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Want to understand if AmourFeel is worth the money? Want to find out if AmourFeel is the right choice to enjoy a safe online dating experience? You don’t need to visit site and spend money to check if it is working—our team has already tested the AmourFeel platform. Read this full AmourFeel review and find out if it’s a great platform or a website that isn’t worth your time!

Site overview

What we like about AmourFeel

  • User-friendly interface of the website and a great mobile version of the site
  • Simple registration form, fast registration process
  • Perfect for both casual and serious relationships
  • Free credits for new users and various packages for those buying credits
  • Professional AmourFeel customer support team

What we don’t like about AmourFeel

  • No AmourFeel app
  • Free users can find girls, but can’t send messages to them
  • Sending photos is not free, as well as receiving them

Who will enjoy AmourFeel?

  • Those who want to meet a Slavic girl in real life or online only
  • Those who want to chat with real, beautiful women from other countries
  • Those who see nothing wrong in paying for membership
  • Those searching for a secure space for international dating

AmourFeel prices

  • $2.99—20 credits
  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $45—125 credits
  • $70—250 credits
  • $150—750 credits

Top alternatives to AmourFeel

  1. BravoDate—one of the best dating sites with a lot of real women from Slavic countries. Live chat, real gifts, free basic search, and lots of interesting people.
  2. La Date—one of the most popular dating sites with thousands of Latin ladies. This dating website is also paid, but it’s certainly worth the money because of its reputation, popularity, serious measures against fake profiles, and a wide assortment of features that make online dating even more comfortable.
  3. TheLuckyDate Asia—a relatively new dating website with only a few free features. Thousands of new members, convenient live chat, and professional customer support.

About AmourFeel: Creating a profile

AmourFeel is a Slavic dating website with quite a good reputation. It’s not perfect—but you can’t find one e-meeting place with 100% of positive reviews (and if you find one, these reviews are most likely fake). That’s how both this site and other platforms related to dating work—a small number of users will always be unhappy with some small details, and neither AmourFeel customer support nor the owners of the site can’t do anything about it.

However, it’s important that an international dating platform have more real, positive reviews than negative reviews—and AmourFeel website doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Its reputation is quite good—or, in other words, it’s as good as possible for dating sites.

One of the things the users like about AmourFeel, according to various AmourFeel reviews, is its registration process. Let’s be more detailed.

  • Once you visit site the registration starts. You’ll need to enter your age (not necessarily your real age), name (not necessarily your real name), and your email address (same here). Then, you’ll have to answer several questions about yourself, about your perfect partner, and about your relationship goals. This won’t take more than 2-3 minutes.

This won't take more than 2-3 minutes


  • After that, you’ll be asked to upload a photo. You can skip this step if you don’t want to upload it right now, but it’s highly recommended to choose a great profile picture to attract more attention.

picture to attract more attention


  • Another thing you’ll need to do is verify your email. It’s simple, and it won’t take more than 20 seconds—just open the email and click the link, that’s all.

Creating an account on AmourFeel: Top 3 tips

  • Fill in all the fields and answer all the questions during the registration. You can skip almost all the steps, but if you don’t skip them, you’ll get 20 free credits and much more attention from the ladies on this dating site.

more attention from the ladies on this dating site


  • Upload several photos. Choose some full-body pictures, some selfies, maybe, and of course, some photos that show your hobby or interests—if you want to get messages from many women, that’s something that must be done.
  • Make your profile bio detailed (but not too long), but don’t reveal personal details that scammers could use.  This is what we imply: talking about your perfect woman, hobbies, and interests is ok, but talking about your SSN, address, or anything related to a financial or vulnerable part of your life, is not ok.

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Cost of AmourFeel

The site offers several free features and a wide set of premium services. We’ve bought some credits and tested the features offered by AmourFeel to help you understand if this site is worth the money. Continue reading to find out the results of our research!

Free features

The Amour Feel online dating platform offers several free services, as we’ve said. Here’s the list:

  • Registration, uploading a photo
  • Using extended search filters (all of the search filters are available to free users of the site)
  • Browsing profiles (no private photos or contact information is available, only basic photos and basic information)
  • Customer support team (you can contact them via the mobile application or via the web version of the site, and they’ll solve your problem even if you’re a free user)

All these services and features are quite easy-to-use—as we’ve said, the interface of the site is really user-friendly, so you’ll most likely have no problems with creating an account, using search filters (from age and hair color to religion and marital status), and contacting the support team. 

and contacting the support team


Now, let’s talk about the services that require you to buy credits first. We’re talking about messaging here—but it’s not only about messaging.

How much does AmourFeel cost?

First of all, let’s begin with the answer to the question “how much does AmourFeel actually cost?”. The answer is: there is a credit system here, and there are a few credit packages available:

  • $2.99—20 credits
  • $20—50 credits
  • $45—125 credits
  • $70—250 credits
  • $150—750 credits

The first package is only available to the new members of the site—if it’s your second (and next) payments, you’ll need to pay $10 for 20 credits which makes absolutely no sense because a package with 50 credits costs only $20. Obviously, the more credits you buy on this website, the less you pay for 1 credit—that’s why buying 750 credits at once looks like the best option. But what does it actually mean? Like, will 750 credits be enough for a month? How much does text/video communication cost on this website?

