A Smart Guide To Curtain Lengths And The Best Places To Use Them


A room without curtains undeniably looks incomplete. Curtains can instantly add beauty and light up your interiors and make them look stylish.

But apart from the aesthetics, they have several functional benefits too. Curtains help control the light entering your room, maintain your privacy, and increase energy efficiency. But to get all these benefits, you need to choose the right curtain length, which sometimes can be confusing.

Are windows with long blinds beneficial? If you keep wondering about this, then keep reading this article. Here, we will talk about the various curtain lengths and the right place to use them.

  • Curtains that are ½” above the window sill.

These are shorter than standard curtains but look quite charming. They look very casual, and the shorter height will allow you to choose more striking colors and patterns. You can choose bold versions of these curtains as they do not take up large amounts of space.

Best place to use: small windows, or windows above the heater, furniture, or any other element that would block the view of long drapes. These curtains are ideal for your bathroom and kitchen.

  • Curtains that are 1” below the window sill.

Even though these apron length curtains are not very famous, they are indeed very useful and practical. These curtains are mid-size but not long enough to collect dirt and dust from the floors. It is quite easy to operate these apron curtains.

Best place to use: windows above heater, furniture, or any other element that would block the view of long drapes

  • Curtains that are just ½” above the floor.

These curtains look very elegant and give a polished look to your interiors. Floor-length curtains elongate the looks of your windows, and your interiors appear taller. They do not fully touch the floor, and thus these curtains hang perfectly straight. This prevents the hem of the curtains from acquiring dirt, dust, etc.

Best place to use: You can use them in common rooms, like living or dining areas.

  • Curtains that are 2″ more than the floor length.

These are known as trouser curtains, as they look like a pair of pants. These curtains break at the right points and thus have a very sophisticated appearance. Buy trouser curtains made up of thick and crisp fabrics only.

Best place to use: These are best for hanging in formal dining rooms or your bedroom.

  • Curtains that are 6-10” more than the floor length.

They have a luxurious appearance and look quite dramatic too. They are not recommended in houses having pets or kids. Also, these curtains cannot be operated regularly. The extra fabric might accumulate dirt, dust, etc., from the ground.

Best place to use: These are statement curtains and hung to give a luxurious appearance to the interiors. If you have a large window, then use this curtain there. But ensure that you will not have to handle this curtain every day, which can be more difficult. They are made of heavy fabrics and thus, are quite difficult to work with.


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