Bagatelle Boldly Blows into the Grecian Coastline Mykonos Welcomes the Quickly Growing Restaurant to its Landscape


By Kathryn Schmid 

The historic town of Mykonos, Greece is certainly ancient, dating back to early 11th century BC, but the famous French inspired restaurant and beach club, Bagatelle, is brand new to this city and soon to be a permanent landmark.  Mykonos, nicknamed “Island of the Winds” due to its strong and powerful winds, is one of the most popular travel destinations, certainly attracting drafts of tourists to blow through. Hence why restaurant owners and French entrepreneurs, Rémi Laba and Aymeric Clemente, chose this spot to open their next Bagatelle location. Their previous sites polka dot across the world from Bagatelle’s first opening in New York City in 2008, to iconic Dubai, through Tulum and Los Cabos and Miami, reaching San Tropez and London – just to name a few of their exotic outposts. 

Owners Laba and Clemente met in the early 2000’s with lengthy work experience and a strong skillset in the world of hospitality and luxury cuisine. They instantly knew that joining forces and drawing from their specific work histories, an incredible future was in store; this dream just further enhanced by their shared background of French “joie de vivre.” 

The brand’s philosophy is simple, explains Bagatelle CMO Constance Nacfaire: “Bagatelle is dedicated to a clientele of epicureans seeking the pleasures of life: eating good food, drinking good wine, popping champagne and having the best time while doing it.” In an age of renewed focus on self-care and well-being, it is more important than ever to treat yourself to the luxuries that life has to offer. And what better place to enjoy this unmatched environment than in Mykonos?

Freshly opened May 24th, 2022, the restaurant exudes a French Riviera atmosphere nestled in the Grecian coastline. The coveted executive Chef Joseph Kahat, born and raised in Greece, began his gastronomic journey over 7 years ago and has already worked alongside some of the most prominent names in the food industry like Michael Fulci and in renowned restaurants across Switzerland and France. He always held his beloved Grecian roots in his heart and the Bagatelle location in his homeland gladly welcomed him home. Under Corporate Chef Rocco Seminira’s leadership, Kahat has perfected a French-Mediterranean cuisine at Bagatelle Mykonos with plates like sea bream ceviche, seabass carpaccio, octopus and seasoned olives, niçoise style tigelle and the famous Bagatelle tuna tartare. Also known across the world for their festive brunches with copious champagne and aged wine, their bar is fully equipped to whip up exquisite cocktails “made with love, fresh fruit and juices.” Be sure to try the Mykonos Mule while enjoying the upscale South of France inspired architecture and basking in the luxury of modern selfcare. 

This new outpost is merely another golden addition to the growing list of restaurants, beach clubs and ski chalets known as Bagatelle and bringing the French “joie de vivre” across the world in the chicest destinations. Next time you plan a trip to Mykonos, Greece, do not skip this spot! Unforgettable memories are to be made.


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