Analysing the top 10 crypto trading platforms on the market

With cryptocurrency maintaining its fame of being a new trendy and advisable way of investing, many people around the world have shown interest. The crypto trading sites have also become more with the increasing number of investors. This has made it hard when it comes to selection and making a choice on the sites to use. Below are the top 10 crypto trading platforms.

Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is one of the most famous and reliable cryptocurrency trading platforms in the market currently. The autonomous crypto trading site provides users with rational, beneficial and user-friendly cryptocurrency investing service to a broad spectrum of cryptocurrency traders. The platform leverages innovative autonomous algorithms to uncover the most profitable trading signals in the market. 

The Bitcoin Era is characterized by high profitability compared to other such platforms in the market today. The onboarding process is easy and swift. Furthermore, the developers of Bitcoin Era provided its users with a demo trading account for risk-free learning and to test strategies. The customer service team is excellent and very reliable. Bitcoin Era was built and regularly optimized by an elite cryptocurrency trader and a statistics expert allowing it to achieve a success rate of more than 90 percent.


Kriptomat is a fully licensed, secure centralized exchange serving crypto users and investors in Europe and around the world. The exchange’s “Everybody Deserves Crypto” mission is reflected in extensive help and educational resources, easily implemented transactions, and low fees. Kriptomat serves up plain talk on cryptocurrencies and investment strategies in more than 20 languages. It’s all part of the exchange’s vision of a future in which everyone, everywhere has access to the freedom, fulfillment, and fairness of a fully digital decentralized economy.

Kriptomat carefully complies with local laws and regulations in every country where it does business. The exchange pursues international standards in best practices. In May 2020, it became the first European cryptocurrency exchange to earn ISO 27001:2013 certification for information security management following an independent audit of 114 security criteria.

Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up is an autonomous trading platform designed to execute profitable trade orders on behalf of the user. The platform has existed for over five years now, and boldly claims to have a massive success rate of approximately 99.4 percent. Some of the advantages of choosing Bitcoin Up are fast unhecting registration processes, professional traders can choose to execute trades manually and its robust security measures topped by a 2FA authentication. . 

To start trading using Bitcoin Up, a user needs to deposit a minimum of $250. There are various methods of adding funds to the account which includes credit/debit card, wire transfer and digital payment methods such as skrill and Neteller. 


Operational since 2011, Kraken is a US-based cryptocurrency trading platform. Kraken is widely known for its excellent services and features. Kraken is simple and effective. It offers services that guide beginners on how to invest in cryptocurrencies. Kraken allows margin trading. They have over 40 cryptocurrencies available for trade hence one can trade with ease.


Another is Binance. Binance has risen fast in the market. This is majorly because it offers over 100 cryptocurrencies. It is a suitable platform as it offers beginners with guidelines on how to work about the whole process and its user interface till one is good in the game! It is easy to use and has built a good reputation.


Among the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange platforms is eToro. It began in 2007 in Tel Aviv. It has headquarters in various places in the world and their services are worldwide. Popular in Europe and the UK but they are now allowing traders from the US. They have various digital currencies to trade with. They also offer services where one can practise trading before starting to use your funds.


Bitfinex started 8 years ago and has its headquarters in Hong Kong. It is owned and managed by iFinex Inc. It serves 52 countries and has various cryptocurrencies to trade with, namely NEO, EOS, Monero, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, OmiseGO, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and Ripple. However, it best suits experienced traders. Bitfinex is most known for its huge bitcoin volumes.


Officially from the UK, CEX.IO is a reliable crypto exchange platform. It is reliable as it offers various crypto assets. These include; Dash, Zcash and Bitcoin. It also has multiple fund options like credit cards. CEX.IO is known for its security and features that help an investor keep track of the activities he gets into.

Although it is a little bit complex compared to other crypto exchange sites, is a reliable platform. It offers several cryptocurrencies. It is said to be safe. It is different in that it has credit card, debit card, bank transfer and Apple Pay as fund options.


Shapeshift is known worldwide as a good crypto exchange platform. It started in 2014 and since then has been on huge charts. It has over 110 cryptocurrencies and has been voted one of the best platforms by many. It suits both beginners and experienced traders. Its most amazing feature is how it offers anonymity to its traders.


Trading digital assets are becoming more extensive as many people worldwide get more affluent with blockchain technology and trading and exchange platforms continue to enhance their security measures to protect client funds and data. As things appear, cryptocurrencies will substitute traditional money in the foreseeable future. The demand and value of digital assets keep rising as a result. 


Right now is the perfect time to begin your cryptocurrency investment journey. To get the best out of this highly volatile market, you need to select a good crypto trading platform that offers the latest features in the market. You can start with any of the above trading and exchange platforms. 


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