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Let’s talk about the live chat first. Take a look a the following table:

  • Live chat costs 2 credits per 1 minute.
  • Sending 1 sticker in a live chat costs 5 credits.
  • Sending 1 photo in chat costs 10 credits.
  • Sending 1 video in chat costs 50 credits.

Sending 1 video in chat costs 50 credits


Now, let’s talk about the mails and other premium services offered by this website:

  • Sending the first email to a particular member—10 credits.
  • Sending the each following mail to a particular member—30 credits.
  • Opening an email—10 credits (except for the first, free email from a particular member).
  • Opening a photo attachment—10 credits for 1 photo
  • Opening a video attachment—50 credits for 1 video
  • Opening a profile video—50 credits
  • Sending a gift—depends on the gift; the delivery fee is 100 credits
  • Requesting a meeting—625 credits
  • Exchanging contact information—free (only if you already spent 3,000 credits for communication with a certain member)

communication with a certain member


What we liked most is the live chat option and the amount of additional services and features you can use while using the live chat—you can send stickers, photos, videos, etc. The interface is simple and intuitive, and the site/mobile application makes everything one needs for a pleasant experience. It’s simple and fast to choose girls, to chat with them, and to continue communication with as many girls as you want here.

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However, this is not a 100% positive review, this is a fair review (read more trusted reviews here)—that’s why we just can’t hide our real emotions regarding the price. The point is, AmourFeel is a legit website with lots of girls from other countries and lots of services, that’s true—but some of its features are still unreasonably expensive. Are you ready to pay 50 credits ($10 if you’ve bought the $150 package) for viewing a profile video or video attachment? Or do you consider spending $600 (3,000 credits) to request a meeting with a real woman from this website worthy? Well, this looks a bit more expensive than we expected. We understand they carefully approve the profiles, verify the member’s ID, and all that, but it’s still quite expensive, although the ladies share their contacts, and thus they risk to some extent.

How to search for women and to chat with them?

First, let’s talk about the search filters—this feature is free on Amour Feel, as we’ve mentioned before.

To start using the quick search, you need to click the Search button on top of the page. After that, you’ll be able to search by age—but don’t worry, it’s only 1 filter. To get access to the other filters, click the “Extend search” button—after that, you’ll be able to customize your criteria. The number of search filters is quite large: you can search by country, by sex, by the number of children, by smoking/drinking, by marital status, by religion, by level of education, and by the member’s ID (but you will not use the latter search filter often, to be fair).

latter search filter often, to be fair


The only problem we’ve had with Amour Feel search is that the estimated number of members matching your criteria doesn’t change when you choose the search filters—you’ll need to click “Show results” to actually see how many members match your requirements. Other than that, everything is just great with the search service on this site.

You’ll get hundreds of girls matching your criteria—after that, you’ll be able to click on any profile to open it.

Once you visit site and open the profile, you’ll see several fields and buttons:

  • Chat and Mail fields (we’ll talk about these features later)
  • Additional communication tools (Like, Wink, Presents, Request contacts, Set up a date)
  • Public photos of the girls—you can browse them for free even if you have 0 credits
  • Private photos—you’ll need to start a chat with a lady to see her private photos
  • “About” section—a lot of information is covered here, from age, height, and weight, to occupation, level of English, and marital status
  • Profile description—most girls here have detailed profile descriptions where they say something interesting about themselves, about their hobbies, and about what they are searching for on the site
  • “Validated Member” badge if the member is validated—this means that a member has uploaded her ID scans to verify her identity

ID scans to verify her identity


One of the best things about Amour Feel online dating website is the quality of profiles. It looks like most profiles on AmourFeel are very detailed—they have at least 5-10 public photos and very detailed profile descriptions. From our experience, the average age of a female member on this site is around 20-25 years old and most of the ladies don’t have children (or just don’t talk about them). What’s more, it also looks like most profiles on AmourFeel are verified which means most girls you’ll chat with on this site are real!

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Now, let’s talk about the communication tools available on this website. How to chat with the girls on Amour Feel?

  • “Chat” service—you can type your message and send it right here, you you can send a “wink” right here (it’s free).
  • “Mail” service -open the profile,  type your text, attach photos if you want (maximum 4 Mb size), and click “Send Mail”.
  • “Like” or “Send a Wink”—you can do it for free, just click the buttons to express that you’re interested in a lady.
  • “Send presents”—once you click this button, you’ll be redirected to the presents page. On this page, you’ll be able to choose the gift (a small bouquet costs 500 credits, a brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max costs 16500 credits).
  • “Request contacts”—you’ll be able to exchange contact information for free once you have spend 3,000 credits for communication with a certain member.
  • “Set up a date”—if you want to meet the lady in person, click this button to arrange the date in her country.

arrange the date in her country


Interesting online communication features

Does Amour Feel has any other cool features that are worth mentioning? Continue reading this AmourFeel review to find out!

