Angel Numbers: Why Seeing Them is Good News

Angel Numbers

Life can get busy, and sometimes there’s absolutely no way to avoid that. Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, it seems like there are some seasons that are just destined to be crazy. Whether you are a college student balancing classes, part-time work, and social life, a married couple trying to find time for each other, or a recently retired person learning new rhythms. Time can sometimes seem like there just isn’t enough of it.

For many people, the feeling of not having enough capacity or time can be daunting. It can be challenging during seasons of great transition or hard work to find peace and re-center. Because of this, learning how to take opportunities to slow down and take your mind off the grind and refocus is a great way to put your mental and emotional health first. 

This is one of the reasons why some people love the concept of angel numbers. They help to bring encouragement to slow down, and simply reflect in the mids of busy days. If you have been wondering what angel numbers are, and why people consider them to be a form of good news – here is everything you need to know! 

Message in the Middle of the Day

So what exactly are angel numbers, and why do some people consider them to be a positive impact on their day? An angel number is a set of numbers that can be observed throughout a normal day, and that some people consider to have a special meaning. These numbers are sequences of repeating numbers. For example, 555 angel number is a number that is all about change, with an emphasis on a person’s relationship with God. 

Those who believe in the significance of these numbers, see them as a very positive experience. Not only because of the meaning behind the numbers but also just for the encouragement to slow down and think about life. Typically the meanings that are thought to be behind angel numbers are very positive, such as an encouragement to spend time reflecting, or concentrating on support or empowerment. 

Where Do Angel Numbers Come From?

Angel numbers are thought to be the result of the universe, or some cosmic energy, trying to communicate to individuals throughout the day. For people who believe in angel numbers, this is the reason why these numbers are considered important and should be paid attention to. For those who do not believe in this kind of cosmic energy or the reason behind angel numbers, the practice of pausing and reflection can still be very beneficial. 

How Can You Find Angel Numbers?

The nature of an angel number is that it will organically, and most of the time surprisingly, show up throughout your everyday experiences. Maybe it’s the cost of a matinee movie ticket that comes out to $9.99, or your electric bill is three consecutive sevens. These numbers can come from seemingly anywhere. For the person who believes in the cosmic energy behind angel numbers, this could be seen as that energy trying to communicate. For the person who may not believe in this cosmic energy, they could see these coincidences as a chance to slow down and practice mindfulness. 

In general, angel numbers are considered to be one number repeated three or four times. This is important because otherwise the amount and combination of numbers could be overwhelming. Having some specific structure surrounding the qualifications for angel numbers can help people not be overwhelmed by possible messaging.   

Why Are Angel Numbers Considered Good News?

Whether a person believes in cosmic energy trying to communicate to them or not, practicing the concept behind angel numbers can be positive. That’s because of the nature of the message associated with these sets of numbers. All of the messages are in and of themselves actually positive messages that will benefit anyone who takes time to think about them.

Life can become hectic, and crazy, and the grind can be all-consuming. No matter how you get there, taking time to stop, and think about positive concepts like support, alignment, change, and protection is good for a person. These positive thoughts can impact a person’s day, and mood, and have strong benefits. 


It can be hard to justify taking a break and pausing during a busy season of life. In a culture that promotes hustle and values productivity over health, simply finding the motivation to slow down can be difficult. A concept like angel numbers can be an exciting way to do just this. If you happen to see a set of numbers all in sequence, take it as a sign to stop and spend some time meditating or reflecting. 

The good thing is that this won’t happen at an overwhelming or hindering rate. These numbers don’t pop up often, but when they do, they are a wonderful excuse to slow down your mind and break away from the norm.


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