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SMS Receiver App

Alright, you will all know by now that receiving SMS online is a thing. Yet, this isn’t just something that is popular right now, it is actually a service that has been a major gap in the market. Why? Because both individuals and companies alike were getting thoroughly fed up with having to use their own personal number – both to sign up and receive verification – for a new service. 

But that was then. Now, you’ll find a whole host of different apps and services that advertise free SMS online and the like. Yet, so many of these services have some fairly major cons. Numbers with delays or lagging, services that claim to be free but add charges on at the end, and ones that require you to put your own number in to use a temporary one (where’s the logic?). It’s for this reason that we felt the need to write about AnonymSMS – the SMS Receiver App you need to know about. 

What Is The SMS Receiver App All About?

If you hadn’t guessed from above, an SMS receiver app is a service that allows you to receive SMS online, without having to put your own personal number in. This means that you can maintain a larger chunk of your privacy and security, especially if you are needing to receive SMS verification codes in bulk. The service works by choosing the country-code and specific number you want your SMS to be sent to, inputting this when prompted into the app or service you’re trying to sign up to, and waiting for the message to appear on your screen as opposed to via SMS on your phone. 

Whenever you sign up or register to a new service – be it a chat app, social media, a selling platform or otherwise – you will need to receive a verification code to create your account. An SMS receiver app takes away the need for you to enter your own number for this purpose. 

What Makes This Service So Special?

App Service

Using an SMS receiver app means that no identifiable information needs to be entered to receive your SMS. Namely, your own number. Entering your own number into a new app or service means that it’ll likely be stored and used for sales and marketing correspondence, and even end up being sold on to third party companies for the same reason. Other pros include being able to choose which country-code your SMS is sent to. In the US but want to open a WhatsApp account with a UK number? SMS receiver apps allow exactly that. 

What Makes AnonymSMS The Best SMS Receiver App?

Unlike a lot of the other SMS receiver apps, AnonymSMS has literally NO catches. Here are some of the highlights of their service:

  • Totally free service – receive SMS messages for absolutely nothing 
  • No need to enter any personal details or register 
  • Choose the country-code that’s right for you, including the US, the UK and Georgia
  • New numbers are added daily, meaning there’ll never be any lags or delays when receiving your SMS
  • Any numbers that are made inactive are clearly labeled as such
  • From start to finish, it’ll take about 1 minute to receive your SMS
  • Use for SMS verification, one-time passwords or anything else 

How To Use Their Service

Using Service

Using AnonymSMS’s service couldn’t be easier! Simply follow the steps below:

  • Go onto their website – Anonymsms.com
  • Scroll down until you get to the country-code you want to use 
  • From this subcategory, double click on a specific number 
  • Use this number when prompted on the app you are trying to sign up to
  • Wait for your SMS to appear on the screen (this may take up to a minute or require a page refresh)
  • That’s it! 

Customer Reviews

A quick check of TrustPilot reveals some of the many fantastic reviews of AnonymSMS. Here are a few examples:

“To be the honest this is the best temporary number website i have ever seen. I am using this website on any kind of registration. The interface is quite easy to use and understand. You can use any temporary number to anywhere with the help of anonymsms. No doubt i am surely gonna recommend you all to try this app!!”

  • Charles Ford, US

I tried my number to register on avito.ru without a luck, anonymous finally got the message and I have ordered what I wanted. Thanks again!”

  • Ivan Gillian Johns, GB 

“I have visited multiple websites to get a disposable number, but this was the perfect one.”

  • Marc Lonergan, GB 

So there you have it! Our recommendation of the best SMS receiver app available right now. With an entirely free service, no registration, and numbers from all around the world, what are you waiting for?! Check out AnonymSMS today.


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