B2Broker Has Added a New Trading Platform to its B2Core Client Cabinet


B2Broker is thrilled to announce the latest B2Core integration with cTrader, one of the world’s most renowned multi-asset Forex and CFD trading platforms. As one of the most widely used platforms on the planet, cTrader is lauded for its rapid execution, low latency, easy-to-use interface, and many features, making it a desirable choice for traders worldwide. With the latest update, our clients and their users can trade a wide range of financial products on cTrader. We are convinced of the success of the new integration, and it is our belief that it will benefit our customers and their clients.


As a part of the B2Core ecosystem, cTrader will function the same way as the other platforms offered. This means that brokers can provide clients with quick and easy platform connectivity and the same user experience that is fluid and simple while also allowing them to set up and manage both demo and live accounts in the trader’s room.


It is important to note that the B2Core team has done an excellent job building a new and user-friendly frontend for the cTrader platform. It is easy to use and explore and has all the instruments traders need to succeed. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a user-friendly trading experience.

B2Core provides many benefits and features for cTrader users. The platform allows traders to open accounts and provides access to many currencies, account types, leverage options, and other functions. B2Core also allows users to change their cTrader account passwords directly in the trader’s room, which can be helpful if a user forgets or loses their password and is unable to regain access through the trading terminal. The system can generate a random password or the user can manually create one. This gives traders an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

The B2Core team is currently hard at work expanding cTrader integration in the coming weeks with the goal of increasing the number of features. Our primary focus right now is adding support for fractional leverage volumes and the ability to manage hedging and netting account types. This will give traders more flexibility to adjust their strategy according to different instruments. Additionally, we’re working on allowing users to archive accounts and monitor cTrader account statuses by several metrics, such as Leverage, Free Margin, and Balance. We’re also looking at ways to expand the number of account customization options available to admins through the B2Core panel. These enhancements will give users even more control over their operations, making B2Core an even more valuable tool for traders.


“Staying aligned with our philosophy of being an open platform, we always welcome new integrations, and we are committed to bringing them to life,” said Panagiotis Charalampous, Head of Community Management at Spotware – the company behind cTrader. “We are delighted that B2Core has successfully joined the flourishing ecosystem of cTrader integrations, and we look forward to offering this great new option to brokers and traders.”

“The new integration will fulfill the needs of multiple trading platforms availability and inevitably boost our user experience,” added Daniel Skitev, Head of the Marketing Department at B2Broker. “We are constantly striving to push the boundaries of what is possible in order to provide our users with the best possible services in the Fintech industry,” — Daniel concluded. 

This latest development brings the number of different trading platforms that B2Broker supports to seven. These are cTrader, DXtrade, PrimeXM, B2Trader, OneZero, MT4, and MT5. We are committed to offering support for all available trading platforms and integrating ActTrader shortly. As we continue to expand and improve our services, we are certain that this integration will be an advantage to both our clients and B2Core. It will also allow us to meet the needs of our clients better.

Create a cTrader account now and enjoy this robust and reliable platform. And with B2Core’s exceptional customer support, you’ll be in good hands every step of the way. We are eager to work with you in the future!

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