Advantageous Bonus as a Business Opportunity for Finnish Players

If you walk into a retail store and there is a notice up on the wall to all of its customers, stating that if you continue buying your groceries from that particular store and become a life-long customer of theirs, every week you will receive a check of $100, no strings attached. Would you go for it? We have a feeling a lot of people would! Who wouldn’t take advantage of an offer like this at a drop of a dime (excuse the pun!)?

Similarly, as a statute, most casinos provide its players with 2 simple types of incentives or bonuses: one is a no-deposit bonus in Finland known as a bonus ilman talletusta and the other a deposit bonus. The no-deposit option is usually more appealing to players than the deposit option because of the obvious reason of having no wager to put down, plus it can be withdrawn fairly easily without having to wait for it.

However, the 2nd option of a deposit bonus does have a wager and the way to get your money is if you place a specific number of bets, required to ‘cash-out’ your bonus. Here’s an example  an online casino X requires you to top up your account with $200. Of which you will receive 100% of the bonus x20, which means that when you play the number of required bets and it’s time to cash-out, you will get $200 x 20 = $4000. Not a bad deal if you ask me!

Reasoning Behind Wagers

Wagers or Stakes were introduced as a way of retaining players on the site and keeping them coming back for more and the establishment make a profit out of it too, so it’s a win-win situation. There is an assortment of attractive incentives, that casinos offer their players both online and at land-casinos too and we shall look at these below.

The Most Advantageous Bonus Types for Finnish Players

Some casinos may offer incentives such as free hotel rooms or unlimited free drinks and snacks, while others go as far as giving their players extraordinary bonuses, complimentary merchandise, rake backs, and tons of giveaways. All of this takes the Gambling out of the gaming.

A worldwide survey done on casino players concluded that the below percentages are the average results of the preferences that players would like to have when playing in casinos:

  • 70% of the people stated they prefer free spins and free bet offers.
  • 60% of the people prefer special offers or promos
  • 59% of the people stated they prefer straight-up bonuses
  • 29% of the people stated they prefer impressive jackpot amounts
  • 38% gave other options.

But several casinos do far more for its player retention and to get new players to its establishment. Finland Casinos are especially looking at providing their players with better bonuses, deals, and odds.

Some of these overall perks include both individual and combined offers:

  • Welcome Bundles that include money PLUS free spins for example $300 + 220 free spins.
  • Reloads PLUS free spins for regular and existing players
  • No Deposit PLUS Free Spins
  • An offer to double your first EURO deposit
  • More Specific Bonuses for example: “11 Free Welcome Spins + 100% up to $15000 and win up to 5,200 in the ‘Battle of Slots”
  • Cashback towards their bankrolls

Out of these the most sought after and advantageous options for Finnish Players are:

Welcome Packages

One commonality between all the good casinos in Finland is that they offer reasonably decent welcome packages to its new (and sometimes returning) players. These are amongst the most famous ones that are looked for by many. With this option, when you sing up to the casino for the first time, you can a welcome bonus that could be a deposit bonus of up to a specific amount dependent on the facility, or you may get free spins allocated to you, both together or individually.

Free Spins

Another popular choice of people looking to get a little extra bang for their buck is the appeal of a casino offering free spins. These could either be a regular promotion that may require an initial deposit or even no-deposit will be required, the better of the two options is the latter because players can take full advantage of it and the stress of having to make a deposit is off your shoulders – making your experience a lot more exciting. There are tons of variations of this and some offer up to hundreds of free spins.

No Deposit

Of course, most of us would like to steer away from the idea of having to place our own money on the table which we know we may lose, thus a lot of players look for this no-deposit option when deciding which casino to lock arms with either online or at a venue.

The above are just touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the innovative ways that gambling establishments keep their new and regular players happy and we are loving each and every one!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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