Basically, the only feature we’d like to mention here is the “People”. This site offers a game for those who want to find a beautiful woman—you’ll be shown several profile pictures of ladies and you’ll be able to like or to skip these profiles. It’s also possible to start communication with a certain member right from this page. It’s a simple and fun game for those tired of “conventional” search filters.

search filters


AmourFeel dating site: User experience

Date #1: John and Svetlana, New York-Kyiv

We met on AmourFeel, and she was like second woman I’ve sent a message to. I was very serious about it, and I only searched for the ladies with similar views, so lucky me, Svetlana had the same views on it. She wanted to find a husband and to move from Ukraine, and her photos looked fantastic, so I felt attracted right away. We started messaging, spent a few months chatting, and then met in Ukraine. I spent something like 2 months there, and it was a pleasant stay, then I proposed to Svetlana, and now, we are living in my NYC apartment. If you are hesitating about whether to give AmourFeel a shot, my advice is “visit site right now, create a profile, and don’t even think about it anymore. With kind regards from New York!

Date #2: William and Irina, Chicago-Kyiv

I’m a 65 year old retiree, and I wanted to find a family-oriented Ukrainian girl to spend my life with. Irina gave me everything I wanted and even more! We met on that AmourFeel site in 2019—she texted me first, she was looking for serious relationship and that’s what I wanted from it. She is beautiful, some sort of a trad wife, and she is going to arrive here in a few months (we’re finishing the K-1 application process right now). I’ve never used dating sites but AmourFeel is as simple as possible—it’s just impossible to get confused here. And I really liked the “Send a gift” feature, by the way—sent her 3 bouquets already, that’s some totally new experience for me!

Date #3: Lucas and Anna, Houston-Moscow

Ann texted me first—she wanted to meet a serious man with serious intentions on this site, as she said.  She lived in Moscow so I worried about, you know, romance scams and all that stuff, but it turned out to be the best relationship in my life! We chatted, we sent each other long messages, photos, and videos, and then decided to meet. Now, we’re going to get married—getting a fiance visa is quite time-consuming today, but I’m sure we’ll cope with that.  

What do experts think of this online dating platform

Kevin Bennett, Editor-in-Chief of This site looks like your typical dating site, but there’s something more about it. Its reputation is good, it offers a lot of features, and it’s  certainly worth trying.

Adam Cohen, Editor-in-Chief of Is AmourFeel legitimate? I believe it is. Reputation, positive AmourFeel reviews, thousands of satisfied users—I can’t say that it’s the most popular or the biggest dating site, but it’s certainly a good niche platform for those interested in Slavic women.

Top 5 tips for those who want to use AmourFeel

  • You’ll need to buy credits sooner or later—we recommend buying the largest package available to save money.
  • The users are extremely active here so you can send a wink to other users to get a message from them, there’s no need to pay for sending a message.
  • Verify your email after the registration—that’s how you’ll get 20 free credits.
  • Don’t reveal financial information or your personal data to people you’ve never met before.
  • Live chat is cheaper than text messages—20 minutes in a live chat cost exactly like sending 2 emails to a new member.

How to avoid scams on AmourFeel

We just couldn’t fail to mention scams in our AmourFeel review. No matter how safe the site is, no matter how much the paid membership costs, there’s always a chance that an attractive member will turn out to be a scammer. Fortunately, scam schemes are changing slowly, and generally speaking, fraudsters use nearly the same techniques. A user can spot them and avoid scammers pretty easily if they follow these simple recommendations:

  • Check the photos. Once you visit site, you’ll see a lot of profiles, and in the case of AmourFeel, there’ll be a lot of attractive members. However, you can’t be too careful on online dating platforms. Every user who wants to feel completely safe should check the photos using Google image search—if the pictures aren’t stolen, they can contact this person without hesitation.
  • Beware if things are moving too fast. If someone is acting as if they fell in love with you immediately, it’s a red flag—on dating sites, including international dating platforms, things just don’t work like that. There’s a chance that a person is just trying to gain your trust to move on to the scheme that we describe below.
  • Deny all requests for financial help. Sometimes, you meet someone special on a dating site. Everything is going great, and you think that you’ve met your soulmate. One day, this person gets in trouble and is asking you for help. Remember that in any case, it’s a scammer, and the best decision a user can make is to block this member.

These are the basic rules to follow, but every user who keeps them in mind and remembers that they have no exception will enjoy a safe online dating experience.

AmourFeel: Conclusion

AmourFeel is a great dating platform for those interested in Russian and Ukrainian ladies. It’s not a perfect dating platform, yes, but for what it lacks in mobile user experience, it makes up for in messaging tools and quality of profiles. It’s a must-try for every man interested in Slavic women—so if you’re dreaming of meeting a beautiful Eastern European lady, you just can’t miss AmourFeel.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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