Bathmate Reviews 2022 – Bathmate Hydro Pump Results, Side effects, Before and After


What is Bathmate?

Referred by many names i.e. Bathmate, Bathmate Hydropump is the most easy-to-use and effective penis pump for men. It is used by men who are struggling to solve the issues of erectile dysfunction, micro-penis, bend-penis, and premature ejaculation that encompass poor sexual performance. Bathmate hydropump is powered by water which means you can also use this device during the shower or while you’re at home. 

Bathmate is the first penis pump that introduced a water-based mechanism to increase penis size. This is usually done by the traction method and applies different types of pressure based on your desired results. Bathmate Hydromax recently introduced hydro-vacuum technology which allowed millions of men to get maximum results using it for just 6 months. 

Best Bathmate Pumps of 2022

Out of the best penis pumps for ED in 2022, Bathmate generic has become the first and most used penis pump in the world. 

Types of Bathmate Penis Pumps

Let’s clean out the air by not talking about the older penis pump that has been withdrawn a long time ago. In 2022, there is a plethora of penis pumps available and all of them work with safety. See these penis pumps are not for temporary gains but to remotely help you with so many sexual disorders starting from Erectile Dysfunction. Admittedly, penis pumps are difficult to use at first and it’s hard to keep them for a longer amount of time so unless you are going for the invasive method, penis pumps are the best options that yield greater results without any pain or the side effects. 

Different models of Bathmate are available from which you can choose based on your approach to elongate penis size. 

1. Bathmate Hydro

Bathmate hydro is the first model of the Bathmate series which is recommended for beginners who want to gain extra inches. The device supports long-lasting erection besides helping you improve the penis size count as a considerable factor during sexual intercourse. Bathmate Hydro was introduced in 2006 and ever since it has been sold in over 90 countries where customers reported maximum results. Hydro7 is made afterward for people who want to attain penis size 5-7 inches with sundry improvements in their sexual desire. 

2. Bathmate HydroMax

Bathmate HydroMax is designed for those who want more power to the pump. The HydroMax introduced up to 35% more power than Bathmate Hydro which is the older model- this reaped benefits like never before for the first-timers. The reviews for Bathmate HydroMax is 92% positive which means 95% of the users found it effective in getting enhanced penis size. 

With the alarming increment in the penis size, Bathmate HydroMax users also reported intense and passionate intercourse followed by firm erection and highlighted sexual performance. It has been also reported that millions of Bathmate HydroMax pieces have been sold all around the world. Again, you can choose from 5 different types of Bathmate HydroMax pump which is again based on your hardcore needs. HyrdoMax penis pump is specially designed for men having penis size 3-9 inches and it costs around $129-$199. 

3. Bathmate HydroXtreme

Bathmate HydroXtreme is ranked 1st in the category for the best vacuum pump for erectile dysfunction. It’s an excellent choice for men who wants to gain a bigger penis is a short time plus it has a handball pump feature available with it. This will deliver pressure in a better way and provide ease of usage during the shower. There are certain upgrade features in the Bathmate HydroXtreme penis pump which involves the addition of the comfort pad which goes into the base of the gaiter and provides extra support during the suction method. The valves are also improved greatly which allows the hose binding and handball pump to attach quickly with a single click. 

HydroXtreme is designed for advanced users- these are the ones who expect maximum results and don’t back down for extreme power. Beginners can also use the Bathmate HydroXtreme devices but they have to lower the pressure depending on their comfort level. You can choose any six of the penis pumps in the HydroXtreme category which meet the demands of users. This can be used by people having 3-11 inches penis in length and its cost ranges from $209-$399. 

How Bathmate Hydro Pumps Work?

Bathmate penis pump works by altering the penile morphology and this happens by working on the surrounding tissues. Upon continuous traction, the penile tissues become enlarged over time and they can store more blood inside them in order to carry out stronger erection.

Unlike ordinary penis pumps, the bathmate hydro pump device controls the vacuum on each spongy tissue located on the penis head. The vacuum generation is accompanied by a force of water which is safer than the traction method that uses air. The pressure chamber of the Bathmate device is carefully crafted after it uses water for vacuum. This affects each part of your penis equally whether its length, girth there will be consistent pressure applied as per the user’s will. Bathmate is a water-based penis pump that doesn’t need any lubrication before using it. Its use also avoids skin abrasion and guarantees visible results. 

