AI for Recruiting – How is Artificial Intelligence Used for Recruiting?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is becoming omnipresent across different areas of our professional life. While it cannot replace human skills, it can support them, freeing us from performing mundane and repetitive tasks. That applies to the recruitment area, which has been incorporating more and more AI elements in the last few years.

There are various ways in which artificial intelligence can contribute to recruitment, both in terms of increasing the efficiency of the recruiting efforts and their accuracy. In this article, we list the most interesting applications of artificial intelligence in recruitment, forecasting their possible development in the nearest future.

1. Sorting the applications in the AI recruiting system

Sorting is one of the most common functionalities in AI recruitment systems. It allows the recruiters to facilitate the intense initial phase of the recruitment process when the applications are gathered. In big companies, recruiters often receive tens of thousands of applications per day – a number that is impossible to process without external support.

Also, the task itself is error-prone – the human eye may overlook some details and classify the resume into a different category. Aside from sorting the candidates based on the information sent through forms, this functionality can also help the recruiters extract the relevant information from the resumes. They can determine the essential keywords or elements and sort the documents on this basis using natural language processing (NLP). 

The algorithm can also automatically verify whether the CV contains the GDPR clause in the correct form, without which the recruiter cannot process the candidate’s personal data.

2. Process automation

Artificial intelligence makes it possible for recruiters to keep everyone updated and provide fast answers without putting in the additional effort. Instead of reaching out to everyone individually, they can categorize the candidates based on which answer they are supposed to receive – positive or negative – and send them the responses with just one click. 

The way the company approaches the recruitment process is crucial from the point of employer branding, and the lack of feedback seriously affects the company’s image as an employer. That’s why such a feature is so precious while also optimizing the recruiters’ work.

At the same time, artificial intelligence also helps recruiters keep track of every individual application process. They can always go back in time to look throughout its history, using automation to get an overview and detect missing elements, documents, or messages. This way, AI becomes a great quality assurance tool for recruitment processes, helping the recruiters make the most out of the recruitment process.

3. Pre-screening

While it is still quite uncommon, artificial intelligence can also serve for fact-checking the information contained in the resume. In order to verify it, you would have to have access to different data sources, including the university databases and workplace registers. 

However, artificial intelligence can still analyze the information provided in terms of consistency, and, if possible, compare it to the publicly available data, for instance, on LinkedIn. It also works perfectly to detect the so-called red flags – like long unemployment periods or frequent job changes. That does not necessarily mean such candidates are rejected, but it helps recruiters channel particular doubts during the interview.

Aside from artificial intelligence, blockchain is a really promising technology in the area of recruitment. The blockchains could be used as a career-tracking tool, containing immutable blocks on which the certification, references, and other crucial documents could be stored. Such a solution could boost trust and make it easier for employers to make better hiring decisions.

As you can see, the potential of AI in recruitment is huge! Most recruiting platforms today are powered by artificial intelligence, so you will easily find a solution that offers the listed features.


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