About AI in Recruitment

About AI in Recruitment

Recruitment Software has  already been present  on the market for some time. However, AI-based software for recruitment agencies is something new that all hiring professionals can benefit from. Such tools as recruitment CRM/ATS would definitely simplify the daily workflow for recruiters. We have prepared more information about such tools in this article and will explain their importance and benefits.

What Are AI-Based Recruitment Tools?

A typical workflow of any recruiters includes dozens of repetitive tasks such as screening candidates, documenting interview notes, and many others. Due to rapid software development tendencies, certain solutions were already introduced for the recruiters. Given that technologies advance, now it is possible to take advantage of artificial intelligence and use it as a helper in the hiring process.

The AI-based software for recruitment agencies usually includes a range of essential tools that assist recruiters during all the stages of the hiring process. Artificial intelligence, and machine learning, in particular, embedded in the software appear effective for screening candidates’ CVs. Once the candidate’s resume is loaded, the system scans it and determines how it could be suitable for the given job position. If not, AI would also be able to scan for other open positions and determine whether the particular CVs might be suitable for any of those.

AI-based recruitment tools are effective not only for the screening process but other stages of the recruitment journey. Thus, they allow recruiters to sort candidates based on the interview and test task results. Based on such analysis, recruiters  would be able to make more weighted decisions.

Why Is AI Technology Important in Recruitment?

No doubt that modern AI-based tools are valuable for on-site recruiters  in corporations as well as for recruitment agencies. For instance, recruitment CRM presents a holistic vision of all processes. It provides information on candidates and customers, including their provenance and history with your company.

The importance of the recruitment ATS tools can’t be neglected as well – it helps to track every action about each candidate for any job position. The applicant tracking system is probably the most important AI tool for recruiters and hiring professionals because it contains everything needed for the streamlined hiring process.

What Are the Benefits of Using AI-Powered Tools in Recruitment?

Most recruiters have had their own tracking and management systems in Word documents or tables. This was an issue when several hiring professionals had to coordinate their efforts. Thus, it often happened that recruiters from the same company contacted the same candidate for the same vacancy. This did not create a good impression for the latter about the company they applied for.

The use of AI-powered tools not only deprives recruiters of the above-mentioned confusion but brings other benefits:

  1. The recruitment process is streamlined so it takes less time to find the right candidate to fill in the vacancy.
  2. AI-based tools provide valuable hints during the hiring cycle to select the most suitable candidate for a given job position.
  3. Applicant tracking systems keep everything documented for any candidate application.
  4. AI-based tools provide a perfect management system for preserving and maintaining all the necessary information about client companies and candidates.


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