A Guide to Rain-resistant Pergolas

Installing a pergola in your outdoor space is one of the easiest ways to transform your exteriors completely. In one complete stroke, pergolas can provide shade, in addition to adding a sophisticated essence to your house. Moreover, rain resistant pergolas further ensure your patio furniture remains protected during heavy showers.

Benefits of Pergolas

1. Enhances Your Property Value

Outdoor living has become an integral part of our lifestyles. When buyers embark on the hunt for their dream residence, their chief focus is on the outdoor space design. An expansive outdoor area with no interior design is an instant deal-breaker. However, a stylish outdoor space with careful attention to detail, contemporary elements, and furniture can be incredibly appealing.

If you’re hoping to increase your property’s value massively, there’s no better way than to install a modern-day louvered pergola. These modern roofing systems can elevate the visual appeal of your house, and buyers are instantly compelled to close the deal.

However, it is crucial to make a wise decision while selecting a pergola for your property. A poor-looking pergola with high maintenance cost will do more damage than good. Hence, remember to purchase pergolas that are ideal for your outdoor space, both in terms of design and price.

2. Upgrade your Outdoor Space

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor space, the most available options are expensive. However, there’s an exception to this. Installing a pergola to your outdoor space, such as your backyard, pool area, or garden, can take the overall outlook of your residence to a whole new, extraordinary level. Moreover, in contrast to an upscale patio or an outdoor kitchen, pergolas are budget-friendly and a great way to transform your house’s exterior.

With many designs available, you can choose anything from a contemporary to a classic look and create the perfect, customized pergola of your dreams. 

3. Build an Extension to Your House

If you find your interiors too small to organize a house party or event, then take this as a cue to utilize your outdoor space. Pergolas are a great way to create more living space that can be used for various things. From storing your old furniture to having a casual, hanging-out spot, you can use your pergola according to your needs. Moreover, you can set aside this vast space exclusively for guests.

4. Protect Your Patio Furniture

Louvered roofs are built from steel frames and aluminum blades which are resistant to erosion and rust. The sturdy structure can also withstand strong winds and remains in prime condition all around the year. 

Moreover, the invisible gutter system ensures the drainage of rainwater. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about flooding during heavy rain seasons anymore. 

The durable structure of louvered pergolas means that you now don’t have to worry about structural damage during unpleasant weather conditions. Now, you don’t have to carry your patio furniture indoors every time grey clouds crowd the sky. Instead, you can simply allow your modern roofing system to take care of it.

5. Blocks Harmful UV Light

Ultraviolet rays can be highly damaging to the skin. Prolonged exposure to intense sunlight can lead to skin infections and cancers. Thus, it is crucial not to spend long hours outdoors, sitting beneath the glaring sun. Does this mean you can no longer enjoy the afternoon on your patio? Of course, not. Louvered roofs block harmful UV light and, therefore, allow users to sit outdoors without worrying about the sunlight.

Types of Pergolas

We’ve discussed the many benefits of adding pergolas to your outdoor space, and hopefully, now you have a better understanding of their significance. Let’s dig into the various types of pergolas out there so that you can easily decide which one suits your house better.

1. Wooden Pergolas

The most generic types of pergolas that we frequently come across, wooden pergolas, are built from pure wood and are commonly seen in the outdoor spaces of gardens. Having a basic structure, wood pergolas are cost-effective compared to other pergolas made from different materials. In addition to this, their minimalistic design has its own unique beauty. However, these pergolas are not free from some minor drawbacks. For example, as wood pergolas are not waterproof, they lack durability and need to be constantly replaced with fresh pieces. Hence, their high-maintenance cost is a crucial reason why homeowners look towards other options.

2. Pergola with Aluminum-built Fixed Louvers

As time progressed and brands realized the downside of wooden pergolas, they began constructing them with aluminum. Aluminum’s inability to rust in the rain is undoubtedly its best feature. In addition, its rigid structure makes it highly durable and allows it to be used throughout the year. Moreover, the clean, polished outlook of aluminum louvers is an added plus point. 

The fixed position of these louvers has some pitfalls. While this type of pergola is brilliant in structure, its inability to be controlled is a potential downside. In addition, the louvers remain open in hot weather or during rainfall, and hence users cannot use their outdoor space in unpleasant weather conditions.

3. Louvered Pergolas

The best of its kind, louvered pergolas ensure the highest customer satisfaction. These pergolas have a sleek appearance that instantly elevates the visual appeal of your house. Their structure is highly durable, and they have little to no maintenance cost. With its advanced louvered design, you can regulate the amount of regulation you require by opening or closing the louvers by means of a remote control. 

Many brands market motorized, retractable louvered pergolas that not have exceptional functioning power but also come in attractive designs. In addition, these pergolas can seamlessly fit into any housing style.

4. Modular, Free-standing Pergola

If you want to make your indoor swimming poolside fancy, there’s no better way than adding modular, free-standing pergolas. These pergolas resemble cozy cabanas and are fitted with sliding louvers that can be closed to block the sunlight. You can relish quality time with your partner in this stylish pergola, shielded from the sun and sipping cocktails by the pool. 

These modular pergolas are usually cubical and can be furnished with comfy sofas and armchairs. They are also marketed in various styles and designs, and you can be sure to find one of your choices.


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