Angel Stadium Parking

Angel Stadium Parking

The 56-year-old stadium located in Anaheim, California, is famously known as the “Big A” and is one of the historic ballparks in MLB. Several sporting events, concerts, and entertainment shows are often held at the stadium every year. So if you’re making plans to be there, ensure to have your Angel Stadium parking space reserved before driving to the venue. It’s highly recommended to pre-purchase your Angel Stadium parking pass online as soon as possible. It might not be easy to secure a suitable spot at the last minute, and looking for parking at Angel Stadium on the event day can be quite a hassle. The best way to reserve your parking space at the Angel Stadium parking lot is to go online, as there’s where you get exciting great deals. You’ll find several options at varying price points, and you can compare the prices before you decide. But make sure not to wait too long, or until the event day, as Angel Stadium parking areas can be taken before you can book one. So if you’re looking for a perfect spot, make haste and lock your parking spot at the earliest opportunity.

How To Buy Angel Stadium Parking

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Buy them here > Angel Stadium Parking Passbuy parking nowIf you’re looking for garage parking, you can also find Angel Stadium garage parking options, and reserving it online can be an easy solution to help you secure a suitable space nearest to the stadium. Since parking availability usually depends on the event or game taking place, it’s best to be prepared ahead of time for seamless parking. When you arrive at the venue with a pre-purchased Angel Stadium parking pass, it can be easier for you to drive to your designated parking lot. But without a reserved space at the Angel Stadium parking area, it can be challenging to find parking nearby, especially when there is a big event or sports game. So if you’re planning to park nearby to avoid walking for a long distance, reserve your Angel Stadium parking lot ahead of the event. For most events, parking lots tend to fill up quickly, so plan to arrive early and park your car smoothly before the area gets crowded. Being prepared prior to the event can save you time and money as parking prices can fluctuate as the event nears.

Located in Anaheim, California, at 2000 Gene Autry Way, the baseball stadium has been home to MLB’s Los Angeles Angels since it opened in 1966. It was initially named Anaheim Stadium and was renamed Edison International Field of Anaheim but is often called the Angel Stadium. The baseball stadium was also home to NFL’s Los Angeles Rams from 1980 to 1994. Angel Stadium is the 4th oldest active MLB ballpark and the 3rd oldest in the American League. Besides being home to professional sports teams, the venue hosts several other events, from college and high school football games to NFL pre-season games, concerts, and celebrations. It has also hosted the 1967, 1989, and 2010 MLB All-Star Games and hosts 2-3 AMA Supercross Championship races yearly. Over the years, the stadium went under several renovations and currently seats 45,517 guests. Being one of the oldest and the most iconic MLB stadiums, many sporting events and events have been held at the stadium. It hosted 7 AL Division Series, 6 AL Championship series, 1996 CONCACAF Gold Cup, and several games during World Baseball Classic. Angel Stadium is also set to host softball and baseball events during the Summer Olympics in 2028. Whatever event you may be interested in attending in the coming days, don’t delay to secure your Angel Stadium parking pass!

The stadium has also played host to many renowned artists and acts in concerts, including Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, and Chance the Rapper. Since the venue consistently hosts popular events all year, you can expect some of the greatest shows this year as well. Especially for fans of the Angels counting the days to watch the much-anticipated games live, consider yourself lucky as there are several hot upcoming matches. This regular MLB season, you can catch the team up against Oakland Athletics, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, and more during their home games. So if these exciting matches are what you’ve been waiting for, you can now finally watch them live.

As you must be aware, road congestion is nothing new during game days, and it often causes delays. To ensure you don’t face any difficulties, you should reserve your Angel Stadium parking lot prior to the event. Not only that, but you should also aim to reach the venue before the area becomes crowded as it can be troublesome. The best solution to avoid a last-minute hitch is to go online and reserve your preferred parking lot at a great deal. That way, you will know exactly where to park your car and won’t have to face issues. Since parking lots and garages will be open two to three hours before the event, make use of the opportunity to arrive early and park your car smoothly. In doing that, you can also save time in searching for your seats at the venue. Additionally, if you’re looking to park in less crowded areas, you can also go for Angel Stadium club parking for seamless parking.

Angel Stadium VIP Parking

If you’re looking for the easiest way to park your car to avoid parking issues, the best option is to get your hands on the Angel Stadium VIP parking pass. Being a VIP, you can gain entry to the parking lot from a dedicated VIP entrance and park your car at the best parking area near the stadium. VIP perks might include a valet service too!

How Much Does Angel Stadium Parking Cost?

Angel Stadium VIP parking can range anywhere from $20 to $40. But these rates may vary depending on the type of event and game taking place. At times, prices can vary depending on the day of the week.


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