Bathmate Reviews Before and After

Bathmate Hydromax series is an effective and safe penis pump and the reason for that is not the brand hype- it’s because Bathmate uses medical-grade material that mixes with advanced traction method brought by hydro pressure and this yields not a single but many positive results. Engaging with Bathmate before and after results- we found out the more you use the Bathmate penis pump, the more pronounced will be the results. This helped millions of men who’d erectile dysfunction and now those issues were gone with marked erection they achieve on an immediate basis. 

Bathmate is different from traditional penis pumps as it addresses different concerns that are related to sexual health and penis size. You can guess using Bathmate for only a month as more results to be followed if you go up to 6 months. 

  • Bathmate Before and After 3 Months

Bathmate results after the first two weeks are something to talk about, with obvious changes occurring on penis length and girth- users of Bathmate also experienced better and frequent erections unlike before. Using Bathmate for a month means you had been using it for 15 minutes every day and this brings half an inch to the penis size both length and girth. 

Slight improvements for ED were also seen in the middle of the 2nd month and Bathmate users who had ED before seemed happy about their sexual health. One of the noticed results of Bathmate after 3 months is the gains of 1-2 inches that came from consistent use only. 

  • Bathmate Before and After 6 Months

Bend penis syndrome a.k.a Peyronie’s disease comprised of bend penis which sometimes can be painful for men. This issue has been clearly addressed by the Bathmate manufacturer as the device mainly works on making the penis straight and harder than before. 

Continuous use of Bathmate Hydromax pump in the first 4 months will bring visible changes to your sexual health. This involves better stamina, prompt erection, and energy to stay longer in bed. Clearly, Bathmate penis pumps claim to increase 30% of the girth in 6 months which is achieved by almost 60% of the users. The results occasionally appear at the start of the 4th month which is 0.5-3 inches. 

Bathmate Results – What Customers Should Expect?

Having a large and swinging penis means you are attractive to 40% of the ladies already! Bathmate Hydro pump takes this initiative quite seriously since it is associated with your core masculine features of yours. 

With Bathmate single-use, you could already notice the first difference which is making the little penis gain some mass. Bathmate users claim the device is like bodybuilding for your penile muscles except you don’t have to wait for years for the results. The groundbreaking results that most men received after using Bathmate were high level of sexual satisfaction and enhancement of sexual desires. 

Bathmate pump increases the penis size up to 30% which means both the length and girth of the penis will be affected and this can be the perfect treatment for erectile dysfunction and Peyronie disease. 

Bathmate is an FDA-approved penis pump that is also been tested before it was launched in the market, using it could limit premature ejaculation issues that somehow pose hindrances to the sexual timing. 

How to Use Bathmate?

Every Bathmate Hydro Pump whether it’s Hydro or HydroXtreme follows a similar procedure of how to use them. Here is how you should use the Bathmate Penis Pump safely.

  1. Soak yourself in warm water for 5 minutes; this is to loosen up the skin of the penis and scrotum to prevent the risk of penile muscles being pulled. You should never involve the testicles in the Bathmate tube; this can be done by pulling them back with your free hand. 
  2. While in the shower, place your Bathmate device upside down, and the black pip will be placed at the top of the device closed. There is no need to close the latch if you are using a bathmate device during the shower- you should rather immerse the device underwater. 
  3. Now, insert the flaccid penis into the tube and press the bathmate pump against the pubic bone to seal the device. You can angle the Bathmate pump anyhow you want whether downward or upward. 
  4. Start pumping the device by opening the black pip at the top of the device. This will start the pumping phenomenon by expelling water in short jets with each pump. Users will feel their penis is being sucked into the chamber as the foreskin also starts to stretch. This will lead to the swelling of the blood vessels as they charge more blood and stimulate rapid erection. The girth of the penis will be the first thing you will see becoming enlarged from the vacuum generated by the water.
  5. It’s time for releasing the vacuum by pressing the valve cap inwards which activates the quick-releasing mechanism. Users shall push the Bathmate pump tighly as it may interfere with pumping because air may enter to reduce the suction. You should start to begin pumping immediately once the black pip at the end of the device is opened otherwise water will leak from Bathmate Hydropump. 

Bathmate Hydro Pump Best Features

There are many reasons based on which you should buy Bathmate Hydro Pump for penis enlargement, some very lucid and appealing reasons that are mentioned below might help you inspect closely about what makes Bathmate the best penis pump in 2022. 

  • Immediate Results

Bathmate penis pump works immediately and there is no waiting for this. As an FDA-approved device for men, the Bathmate manufacturer recommends users to use it for at least 5 months for perfectly visible results. A 10 minutes session could make your penis look bigger than before. 

