AI in Education: How ChatGPT Can Help You Create Engaging Online Courses

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Nowadays, ChatGPT has swept the internet. People use it, from building WordPress plugins to writing and selling books on Amazon. Recently, a bookstore in The Dubai Mall has a shelf of books written by artificial intelligence.



Why did ChatGPT cause such a stir?

The end of 2019  left unrecoverable marks on this world with  COVID-19, then the release of ChatGPT divided the world into “before and after” AI. 

This artificial intelligence has been trained on the entire corpus of data on the Internet until 2021. It includes a massive collection of historical text documents, including web pages, books, and more. GPT-4 will be released soon, offering text, video, and graphics. 

The answers given by ChatGPT are unique. The answers given by ChatGPT are unique. Of course, one can notice machine notes in the text.  There are phrases that a person would not use, but in general, these are almost ideal answers. He intelligently answers everything from planning a menu for someone with diabetes to creating Google Ads for new diapers.

As I mentioned above, AI has been successfully used to create books and scripts for films, videos, advertisements, courses, etc. 

Today, online courses are more popular than ever before. This is partly due to the events of recent years—now, more and more people prefer meetings in Zoom and online training. It’s fast, comfortable, and economical. 

If you’ve wanted to write a course but need more ideas or time, I suggest you try it with AI.

Why is ChatGPT useful?

1. It solves the “blank page” problem

If you’re a copywriter, book writer, screenwriter, or course creator, you’ve probably experienced the “blank page” syndrome. If not, we can help you imagine what is happening at that moment:

“I sit in a stupor and look at a blank page with a blinking cursor, and it looks at me. There is no good thought in my head, and only growing inner anxiety reminds me that an hour has passed, but there is no result. The cat rushed around the apartment and tried to run over the keyboard. Well, at least something. It’s a start!”

Many people find it very difficult to start writing. But ChatGPT does not have such a problem. Ask him, and he will give you some drafts. You can build on them and create text following your tone of voice, giving it the meaning you need.

2. ChatGPT Saves Time

Based on the previous point, ChatGPT can save you many hours of procrastination over a blank slate. Leave all the hard work to AI and focus on creativity.

3. AI promotes creativity

By asking ChatGPT questions, you can get inspiration, new ideas, and a fresh perspective on a topic. AI may suggest that you go in a direction you didn’t consider.

4. Increases accuracy

ChatGPT’s algorithms generate accurate text without errors. So you can take entire chunks of text from it unchanged and ensure there are no errors.

5. Help save money

Today, instead of outsourcing tasks, you can outsource them to ChatGPT, and it will do them for mere pennies, and you will get a text of a reasonably professional level. And soon, it can create graphics and videos for you.

6. Can replace a personal assistant

ChatGPT remembers your conversation and can build the entire dialogue based on your previous communication. It can understand and respond to needs and preferences, providing personalized assistance tailored to your project. Brainstorming, developing a new character, or requiring guidance, ChatGPT can deliver it.

7. How do you create an online course with ChatGPT?

So, after listing all the benefits, let’s move on to practice.

1. Create an idea

Before you begin, you need to decide on the subject of the course. For example, I want to create a course for those who develop courses. First, let’s decide on a list of ideas for the course.

Online course

Asking ChatGPT, I got five ideas. I liked the 4th on how to market online courses. Let’s dig in this direction and ask the AI to give more details.

Marketing and promoting your course

Marketing and promotion

Great, now I know what the online course will be about and how it can be helpful. Now, I must give details about the target audience, the creation, and placement of the course, about its promotion and branding. ChatGPT also recommended including information on evaluating marketing effectiveness and retaining attracted learners.

Now let’s ask ChatGPT to structure our plan and break it down into modules:

Module - marketing

Marketing - module

This plan doesn’t describe much branding. So, I asked ChatGPT to add it:

Module - branding

Video - module -

Perfect, now we can move on.

2. Scripts for videos

When creating a course, I will mix text with video. Therefore, I ask ChatGPT to write a video script for the first module:

It turned out pretty good for an introductory video. You can repeat this process for each module until you have a complete series of scripts. You can ask ChatGPT to extend or add to the hand as you see fit. And even if you don’t use it word for word, it will give you a foundation, a draft of what you can say on camera. With AI, you can customize everything according to your style and needs.

3. Writing Marketing Text

I have created a course, recorded and edited a video. Now I can move on to creating marketing materials for the course. It is necessary to create a unique value proposition, which AI can help with if asked to generate value propositions for a potential target audience.

You can stop there or ask to sketch a few more options using the keywords you need.

4. Pros and Cons of the course

When you know your advantages and how you differ from your competitors, you can communicate this to your potential customers.

5 advantages-

Sounds plausible enough.

5. Course placement

I have a course plan in my hands, and I have already recorded a video on the proposed scenarios. Now, this course needs to be placed somewhere. Let’s ask ChatGPT for options.

LMS options-


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