A Closer Look at Online Gambling In 2021

The unwarranted 2020 Covid-19 pandemic situation has set an impressively high bar for online gambling. With physical gambling entities closing shop on account of the pandemic, online gambling has been the only gambling platform for players not only in Europe but also worldwide. Consequently, the numbers have incredibly risen; more players and obviously more financial returns. 2020 has seen an impressive increase in online gambling revenue worldwide from around $58.96 billion in 2019 to $66.7 billion this year.

Here’s what to expect of online gambling come 2021

New Online Gambling Entities

Since the closure of physical gambling entities in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, most gambling entities, some of which previously had no significant online markets have shifted to the online platform.

Moreover, other new entities have joined the competitions for the now rich online market. One of the new players to join the European online market as of 2020 include the new site Winny, that been in vogue throughout the market gambling market quite some time. Other casino sites during 2020:

  • CasinoLab
  • Casino Planet
  • Funbet,
  • Corolla
  • Gambella Casino
  • Just spin Casino
  • InandOut Casino

More Mobile Gambling

With the shift to online gambling, mobile gambling has been on the rise. Mobile gadgets present an instant gambling tool which a user can access no matter where they are or whatever they are doing. Betting entities have heavily invested in mobile gambling apps with the best user experience to increase convenience and accessibility.

Consequently, they are successfully harnessing the amazing features of mobile gadgets, such as smartphones to extend operations. With fast processing speeds, extended storage, high-end graphics and affordable prices, these gambling companies can easily launch their mobile apps.

Moreover, they are making their websites more mobile-friendly to deliver the best user-experience ever. In 2020 according to App Annie, 70% of betting revenue will be from mobile gambling. In 2021, the numbers can only get better.

Enhanced Gambling Experience

Like 2020, 2021 should see enhanced gambling experience. The online gambling shift has prompted gambling companies to enhance their online user experience by incorporation of better and more advanced features. Among the impressive features that will be prevalent is Artificial Intelligence (AI). This feature comes in handy to help create a more personalized betting experience for players. It can analyze a user’s preferences, develop a customized page and offer guidance through interactive chat-bots. It also helps to lock out fraudsters and scammers.

Virtual reality is another incredible feature that will be part and parcel of 2021 online betting engagements. This will provide players with a more realistic and immersive experience. Other amazing features to be expected more in 2021 will include social gambling blockchain gambling and telegram casino.

In 2021, online gambling can only get better. In the pandemic season, it offered a lifeline for most betting entities; hence such companies are likely to invest more in it. More online gambling sites are also likely to crop up like never before.

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