AirPhysio Reviews – Breathing Device to Strengthen Natural Breathing

Breathing Device to Strengthen Natural Breathing

AirPhysio Breathing Apparatus Overview

AirPhysio is a special breathing device for home use. It is designed to free the lungs of stuck mucus and help improve breathing. The device looks somewhat like a classic asthma spray, but has a completely different mechanism of action. AirPhysio uses oscillating positive expiratory pressure (OPEP). First, the mouth is placed at the opening of the device. Now it is possible to exhale through the device. This should create a positive pressure in the lungs, which should result in a loosening of the mucus from the walls of the airways. This in turn should allow the mucus to be coughed up naturally. (Any/all links in this post are affiliate links from which the author receives a small commission from the sale of this product/service, but the price is the same to you).

Why do I need this breathing apparatus?

The supplier promotes AirPhysio primarily as the remedy of choice when it comes to the (supportive) treatment of complaints with the lungs and breathing. The underlying mechanism of action is intended to help alleviate the symptoms associated with these complaints – including, for example, sore throat, cough with mucus formation, sleep disorders, respiratory infections, chest tightness and wheezing. Consequently, AirPhysio is also said to be helpful in severe conditions such as asthma, COPD, bronchiectasis, emphysema, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, and smoker’s cough. However, since these are sometimes serious diseases, the respiratory therapy device should not be used on your own. The use of the device should be discussed with the treating physician in advance. This is the only way to ensure that AirPhysio can achieve the desired effects. Also, in most cases the respiratory therapy device does not serve as the sole means of therapy – under certain circumstances, the use of various medications and treatments may still be necessary. The device for the lungs can be used not only by adults. According to the supplier, it is also suitable for children from the age of four – although adults should supervise its use. More information and a discounted price can be found here on the official website!

AirPhysio rating and recommendation

Positive expiratory pressure (PEP), similar to that used at AirPhysio, is already widely used. Especially in cystic fibrosis, this approach is said to help clear mucus quickly, and PEP is also often the method of choice for other lung and respiratory diseases. AirPhysio is therefore also interesting in that it makes use of this procedure to promote natural mucus clearance. The advantage of this technology is that no medication needs to be used and an immediate effect can be expected. In addition, the respiratory therapy device is available without a prescription. Since it is a handy device according to the technical facts, it can easily be taken anywhere – whether on vacation, to school or to the office. Moreover, the much advertised ease of use of AirPhysio makes it applicable for children as well. Nevertheless, it has a child-proof protective cap that is meant to prevent the device from being disassembled by a child. Overall, then, the respiratory therapy device is an interesting product that, if it actually takes advantage of positive respiratory pressure, can help clear mucus naturally, is easy to use, and is suitable for almost any age group.

AirPhysio technical facts

  • oscillating positive expiratory pressure (OPEP)
  • natural mucus dissolving
  • over the counter
  • drug-free
  • immediate effect
  • Simple handling
  • handy and easy to transport
  • childproof protective cap


What are the AirPhysio quality features?

The lung and breathing device was developed and manufactured in Australia, according to the supplier’s website. It is said to be registered and patented with the FDA. Moreover, according to the provider, it is recommended by both doctors and lung specialists. In addition, you can find a seal on the website, which distinguishes AirPhysio as an award winner.

Additionally, the provider offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, thanks to which you can return the lung and respiratory device to the provider up to 30 days after your order arrives. Besides that, there is another one-year warranty that is supposed to ensure that if you are still dissatisfied with the quality of the product, you can send it back.

General AirPhysio opinions

The provider of AirPhysio has published some customer reviews on its website. The reviews are very positive. Users report how thrilled they are with the respiratory therapy device and how it has improved their breathing and lungs. They say it is able to clear the airways within a few uses and is well tolerated even by asthmatics, according to the reviews. It has also been used to treat pneumonia, they say, and has been instrumental in clearing mucus. Even medical professionals are speaking out in the reviews, stating that the respiratory therapy device is suitable for people with lung and breathing problems as well as athletes. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Where can I order AirPhysio?

AirPhysio can be purchased exclusively from the official supplier’s website. Here you can choose whether you want to buy one, three or five of the devices. If not only you, but other family members need one, it is usually worth buying several AirPhysio, as the respiratory therapy devices should only be used by one person at a time to protect against infection and passing on germs. Buying more than one AirPhysio can also be worthwhile in terms of price, because you get one free when you buy three devices, and even two free when you buy five.

As soon as you have chosen one of the offered packages, the shipping information must be entered. In addition to your e-mail address, your first and last name, the provider also needs your address and telephone number. With a click on “Next” you can now pay by credit card. Alternatively, you can also continue directly with PayPal.

Who is the provider of the product?

  • AirPhysio Pty Ltd
  • Store 3, 47 Tweed Heads Road
  • Cabarita Beach
  • NSW, 2488
  • E-mail:

Distribution partner:

General information about the respiratory therapy device

Obstructive lung diseases such as emphysema, asthma, COPD or cystic fibrosis are often accompanied by very similar symptoms. In most cases, sufferers suffer from these complaints for the rest of their lives, as there is as yet no possibility of a complete cure. Nevertheless, it is possible to at least alleviate the symptoms and slow down the course of the disease – for example, with special medications, inhalation and often with the help of physiotherapy. The aim is to enable those affected to lead as normal a life as possible.

Also, so-called respiratory therapy devices are often used, which can be useful not only for the above-mentioned diseases, but also for many other complaints in the area of the lungs. The special devices are available for purchase for home use and can thus be used flexibly as needed. The respiratory therapy devices are intended to help loosen viscous secretions from the respiratory tract, protect against acute infections, facilitate expectoration and at the same time train the respiratory muscles.

