An Must Go-Through Review Before Buying Kids Soccer Cleats From Dream Pairs


Is your kid’s soccer match in a few days, and you want to buy him/her comfortable and lightweight soccer cleats? Do you want to gift your kid the best soccer cleats as a birthday gift? Whatever the reason, you always want to buy your kid the best footwear. If you want the best high-quality and affordable pair of soccer cleats, kids soccer cleats from Dreams Pairs are one of the best choice for you. 

What are Dream Pairs?

First of all, you should know about Dream Pairs. Dream Pairs is an online fashion retailer of excellent women’s and children’s shoes, providing services since 2009. Dream Pairs is a well-reputed and trendy brand providing the latest shoes for women and kids. Their popularity lies in the fact that they not only have fashionable designs but are also economical and durable. 

Features Dream Pairs Kids Soccer Cleats

Kids soccer cleats from Dream Pairs shoes store have countless features, but for keeping the discussion simple and precise, here are a few of the following amazing features. Keep a look at each feature one by one below before buying the footwear.

  • Upper

Kids soccer cleats from Dream Pairs have premium DP combination uppers. This feature provides you comfy and relaxing fit. These cleats also have a lace-up closure system to fit snugly into your kids’ feet.

  • Outsole

The soccer cleats from Dream Pairs have a synthetic rubber sole. Their hard thermoplastic polyurethane sole provides stability and traction, making them perfect for use as athletic wear.

  • Insole

These shoes have cushioned insole, making them comfortable and providing free ankle movement. Their insole also provides breathability and flexibility to support your feet.

  • Heel

The heels of these soccer cleats from Dream Pairs are made of high-quality material, thus providing durability and comfort. Not only has this, but the heel of these shoes also had excellent ankle support.

  • Cleat

These shoes have rubber molded durable and protective cleats. These cleats provide the required grip and traction, making them the perfect choice for soccer.


Reason to Buy Kids Soccer Cleats from Dream Pairs

There are plenty of reasons that’s why I would recommend you to buy these shoes for your little rock star. Here are some of the most easy-going and incredible qualities that these shoes are going to provide you

  • Lightweight

Kids soccer cleats from Dream Pairs provide an excellent combination of speed and stability. This feature is extremely helpful because it helps the kid to run faster. A lightweight feature for your kid makes your child more agile without getting tired. 

  • Comfortable

This soccer footwear collection is extremely comfortable and has a synthetic rubber outsole and cushioned insole that will make your child feel relaxed. They can wear them for a long time without any hassle. They are built from durable and top-quality material, which ensures a comfortable feel.

  • Attractive Design

These soccer cleats from Dream Pairs have a modern and colorful design specially designed for kids. These shoes are available in multiple trendy and cool options. Their innovative design and colorful pattern make these cleats look attractive, which your child will surely like. 

  • Good Material

No soccer cleats are worth buying if they are not made up of durable material. But you don’t need to worry about the quality of soccer from Dream Pairs. These shoes have a smooth polyurethane lining. Their TPU outsole and EVA insole make them perfect shoes that can withstand many seasons.


  • Low Retail Price

Regarding soccer cleats, these shoes have a plus point: they are economical and budget-friendly. But don’t worry; their cheap price is not for the sake of compromised quality. Instead, they make affordable, high-quality shoes.

  • Traction

Rotational traction configuration provides powerful traction for your kid to play in all terrains. Their powerful outsole provides a firm grip and stability while providing the required ankle support. This quality makes them the perfect shoes for soccer.

  • Breathable

Dream Pairs specially design these soccer shoes for extremely breathable kids, especially during hot weather. These shoes protect your child from the restlessness that accompanies wearing cleats for a long time hence making these shoes a perfect choice for your kid.


  • Premium DP combination uppers
  • TPU outsole and EVA insole
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Affordable yet maintaining high quality
  • Rubber molded cleats


  • Occasional loose or tight size

Final Verdict

Dream Pairs shoes are undoubtedly an excellent choice if you want to buy the good soccer kids for your kid. These shoe ranges have extremely likable features. Additionally, these are also budget-friendly. But as icing on the cake, all these shoes are comfortable. 

The shoes were worth the price. The kids were so happy to wear them. Finally, if you want to buy the  soccer cleats for your kid, I recommend you buy them from Dream Pairs. Your kid is surely going to love it!


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