Bank of Russia Authorizes Atomyze as the First Company for Digital Asset Management


This is a very important achievement for the crypto ecosystem in Russia, as there is officially a company approved by regulators to trade and issue digital assets locally.

The Bank of Russia, the main state authority governing monetary policies, granted the relevant permissions for the Atomyze tokenization service to be listed as the first company for digital asset management.

It was announced today by the financial institution in an official statement, where it indicated that Atomyze fully complied with the rules and technical implementation requested in harmonization with the provision of local law.

The Russian tokenization platform Atomyze, where Vladimir Potanin’s Interros is one of the investors to offer its customers the ability to issue digital financial assets through its platform, as well as access other tokenized assets available through its trading service. Another interesting aspect is that the company will be able to perform exchange transactions independently within its interface, thereby also appearing as a client that complies with the rules established for this type of transactions.

In this regard, the Bank of Russia stated:

“In order to further develop the exchange of crypto assets, the Bank of Russia has formulated proposals to improve the legislation of such assets and their taxation, which would make digital financial instruments more attractive and applicable. In the near future, these proposals will be submitted for discussion through reports for regulatory consultation.”

As such, Atomyze is a Blockchain services company operating based in Russia, which is especially dedicated to the digitization of assets and processes through the use of blockchain, digital financial assets (DFA) and related technologies.

Although the company also offers its services in countries such as the USA and Switzerland, efforts to formally regularize its operations in Russia started just recently. In the middle of last year, Atomyze obtained financing from the investment firm Interros, which supported the process with its contribution.

Vladimir Potanin, Interros President: “The development of digital projects is a priority for Interros, since the digital economy opens up new opportunities for entering global markets, increases the competitiveness of the entire Russian economy, and allows more people to be involved in economic processes. Today, thanks to the adoption of the law on DFA and the competent policy of the Central Bank, Russia has all the prerequisites to ensure its digital leadership. Modern business is inseparable from digitalization, which allows it to be not only more successful, but also more transparent, which means more responsible and socially acceptable.”

About Atomyze

Atomyze, a global ecosystem of tokenization and trading platforms was created in 2019 backed by a group of international investors, including the Swiss-based Global Palladium Fund and Interros of Vladimir Potanin. The platform was developed by the Russian company “Newity”, based on the Hyperledger Fabric, developed with IBM’s participation. The Atomyze ecosystem includes independently managed tokenization platforms in Russia, Switzerland and USA. The legal support of the project is provided by Findustrial Consulting Group.

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