In fact, today there is a wide range of respiratory therapy devices on the market, which differ mainly in their function. A distinction must be made above all between the following systems:

  • PEP systems
  • oscillating PEP systems (OPEP)
  • Respiratory muscle trainer

PEP systems have long been the most widely used systems. They generate a constant pressure that is intended to dilate the bronchi. To be able to generate this pressure, the PEP mask must be pressed onto the mouth and nose during exhalation. The resistance that occurs is generated by an adjustable valve. PEP respiratory therapy devices are particularly suitable for seriously ill patients who find it difficult to enclose a mouthpiece with their lips. With the help of a manometer, it is also possible to measure and individually adjust the resistance during exhalation. In addition to the mask, there is another PEP system, the Pari-PEP system (I and II). Here, the pressure is generated as usual via an adjustable valve. Here, too, the resistance during exhalation can be measured and adjusted by means of a manometer. In addition to this, a combination with inhalation devices is possible.

General information about the respiratory therapy device

OPEP systems are the further development of PEP systems. They generate flow and pressure vibrations that are transmitted to the bronchi. These vibrations loosen the stuck mucus in the airways, make it easier to cough up, and are thus intended to reduce shortness of breath. There are quite different variations of OPEP systems. There are those that can be used in any body position, allow simultaneous breathing and inhalation therapy, and can also be used with a nasal set to treat the upper airway. Then again, there are models that can also be used by people with severely limited lung function and where the exhalation pressure can be individually adjusted, as well as enabling particularly easy cleaning. Other models, such as the Airphysio, can only be used in an upright position, i.e. sitting or standing. Here, the flow and pressure fluctuations are created by a metal ball located inside the device under the cap. The exhalation flow lifts the ball from its bearing and allows the air to escape. A few models make use of a magnet and a rocker that moves up and down. These can usually also be used in any position and are therefore also suitable for bedridden patients.

With respiratory muscle trainers, the focus is less on the natural coughing up of stuck mucus and more on strength and endurance training of the inhalation and exhalation muscles. For patients with COPD or emphysema, inspiratory training of the inhalation muscles, or IMT for short, is used most often. The patient breathes against a resistance built into the device. This is intended to strengthen the inhalation muscles and help reduce the oxygen demand during exercise and consequently increase the patient’s exercise tolerance.

If a respiratory therapy device for the lungs is used, a physician should always be consulted in advance and the intention to use such a device should be discussed. Especially in connection with respiratory muscle training, the physician must first check the patient’s suitability for such training.

— Visit the official website here! —

Known FAQ about this product

Q: Does AirPhysio help with respiratory conditions?

A: According to the supplier, the respiratory therapy device has been designed for medical use and its design has been registered with the FDA. Consequently, the respiratory therapy device is said to be effective in treating respiratory diseases, according to the provider. Also, the supplier states that AirPhysio is recommended by physicians and pulmonary specialists when the patient has the need. According to the information, the product is suitable for the following diseases, among others:

  • Smoker’s cough
  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Bronchiectasis
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Emphysema
  • Pneumonia

If the respiratory therapy device is to be used for the treatment of respiratory diseases, it is important to talk to the attending physician before starting treatment. The doctor can explain the effectiveness, risks and side effects.

Q: What symptoms can AirPhysio relieve?

A: According to the manufacturer, the device is noticeably effective from the first use. The lungs are said to become noticeably freer overnight and also stronger and healthier with each subsequent use. Over time, according to the provider, the following symptoms can be alleviated with AirPhysio:

  • Gasp
  • Sore throat
  • Cough with mucus formation
  • Tightness in the chest
  • Infections of the respiratory tract
  • Sleep disorders

Q: Can I experience side effects when using AirPhysio?

A: According to the manufacturer, AirPhysio is completely safe to use. No side effects have been reported to date. The respiratory therapy device uses only air, which loosens and removes the body’s natural process of secretions from the respiratory tract. Therefore, no chemicals, toxins or steroids are said to be used in the device.

Q: How safe is AirPhysio to use?

A: Because it is claimed to be an all-natural product, AirPhysio is advertised as a very safe product. This is confirmed by its registration with the FDA, as well as recommendations by lung specialists and physicians.

Q: How does the application feel?

A: Basically, there should be no pain or unpleasant sensations during use. You may experience a slight tickling sensation in your throat. Also, you may experience coughing irritation while blowing through the tube of the device. However, according to the provider, this is completely normal.

Q: How often should the respiratory therapy device be used?

A: The frequency of application should be adapted to your individual needs. It is recommended to use AirPhysio several times a day to achieve the best results.

Q: Is AirPhysio suitable for children?

A: The provider answers this question with a clear yes. AirPhysio is suitable for adults as well as children from the age of four – also because the application is very uncomplicated and easy to understand even for children. Before you let your children use the respiratory therapy device, you should discuss this in advance with the pediatrician for safety’s sake. To ensure that AirPhysio cannot be taken apart by children, it has a childproof cap.

Q: Can an AirPhysio be used by more than one person?

A: Generally, each person should use their own respiratory therapy device. Sharing AirPhysio with others may result in the transmission and spread of germs, as each user must place their mouth against the device and blow through it.

Q: How long can the respiratory therapy device be used?

A: The provider promises a long lifespan of the device and attributes this to the high-quality, harmless and medical materials AirPhysio is made of. In addition, the device can be easily cleaned, which can also contribute to the longevity of the device.

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