Basic Features to Look for in HR Software for Small Enterprises

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Small and medium-sized businesses have a great potential to grow and become recognizable brands. But for that, they need an efficient workforce to achieve the business goals with accuracy, quality, and precision.

The human resource department will help attract, hire and retain; the best employees as per the job requirement. It is an intricate task to manage the resources and maintain a healthy relationship with them. The human resource software from VIVAHR will help to digitize, streamline and automate every aspect of the HR operations. Businesses can implement the best HR software in India that adapts to their business process and needs.

In which blog, we will cover all the crucial features those small businesses should look for in the HR software:


Recruitment is the most crucial step for any organization, especially small businesses. The initial employees of your organization will help to set work processes for the organization to build a strong foundation. Hence, small business owners must hire the best employees that have integrity, skills, and passion for work. As a reason, when you are exploring the right HR software for your business. You need to ensure that it has a recruitment module integrated into the system to simplify the recruitment process. The HR software will streamline the recruiting process by digitizing it. It will help to reduce the work burden on the HR team so that they can focus on existing employees.

Leave, time, and attendance management

It is a very tedious and time-consuming task to keep a record of each employee’s inputs, leaves, attendance, and other aspects manually. The HR software should have attendance and leave management system to automatically track employee log in and log out time. Furthermore, this feature will help the employees to apply for leaves and regularize their attendance by themselves. Hence attendance and leave management is an essential feature of the HR software for small businesses.

Performance management

The Human resource team also looks after the workforce performance and ensures the teams are productive. One of the key features of HR software for small businesses should be a performance management module. Because until and unless you do not evaluate your progress how will you understand the performance of your team. The HR software with AI will help to gather the employee data and inputs to evaluate it based on the set KPIs.

Learning management system

Small businesses need to train their employees efficiently to ensure that they adapt to the business process. The best HR software will have learning management software integrated into the system for SMEs to make the most out of. The learning management tool will ensure that your new hires make the most out of the training module. Because a highly trained employee will deliver better business results qualitatively and quantitatively. The HR software should keep an overview of the employee skill sets and training completed to understand the current skillsets of the resource.

Employee self-serve

It is essential for business owners to have an employee self-service portal to reduce the workload on the human resource department. Because the HR team already has a huge checklist of tasks to accomplish and adding manual tasks will be a wrong step. The HR software should have a self-service kiosk to access, update, and process their information by themselves. Additionally, the workforce can raise reimbursement, medical, and benefits claim through the self-serve portal. As a reason, the human resource department can spend more time achieving more complex tasks for their organization. Employee self-serve kiosks will make the human resource operations more accurate, productive, and efficient.


It is essential for business owners to collect the data, but just data collection will not do the trick. The best HRMS in India will have artificial intelligence integrated to analyze the data in the system. HR analytics will give you in-depth access to your workforce challenges and process. This feature will assist you to; make data-driven strategic business decisions for your organization to ensure growth. HR analytics is a robust tool for business owners to analyze employee performance in real-time accurately. The analytics tool will evaluate the previous records and patterns to; accurately predict future challenges. Click here to learn more about Business Intelligence software.


Payroll is the most key feature that every HR software module should have to calculate and process the payroll. The payroll module will automatically track the employee inputs to calculate and process the salaries with ease. The HR software will give your employees access to their salary slips by just logging in to the system. Additionally, the best HR software in India will help the business owners automatically process compliances like taxes, PF, ESI, and others. The top HR software with payroll will ensure that your team gets paid accurately without any errors or arrears.


There are various vendors providing HR software in India for small businesses with multiple features. But the real question is do you need all the features provided by the HR software vendor. Technology Counter will help business owners to customize the features based on their requirements and budget.


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