“B2B2C Partnerships Make Us More Competitive” – Gia Janashvili of VeliServices

B2B2C Partnerships

iGaming is among the fastest-growing sectors today, with online sports betting and casino games having seen a significant rise in popularity over the past few years. There have been many challenges for iGaming companies to keep pace with the increase in demand and the expectations of so many new customers. In order to adapt to the changing market, these companies have begun seeking new partnerships. Veli Services is one of the companies focusing on B2B2C partnerships within the iGaming sector and their co-founder Gia Janashvili is a frequent speaker on the importance of meaningful partnerships for companies in any industry if they want to compete.

Unique Challenges in the iGaming Industry

iGaming platforms rely on engagement to encourage player retention and there is also the ongoing challenge of finding new monetization opportunities. The true challenge arises from the role that different cultures and different markets play in defining engagement. An iGaming platform can’t take a general approach because a competitor will do a better job of appealing to any specific market. Veli Services provides the customized platforms the iGaming companies need to target these markets accurately.

Gia Janashvili is an entrepreneur who has engaged in iGaming software partnerships throughout the world, including some of the most burgeoning iGaming markets. On the topic, he says, “Every market has its own distinct styles that can’t be overlooked. Understanding how to build the business-to-customer link in different cultures is a big part of how Veli Services helps iGaming companies succeed.”

Catering to the Needs of Each iGaming Niche

The divide between different iGaming market segments isn’t solely based on location and culture. There are also a wide variety of niches within iGaming, with the primary categories of sports betting, casinos, and lotteries being further divided by the type of players who frequent them and how they play.

The stark differences in activity and preferences among these groups mean that a general iGaming platform is unlikely to fare very well in today’s market. No matter how specific the needs of a particular niche are, they’ll be able to find a platform that caters more specifically to them. With such stiff competition, iGaming platforms are forced to innovate.

Today, iGaming software companies must rely on a larger number of platforms than they have in the past to apply to a more diverse range of niches. Veli Services makes that possible with streamlined iGaming platform development that focuses on the features that each individual niche requires.

Gia Janashvili says, “An iGaming platform provider that’s been doing things the same way they have for the past ten or even five years will soon be gone. The market today demands continuous innovation and change, and Veli Services makes that possible at the scale required by the modern iGaming market.”

How Partnerships Are Playing a Key Role in iGaming

“Throughout all my business endeavors, I’ve also found that the most valuable asset is a partner that you can truly count on (Gia Janashvili, VeliServices)” The key takeaway from this new way of doing things in the iGaming industry is that most companies can no longer afford to go it alone. The market’s demands are too complex and too specialized for an iGaming company, with its already considerable challenges, to manage without effective B2B2C partnerships.

Appealing to different market segments, cultures, and niches is a major undertaking in itself. By entrusting the development of iGaming platforms to companies like Veli Services, companies are deferring to subject matter experts and can, in turn, become more competitive.

When companies look for a business partner today they look for someone that can offer versatility, variety, and robustness. We create modern platforms that leverage the latest technologies to provide a highly customized experience, giving iGaming companies the edge they need to compete in such a challenging industry.

iGaming platforms that partner with Veli Services receive the benefit of their extensive insight into the industry. The company makes use of the latest analytical techniques to truly understand where the industry is headed and how iGaming platforms can use that knowledge to their advantage.

All of this is built around a solid core of quality iGaming platform development. The unique edge that Veli Services offers is based on the custom capabilities to target distinct market segments, but that’s far from the only benefit. The company also implements the latest methods for data security, anti-fraud protection, and other fundamental aspects of iGaming.

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