  • Long-Lasting Results

Size enhancement results from Bathmate typically staying around for 6-8 hours, this is sufficient for having a good time in bed which makes users confident about their size. Using Bathmate Hydro for only 15 minutes can do this trick!

  • Works without Damage

Bathmate won’t damage the penile muscles as it may have been addressed by users who used another sort of penis pump on amazon. Since many people injured themselves using ordinary penis pumps, there is a good reason why Bathmate is approved by the FDA which is not for its efficacy but 100% safety. Bathmate users have more control over the pressure and this keeps the penis injuries far away. 

  • Better Sex after Use

Just like what Viagra does to your penis, Bathmate’s single-time use could reinvigorate blood supply in the penis and this rush of blood makes it feel really good while at the time of sex. Users reported having better orgasms followed by Bathmate HydroXtreme use and this goes with long-lasting sexual intercourse that builds intimacy in relationships. 

  • Improvements in Sexual Life

Since the use of the Bathmate penis pump, customers reported their sexual life has tripled. This is simply because a large penis involves sexual intercourse with ease than a smaller one. There are no surprises of having the best sex of your life after using Bathmate because it significantly affects the size of your reproductive organ. It doesn’t matter if you are single or married, Bathmate Results before and after works the same for everyone.

  • 60-Day Guarantee

This feature was introduced for users who found no effective results using Bathmate Hydropump. Bathmate pumps are a bit pricey and no one wants to waste their money over something that does not work. For this motto, the unhappy or unsatisfied customers are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee with 2 years warranty on the device. So if you don’t like the device, you can simply return Bathmate and get a refund. 

  • Bathmate is Comfy and Feels Great!

It’s nice to wear a Bathmate pump as it doesn’t limit the everyday tasks that you have to do. Using air pumps are involved with causing skin irritation which leads to sore red ring that can also harm the skin of your penis. Bathmate’s comfort cushion feels very soft without causing any chafing around the skin and the feel of the water is smooth for users. 

Bathmate Unbiased Reviews

There are staggering unbiased reviews available about Bathmate, Bathmate Hydromax, and Bathmate HydroXtreme.

Some of them are picked from the official site of Bathmate while some have been obtained from rumored internet sources dealing with the best penis pump for ED. 

I have been using a pump for about 2 years now and I went from 5 1/4’ in length to 6’ and then I got the Hydromax and I have increased to 7’ in just about 4 weeks since I started using the Hydromax. – Jacob- Verified User

The Bathmate hydropump works because it increases the size of the penis by drawing blood into the penis and expanding the natural vascular channels that are found there…You get a lot of advantages by regular use of this device… I advocate for the Bathmate for people who are concerned about erection quality. – Dr James Barada, Urologist

Bathmate is an amazing product, I love growing and getting bigger. I use various pumps but Bathmate has helped me get past 7 inches in girth! Which I never dreamed of before, here’s to even more growth in the future. – Frank Sinclair

How to Know Which Penis Pump is Best?

Penis pumps are available in dense varieties and some of them are advertised heavily in order to sell. Penis pumps that are being used for Erectile Dysfunction are approved by the DDA and they have no safety issues or what so ever. 

Many healthcare providers recommend penis pumps for the medically addressed issue and they don’t require the type of prescription that you need for Scheduled Drugs. Starting from assessing the effectiveness of the penis pump, users should also take the price factor into account and which types of safety and comfort systems are available in that device. 

Bathmate transcends in every way when it comes to finding the best penis pump that works with safety and efficacy. It is a medical-grade device that beginners from professional users can use but they need to find the best version of Bathmate first!

Bathmate Reviews and Results – Conclusion

Penis pump is a device that may help with ED- shared on Pinterest! 

Why getting penis pump these days is so difficult one may ask, it’s because there are a lot of competitors available selling their brands on Amazon and other online stores. 

BATHMATE Hydromax Penis Pump has been tested multiple times before it was launched into the market. The FDA-approved material, facility, and company reputation is all that it takes to make a penis pump works efficiently. The great thing about the Bathmate penis pump is it helps the user gain fertility and penis size simply by using water generated vacuum. This is different than air pressure that may have been associated with several penile injuries in the last couple of years. 

With amazing build quality, Bathmate Hydromax is available in many sizes that suit the demand of people with different penis sizes and problems. You can find many varieties with the Bathmate brand, the HydroXtreme series is one of the expensive ones that comes with limitless benefits from treating ED to improving libido and sexual performance. 

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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