AirDroid Business MDM & Remote Solution for Home and Business


One of the most common questions Managed Service Providers and Information Technology providers ask themselves is “What trends (especially technological) will shape the market in the near future?”. Knowing the answer to this question is crucial as it allows one to prepare and adapt to the changing environment accordingly.

Growth opportunities in the MSP and IT industry have shown significant promise. The year 2022 represented disruption for the technology and IT services industry, arguably more than any other industry. With businesses struggling to stay afloat in the lockdown, MSPs were at the receiving end of the operational challenges caused while going remote. It resulted in a positive shift. The economy-wide transformation to a remote workforce placed the smooth operation of IT services at the centre of business success.

Being more instrumental in business operations allowed MSPs and IT providers to build closer relationships with their clients. The year 2022 also accelerated many of the ongoing trends, especially the ones that advocated business flexibility.

Why MSPs need mobile device management

Enterprises have to scrutinize the devices that enter inside the company. Mobile Device Management software is used by businesses to manage and remotely monitor their fleet of mobile devices. MDM can help enterprises manage the devices from a central place without worrying about extended system downtimes or service interruptions, which simplifies the work of administrators.

  • Improve security
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce cost
  • Enhance proactivity and quality

MSP Mobile device management with AirDroid Business


AirDroid Business is a software solution developed by Sand Studio that allows businesses to manage and control their Android devices remotely. It is designed to help IT departments streamline device management, improve security, and increase productivity.

Some of the features of AirDroid Business include the ability to remotely access and control devices, push apps and updates to multiple devices at once, and set up device policies to ensure compliance with company standards. It also includes a variety of security features, such as the ability to remotely lock or wipe devices in the event of a security breach or loss.

In addition to these features, AirDroid Business also includes a variety of tools for managing and organising devices, such as the ability to create device groups and set up customised alerts and notifications. This can be helpful for IT departments that need to keep track of multiple devices and ensure that they are being used properly.

Benefits with AirDroid Business MDM solution

Flexible and efficient deployment methods

Speaking of safety trends, AirDroid Business Uses secure, fast and efficient AirDroid Business mobile device management and remote control solutions in the Cloud for rapid deployment and flexible expansion. It eliminates upfront costs from on-premises hardware and server setup and allows plans to be flexibly expanded according to budget and usage needs. AirDroid Business can also easily and quickly access your data with just one click, making convenience a priority for most MSPs and IT providers this year.  

However, if your business deals with extremely high requirements for data security and privacy protection, on-premises deployment will be your ideal choice. AirDroid Business also has the option of storing your software and data in-house with allowing you full control over your data security and privacy. It also has greater control over servers and hardware managed entirely by your team and reduces network bandwidth costs not shared with any other customers.

Effortless monitoring and provisioning

Someone who manages a myriad of devices across multiple locations will know how much of a pain it is for most businesses. The traditional way of going from one device to another is time-consuming. Luckily, AirDroid Business makes it easy for you to manage and monitor every Android device in the field, simplifying your day-to-day work. Instead of switching between devices, you can monitor the entire deployment in real-time and see the things you care about the most-device screen, detailed info, location, and more. Receive alerts triggered by critical events like battery or data usage, so you can make timely decisions before things get out of control.

Protect corporate data with mobile device security policies

AirDroid Business allows users to define a wide range of device policy settings such as USB file transfer restrictions and prohibit users from installing insecure apps, allowing your IT admins to protect corporate data security and prevent data leakage. By implementing a comprehensive security policy, including restricting USB file transfer, prohibiting the installation of unsafe apps, etc., you can improve device security and prevent data breaches or leaks, thus safeguarding corporate data. You can configure a mandatory authentication policy for devices, such as a lock screen password, to protect the device and data security.

Save costs and time spent on in-person troubleshooting

With today’s global commerce landscape, carrying out onsite support and maintenance takes up too much time and resources, which is not justified anymore. With AirDroid Business Mobile Device Management software, you can remotely access any devices and fix problems right away, giving you the reach and timely support required to serve customers. You can have powerful unattended remote access software that simplifies device management for enterprises.


Overall, AirDroid Business is a powerful and comprehensive tool for businesses looking to manage and control their Android devices remotely. Its wide range of features and capabilities make it a valuable solution for improving security, streamlining device management, and increasing productivity. 


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