Adapting to a Modern Way of Work with Roomio Desk Booking


During post-pandemic times, creating better, more flexible, and safer work environments has become a priority for most employers.

As more and more companies are implementing hybrid work systems, desk booking solutions are becoming more sought after than ever before. Remote work and shared workspaces are no news in the office landscape, only that while companies are gradually welcoming employees back to the office, implementing a desk booking solution is more important than ever before.

roomio desk booking app allows employees to quickly find and book a workstation from anywhere, at any time, using their mobile devices or a web interface. This desk booking system provides advanced filtering options, so that users can choose the best workstation, based on their personal preferences like lighting, stationery, calibrated monitors, or specific types of chairs. Users can even see an overview of the room’s layout, so that every aspect of their working location can be optimized. The available spaces that match the requests will be displayed, together with a calendar, so that with only a few clicks they can book the workstation they need, for just one day, or up to 3 weeks.

This type of system offers employees the freedom to work remotely a few days a week and come to the office only when they need to: such as to work on an important project with their colleagues, or find a quiet place to work during their children’s school holidays. When they need to collaborate, they can easily find a place near their colleagues.

Why choose roomio desk booking system?  

Besides offering employees flexible options, thus increasing the likelihood of high productivity levels, this cuts down hugely on real-estate costs, by helping companies to optimize space management, providing insights on space usage and traffic trends. With roomio, space management can be optimized, never wasting money on desks that are not used. The comprehensive stats provided by the app will allow office managers to analyze whether all the desks are being utilized, if they can cut down, or if they need to up their desk count. Also, booking of some of the workspaces can be disabled, thus ensuring physical distance, when employees work from the office.

roomio desk booking solution was developed to help companies make the most out of their office spaces and create a satisfying, comfortable work environment for everyone. A well-organized workspace means more efficient work, productive employees, and a higher general level of comfort. 

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