An Analysis of the New Zealand Industry for Online Casinos


The Covid-19 pandemic negatively impacted the growth potentials of the six land-based casinos in New Zealand. From 2020, online casinos witnessed unprecedented growth in New Zealand. As a gambling fan or online casino investor, learning about the New Zealand online casino industry is the best way to bet with the right strategies or offer players a casino platform that suits their gambling objectives. In this review, discover the cause of growth, player demography, preferred games, market worth, casino attraction tactics, and market outlook of the New Zealand online casino industry. 

The New Zealand online casino market overview

The 2003 gambling law is in force in New Zealand with amendments in 2015. It states that it is illegal to run online casinos in New Zealand. Players can play in the current top online casinos in new zealand hosted offshore without any restrictions.

The New Zealand Gambling Commission does not regulate offshore casinos. Online casinos saved people from boredom during the lockdown and gained new casino game players. Gambling news’s websites state that the New Zealand market saw an increase of online gamblers by 14% in 2020. That accounted for online casinos’ profit surge to over 21% in 2020.

Data show that 67% of fresh New Zealanders are gambling regularly, one of the highest rates in the world. That rate shows New Zealanders’ prospect for betting online is higher than in most countries.

What are the reasons for the rise of casino game players in New Zealanders?

There are many reasons for the rise of casino game players among New Zealanders. They are:

  • The authorities do not prevent players from betting in offshore New Zealand casinos.
  • The unrestricted access of players to foreign casino websites provided bettors with more choices.
  • The New Zealand authorities do not collect taxes on gambling winnings from its citizens.
  • Players keep their winnings and may reinvest them in online casinos. That boosts online casino growth.

The ease of betting from home or anywhere is another reason for the steep rise of online casino popularity. Another reason is people with disposable income that are chasing fewer gaming platforms.

The popular gambling games and player demography

News websites reveal New Zealander’s love for gambling since nearly 70 out of 100 New Zealanders gamble regularly. That rate is among the highest worldwide. Available betting games in the country include online lottery, horse racing, and sports betting. Other games are lotto, keno, instant kiwi, tele-bingo, and pokies (slots).

The most popular gaming platforms remain video games played via consoles and mobile game apps. As of 2020, New Zealand gamblers had more women, whose average age is 34 years, who spend more time playing video games than men. Furthermore, 42% of gamers are over 65 years of age. That demography negates the usual bettor’s ages in other developed countries. Kiwis preferred online casino games are pokies—slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps.

What is the worth of the online gambling industry in New Zealand?

The online gambling industry in New Zealand features different types of games players bet on. Players place bets through New Zealand lottery commission, New Zealand Racing Board (TAB), gaming consoles, and online casinos. Figures of the annual expenditure published online by the New Zealand Internal affairs website DIA give data on the industry. The amount citizens spend on different types of gambling through NZ Racing Board, NZ lotteries, gaming machines (outside casinos), and casinos are US$2,625 billion. Gamblers spent US$559 million on online casino gambling in 2020 and 2021.

What do online casinos do to attract players?

Below are ways casinos are attracting New Zealand players.

Mobile Casino

Smartphones are making online casinos easy for gamblers. The casinos have similar desktop and mobile versions of their platforms. Players can play casino games via web browsers on their mobile phones. Now, most casinos provide mobile apps that allow players to place bets, open an account, get a bonus, make a deposit and withdraw winnings.

User Experience, game collection, Live casinos, and support

Casinos offer improved user experiences that make browsing from one part of their websites to another simple on mobile and desktop sites. Live casinos bring authentic gameplay to players right in their homes. They can place a bet and see live dealers on the game floor through HD streaming and cameras and interact with other players and the Live dealers. Since the websites run 24 hours throughout the week, most casinos provide 24/7 customer support for New Zealand players.

Bonuses and loyalty plans

Land casino bonus offerings are not proportional to online casinos. Online casinos offer gamblers welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses. Players can test games for free before they bet real money. Casinos offer players loyalty rewards and regular promotions.

Trends of online casinos in New Zealand

The games created by top online casino games software makers with high RTP, and a low house edge will retain a casino’s attraction to gamblers. Casinos that want a competitive advantage over peers for customers should use new technology and promotion to attract and keep new players. Below are highlights of trends likely to keep New Zealand’s online markets upbeat.

Easy payment options and cryptocurrencies

Casinos with more payment options attract more players. Instant payment methods will continue through e-wallets, credit, and debit cards. Blockchain makes playing anonymous, deposits and withdrawals faster and more secure, and gamblers pay fewer charges. In the future, more crypto casinos will allow gamblers to deposit in cryptocurrencies and increase their bets since they have higher withdrawal limits.

Safety and convenient customer verification method

Encryption of customer information through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for customer private data safety. Privacy policy keeps information secure. License from reputable regulators gives more credibility to the casino operator. These trends will continue.

Easy verification of players’ identities is another trend that will boost the market growth. Technology may lower customer verification time to less than 60 seconds.

Live casinos plus virtual reality

Casinos are launching virtual reality in their live casinos to make players’ gameplay more authentic. To keep players engrossed with the casinos, casinos will not only offer live casino in-table games with live dealers. Casinos will continue to add virtual reality games with headsets for players to get more involved in a game.

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