Affordable Ways to Say I Love You This Valentine’s Day


Popularised as a day dedicated to all lovers of love, Valentine’s Day is a momentous occasion celebrated all over the world with red hearts and glitter cards and boxes of chocolates. But for some people, they might feel Cupid’s arrow hitting them in the wallet instead of the heart.

Do not be swayed by your friends posting elaborate displays of their love on social media by taking a holiday party cruise in tulum, always keep in mind it is never about the money. It helps, that is for certain, but it should never get in the way of how you want to express your special kind of love on this special kind of day.You can just as successfully declare your affection for your first love or remind your mother how beautiful she still looks without making a permanent dent on your savings account. Spread the love and goodwill this Valentine’s Day through these small inexpensive gifts!

1. Breakfast in bed

February 14th is a day meant for celebrating love all around the world, but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you don’t get to clock out of work just surround yourself with its whimsical feeling. Most people have bills to pay and work to do, come Valentine’s Day or not. But even without the luxury of having time off, there’s no reason you still can’t take advantage of the glorious day. A warm cup of coffee brewed just the way your partner likes it, buttered toast, and scrambled eggs served in bed is a lovely way to let your partner know you appreciate them on Valentine’s Day.

2. Acts of service

It comes as no secret everyone gives and receives love in many different ways. On Valentine’s Day especially, our love language is reflected on the actions we choose to do on this specific day for our significant others. Some prefer traditional gifts like fine jewelry, but then there are those who relish in knowing their partner is not only there for them romantically, but physically. If they’re still swamped with work come midnight of February 14th, why not offer to make them a cup of coffee to help them stay awake? If they have a hundred different errands to run, try taking on at least fifty of them. This way, your partner knows you are in it for the long run when you shoulder some of the burdens and take it off their shoulders.

3. Love letters

As we live in the digital age of constant online activity, a good old-fashioned handwritten love letter can speak volumes for the appreciation you want to show your partner. There’s something innately romantic about putting your thoughts to paper and taking the time forming the words to let them know just how grateful you are to have them in your life. You don’t even have to write anything remotely poetic ala Shakespeare, even a simple “I love you” post-it plastered on your shared bathroom wall is sure to have the love of your life blushing and falling in love all over again with the adorable display of affection. 

4. Quality time

While some couples prefer gifting expensive gifts and enjoying such luxuries, maybe that’s not for you and your special someone. If you want to be more intentional with your love for each other, you can focus on creating new experiences together instead. A simple walk in your local park as you listen to the sounds of birds chirping can feel like an all-expense-paid Disneyland vacation. Even spending some quality time together playing online games in royal1688 can be a great way to celebrate. Ask each other what you would like to do for the day and take turns crossing off each other’s list, and by the end you will feel like you rekindled your love for each other once again.

5. Have a heart to heart

Once the day has passed and the high from the day has settled down, why not take this time to sit down and reflect on your feelings about each other and your relationship? There is something to be said about feeling you can be openly vulnerable to someone without fearing you will be judged for your actions or thoughts, and this kind of vulnerability is one of the most underrated ways to express your devotion and trust to someone. Find a nice place with a good view, bust out your $5 wine, and just talk the night away. It will do wonders for the emotional aspect of your relationship to know you both understand each other whole-heartedly.


After the dreadful year has passed, take advantage of this season of love and bask yourself in the wonders of how transformative letting a little love in can be for your body and soul. Exercise the many ways you can say I love you to someone without necessarily saying it or breaking the bank. But never forget – a good old-fashioned “I love you” never goes out of style!

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