A Quick Guide For Outsourcing in Eastern Europe


Not so long ago, when we thought about software development outsourcing, the first country that would come to our mind was usually India. These times are way behind us and new players are gaining momentum in the IT workforce scene. In the last decade, cost-effectiveness has proven to be a more effective solution over low-cost services preferred in the past.  Because of this, Business process outsource in Eastern Europe is becoming the preferred choice for companies that are looking for both low-cost labor and top-notch expertise.

Let’s take a look at some outsourcing opportunities Eastern Europe has to offer.

IT Outsourcing

In most East European countries, the IT industry is one of the top sectors in their economies. Because of this, Eastern European developers are some of the most experienced and qualified IT experts, and at the same time, their services are pretty affordable.


As reported by the 2019 CEE report, Ukraine’s software development sector grew by 19% in 2018 and is still growing at a fast pace. There are over 1600 companies that provide IT-related services, and more than 900 are listed on Clutch. Ukraine’s IT professionals have gained strong expertise in different fields including fintech, healthcare, and telecom.


Today, Poland is one of Eastern Europe’s fastest-growing economies. The country has reported an impressive number of 295,300 IT professionals, which makes it an interesting destination for overseas organizations looking for software development. Nevertheless, only 32% of IT experts work for outsourcing companies and the biggest share of experts work for global business services

According to Clutch, Poland has 50 vendors that offer software outsourcing services. Furthermore, roughly 17000 IT graduates enter the Polish software development market yearly.


Romania employs over 119,100 IT professionals, and in fact, they are ranked 20 by TopCoder ranking and 23 by Sky Value. In 2019, the Romanian IT industry reached $4.5B, what’s more, its software export and IT services are responsible for 1.9% of Romanian GDP.

After Romania joined the EU in 2007, its IT business sector witnessed a boom and it attracted companies such as Hewlett Packard, Ericsson, and Gameloft. Also, the Romanian government supports IT development software by sparing software developers from the 16% income tax and creating incentives for Local IT companies.

HR Outsourcing

Human resource is probably one of the most important parts of every company as it keeps all the pieces together. However, HR personnel often don’t the needed time and recourses to deal with all the aspects of their responsibilities. Nevertheless, HR outsourcing companies are there to help in the hardest of times.

Eastern European countries are becoming a leading factor for outsourcing leads. This is mainly because the strategic location has proven itself perfect when it comes to communication. Unlike China and China, countries such as Romania, Poland, Bulgaria have a much better understanding of contemporary values, ethics, and general communicative models.  Another key aspect of why Eastern Europe is a good option is that East Europeans have great language skills. For instance, 85% of Bulgarian students study English and another European language, which means that a big part of the population is multilingual.

Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing may sound confusing, therefore to simplify things, we are going to define it as a practice of employing an outer organization to play out specific assistance in a country other than the one where the product is created. For instance, if your company is based in Germany, you can hire an IT consultant service such as Kew IT Solutions that is based in Dubai, to help you re-engineer processes and improve performance to make your business more agile and competitive. When it comes to Eastern Europe, the region offers a wide range of experienced professionals that can handle everything a company may need in its outsourcing practices.

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing can hide some risks, therefore, it is important to spend some time on research. Payroll outsourcing can sometimes be the best thing a company can do when placed in the right hands. When it comes to Eastern Europe, the region is the leader in cost-effective work. Payroll Outsourcing can significantly reduce a business’s processing costs by laying out in-depth local expertise. Additionally, finance measures occurring in a specific organization can be a tedious cycle, in this manner, doling out it to a reliable reevaluating organization can set aside its time and cash.


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