Application Development Agency Talks About The Latest App Trends Followed In 2021

Whenever you are talking about mobile app development firm, you are practically looking towards a continuous evolving sector. Technical advancements along with consumer demands and some other factors will have direct impact on the present mobile app trends. Staying right up to date with some of the latest trends will actually help your business to gain that crucial success aspect in the said space. Researching for the new patterns and communicating with the tech leaders might help you to learn more about the latest trends to follow.

Even the mobile app resellers who are associated with application development agency need to be updated with the new trends for serving their clients better. The same rule is applicable for the producers and content creators who are all set to take brands to next level with the same mobile development sector. Checking out the trends will literally prepare you for the challenges coming your way.

The integration of IoT:

For the time being, you can address IoT to be a new form. However, with the rise of mobile penetration across various sectors and categories, a lot of opportunities are associated with IoT. 

  • People are now accustomed to using technology to cover their daily work. 
  • IoT will describe a growing network of devices as connected to the internet for offering automated control and convenience to the consumers.
  • Smarter home technology is one perfect example to address, when it comes to IoT and mobile app development services.

Mobile apps can further be used for adjusting the thermostat of your house and from a remote location. It can also get connected to home security services and can lock or unlock the front door. Even you can connect all the household appliances to the mobile app, which is why IoT is gaining huge popularity among the masses. 

Creating apps for Foldables:

As some of the major mobile brands came up with a foldable OLED display, the operating systems are all set to make proper use of technology for improving the smartphone experiences. In 2018, Google announced the foldable support on the Android devices by working its way out towards “screen continuity API.”

  • As per the mobile companies, there are thousands of popular Android apps, which have been proficiently optimized for Galaxy Fold and that will include Spotify, Twitter, Amazon Prime Video, Microsoft Office and VSCO.
  • Even though foldable phone started as a buzzword in 2020, but within that year, you could see some hitting the market.
  • So, the app development firms looked for some strategies, which can run seamlessly on those foldable devices. It was one challenging mobile app development during that period.
  • The unfolding device will offer a larger screen and will have a positive impact on users. The larger screen means enough space for an immersive and detailed experience. Even with multi-window technology, the user gets to perform various tasks at the same time.
  • Gaming apps and video streaming can reap maximum benefits from foldable devices by increasing the screen size.

AR and VR are all set to rule the world:

AR and VR both have become quite a necessity these days. Right from 2020, the use of these features was not restricted to gaming apps only. Some of the tech giants out there have already come up with multiple used cases for both these sectors. For example, Apple and Google have released new AR demos on the latest devices. These technologies are proof that AR and VR are likely to be the best game changers in near future.

  • These technologies are further predicted to be seen on some of the social platforms for the sake of branding and also for targeting potential customers through the beyond the screen AR VR apps.
  • An example might help you to get an idea of that. Both Instagram and Snapchat have released AR filters that can easily turn the human face into digital funny characters.
  • Some of the examples of AR and VR trends are in marketing and advertising, healthcare, manufacturing and even in mobile AR disruption. 

Importance of 5G technology:

The role of 5G has some major impacts on the latest 2021 app trends. For resellers, developers and even the creators out there, technology is stated to change the ways in which apps were previously created and used. Taking a look at the expected 5G growth in the next four years will help you understand the importance it holds.

  • 2021 is noted to have around 3.5 times of more 5G connections when compared to 2020. These connections are likely to triple by around 2022.
  • It means that efficiency level and speed are going to improve drastically. Moreover, 5G is expected to deliver around 10 times decrease in latency and that will boost traffic capacity and network efficiency. 
  • When compared to 4G, 5G will also be around 100 times faster, and it solely depends on the mobile network operator.
  • The 5G’s penetration will actually boost the function of mobile apps. It will allow the developers to add some new features to the app and that is not going to affect the app’s performance negatively.
  • All the mobile app resellers and developers will be using 5G network speed during the development and the testing stages of creating an app.

The use of ML and AI:

Everyone is aware of the mobile app FaceApp, which literally rose to fame overnight because of AI’s usage. It will add that necessary filter to the photo of the user to show what they actually look like whenever they are younger or older. As per the survey till October 2019, this app’s total revenue was around $1m.

  • All the major mobile app development firms are currently working with the beauty of AI and ML these days. Some of the popular mobile apps like Google Assistant, Cortana and Replika have gotten into this field and made use of such technologies well.
  • When Deep Learning joined its hands with ML. it came up with some of the promising mobile app development options by offering real-time analytics and valuable data. 

Such changes are coming your way and reputed mobile app development agencies are happy to help.


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