ARGO Gaming Group and the Strategic Launch of Sites in North America

ARGO Gaming Group

The European Business Review Aims at empowering communication globally. The magazine includes top executive education that can enable investors whether established or a learner to comprehend the world of business. In this article, we will discuss the impact of ARGO Gaming Group and various strategic launches of sites in North America.

ARGO Gaming Group has more than three decades of experience with the founders and dedication to making an impact in society. ARGO offers high-value and quality casino comparison sites across many GEOs and languages. ARGO also do native advertising and traditional media purchasing. The experience behind the ARGO management team has enabled this rapid growth and expansion.

ARGO is a Swedish tech startup in the lead generation industry. Started in early 2020 and based in Stockholm, the company has already made a serious footprint in the markets they’ve launched in. 

Since the start in 2020, ARGO Gaming Group have now launched sites in many different countries, and over 20 sites have gone live. The very first site launched was a Canadian online casinos comparison site called Casinoclaw.  Since then, and following a rapid pace of delivery, they launched another 4-5 sites before the next North American venture was due. Following the approval of ARGO’s Vendor License, NJCasinoo was launched, targeting the blooming online casino industry in the State of New Jersey. After this, the company has launched several more sites, targeting countries and markets like New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Finland and their native country of Sweden. 

This follows the launch of a new tech platform. All existing sites accordingly migrated to the new platform and once this was done, following releases was super easy, says CEO L Wahlstrom. 

So what separates ARGO from the competition? Well we’ve seen a few things. One to start is that the team has a bit of a unique perspective on lead generation, something that sets them apart from the competition. Except for SEO driven sites, they also focus on PPC, programmatic buying and even traditional Above The Line marketing such as TV- and radio commercials. They call it channel agnostic lead generation. 

We find this perspective refreshing. After all, who cares if the customers are acquired through this or that method, as long as it gets them through the door?

What they have found in Sweden is interesting. In a market so saturated with ATL advertising in the online casino space, it turns out the customer proposition “Come compare casinos with us” is a lot stronger than a single advertiser trying to acquire customers with the proposition “Come play casino with us”. 

ARGO is currently experiencing rapid growth and hired their first employees earlier this year. Definitely one to keep track of!


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