Adapt to Survive – a picture of leadership in 2030

By Georg Vielmetter

The business world is changing. Over the next twenty years, various global pressures will have a major impact on European organisations and leaders.

Dr Georg Vielmetter, head of leadership and talent for Europe at global management consultancy Hay Group, introduces the six key megatrends set to shake the business world and explains how leaders must adapt to survive in the new world order.

Hay Group’s latest research – Leadership 2030 – identifies the key global ‘megatrends’ that will change the business world as we know it. In this groundbreaking report, we challenge leaders to adapt and hone a fresh new way of doing business.

Through extensive research and futurologist modelling Hay Group has been able to map the changing landscape of global business over the next two decades. The six most prolific megatrends we identified are: globalisation 2.0, climate change, demographic shifts, individualisation, digital lifestyle and work, and technology convergence.


The report sounds a warning for senior executives the world over; today’s business leaders must act immediately to change their leadership style in order to react to these overarching trends. Those who fail to act or move too slowly risk rendering themselves obsolete and their organisations unsustainable.

This article takes a closer look at these six global megatrends and identifies the new leadership qualities needed to succeed, and how leaders can help future-proof their organisation.

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