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VIP Box and Suites

It is the dream of every fan attending an event to experience the amenities of AT&T Stadium suites. These exclusive and luxurious seating areas can offer fans a unique experience worth remembering. With special amenities such as private restrooms and an in-seat attendant to take your orders, you’ll feel like the boss when you possess tickets to an AT&T Stadium VIP box. Secure a glorious experience and enjoy a perfect night away from the huge crowd of people. Score a fantastic memory with your loved ones in the lapse of luxury. Whatever grand privileges you wish for while attending an event, an AT&T Stadium VIP box will not disappoint you. 

How To Buy AT&T Stadium Suites & Boxes

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Buy Tickets NowOpened as Cowboys Stadium in 2009, AT&T Stadium has a seating capacity of 80000 that can be expanded to over 100000. It is the largest NFL stadium and is home to the NFL Dallas Cowboys and the NCAA Cotton Bowl Classic. Attending an event at the venue is a wonderful experience in itself, but getting a chance to exploit the fine luxuries is mind-blowing. The retractable roof stadium lies at 1 AT&T Way in Arlington and hosts myriads of events. There are 342 AT&T Stadium suites that offer enviable perks and privileges to the suite ticket holders. If you wish to be one of the privileged ones to enjoy this luxurious experience of AT&T Stadium VIP Club seats, don’t hesitate to book your reservations in advance. 

There are seven AT&T Stadium suites that boast impeccable perks and niceties. All of these suites include catering except for the Owner’s Club Suite, which offers food and beverages. Legends Catering offers In-suite catering. Keep in mind that most of these suites require guests to pay a separate fee for catering. When you buy tickets to an AT&T Stadium VIP box, you’ll be able to enjoy the privileges of VIP parking and VIP event entrance. You’ll also get exclusive VIP club access to the Draft Kings Club with in-suite catering options. The venue features 10 VIP clubs that suite ticket holders can access. You’ll be able to access these clubs based on the suite you rent. 

Go through the various available suite options to find the perfect AT&T Stadium VIP box to suit your needs. The Field Level Suite provides the most amazing views of the actions as it is located close to the field. There are 34 Field Suites in total located on each sideline, each featuring an open-air SRO patio. The suites in this level fit 21 guests and offer up to five VIP parking passes. The common amenities in these suites include a private restroom, HDTVs, kitchenette, and lounge seating. The Hall of Fame Suite is the most premium suite option at the stadium. It lies above the 100 level and offers exceptional views of the actions in the field. These suites feature 20 to 30 tickets with 3 to 5 parking passes. They feature both exterior and interior plush leather seating. The amenities include HDTVs, a private restroom, lounge seating, and an expansive kitchen area. 

With 88 suites surrounding the stadium, the Silver Level Suite has the largest areas occupied in the venue. Located on the third level from the field above the 300 level, these AT&T Stadium suites offer value for money. Each suite features a capacity of 18 to 20 guests with 3 to 5 parking passes. Depending on the size of your group, the suites can expand to accommodate an additional 10 to 12 guests. The perks include exterior and interior seating area, kitchen, private restroom, HDTVs, and more. The Ring of Honor Suite features a seating capacity of 18 to 20 guests with 3 to 5 parking passes. They lie above the Silver Level Suite and offer similar amenities to that of the Silver Level Suite. 

The Star Level Suites are the highest AT&T Stadium suites and offer guests a birds-eye view of the actions below. They can hold 18 to 20 guests and feature luxurious amenities and an in-suite catering. The Owner’s Club Suite is another premium option that lies 21 rows above the field on the Hall of Fame Level. These private open bars offer guests the best place to grab a drink, including alcohol. It offers 20 to 21 tickets with 3 to 5 VIP parking passes. The Touchdown Suite accommodates 20 guests with a remarkably elevated perspective that offers great views. They lie behind the end zone with a slight elevation. This suite option offers both exterior and interior seating with plenty of lush furnishing and amenities. Touchdown suite holders also have access to the DraftKings &Miller Lite Field Level Clubs to watch their favorite players entering and leaving the field. 

AT&T Stadium hosts a plethora of sporting events and concerts all year round. You can catch exciting games of basketball, football, soccer, supercross, boxing, WrestleMania, and more. The venue has also entertained many notable artists like George Strait, Ed Sheeran, Paul McCartney, and Kenny Chesney. If you wish to witness incredible concerts, you can check out the upcoming shows at the venue. Various popular artists such as Garth Brooks, Grupo Firme, The Weeknd, and Bad Bunny with Alesso, are scheduled to perform at the venue. Book an AT&T Stadium VIP box in advance to watch them in luxury and convenience for a highly satisfying experience. 

AT&T Stadium VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details 

How Much Do AT&T Stadium VIP Boxes & Suites Cost? 

The cost of renting AT&T Stadium VIP Boxes & Suites can dip as low as $4500 to as high as $50,999. The price can range from several factors. If you wish to book a single ticket to a box that isn’t filled, you might be able to secure them at $130 to $810 or more. 

How Many Guests Can Fit In An AT&T Stadium VIP Box Or Suite? 

An AT&T Stadium VIP Box Or Suite has different seating capacities. The Field Level Suite includes 21 tickets, while the Hall of Fame Suite includes 20 to 30 tickets. The Silver Level Suite, Star Level Suite, and the Ring of Honor Suite come with 18 to 20 tickets. The Owner’s Club Suite and the Touchdown Suite provide an average of 20 tickets each.

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