and a general tiling rule, a bathroom wall should be tiled up to its half. Furthermore, you may go a few inches up but should never cut the best tile.  

Moreover, in the shower portion, the complete wall should be tiled from floor to ceiling and add 2-3 lines of tiles above your wash basin to add beauty and save your wall from water sprinkles.

4. Are bathroom fixtures and bathroom fittings two different things?

The fixtures can not be removed without renovation work. Moreover, they are permanently installed either below or above tiles by cement application, e.g., bathtubs, pipings, wiring, etc. Whereas fitting can be removed any time using required tools as they are over the tiles without cement, e.g., mirrors, LED lightings, etc.

5. How can I make a smaller bathroom look bigger?

Using bigger tiles will make your bathroom look bigger. Additionally, they will also minimise the number of grouts between the tiles. Consequently, the bathroom will look better and bigger. On the other hand, small tiles will ruin the look of your bathroom and make it look even smaller.

Furthermore, you may use single-colour tiles for your bathroom floor. Additionally, single plain colour floors give a brighter and wider look to the bathroom. 

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Get Bathroom Fitting Quotes

You can get bathroom renewal quotes from, which contains several professionals on board. Moreover, these professional bath fitters will provide top-notch services to you. 

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