A Buyer’s Guide to Protective Clothing in 2021


The notion of safety clothing is a more than necessary discussion to be held, given the recent health and safety risks imposed all over the world.

Like the sartorial saying goes, “you are what you wear.” This adage is especially true in the context of protective apparel, or PPEs, that are built to lessen the likelihood of injury, illness, and any legal issues in the workplace. The safety of at-risk employees do not only depend on their delicate handling of their jobs, but the performance of the quality workwear to which they wear on the job.

There are many safety workwear options you can choose from, such as one from Engelbert Strauss. Their professional work clothes are fashioned to be turbo boosters, a quality workwear uniform that activates the inner superhero in all of us. PPE is very important to any individual working in a high-stress environment that deals with potential occupational hazards.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re from a humble enterprise or a multi-million corporation, appropriate protective equipment is a must for all employees. Many organizations and business enterprises invest in the work garments for a better environment and for the safety of the employees, especially for the workers who work in construction fields having high-risk jobs.

Why wear safety clothes and shoes in the workplace?

Health professionals cannot stress the importance of safety clothing enough. As most industries these days place health at the forefront of their priorities, being properly dressed for the job not only allows you to fulfill your duty properly, but safeguard you from potential risks you might chance upon in doing so.

For any workplace to be productive and safe, it is necessary to have the appropriate work apparel that places them as far as possible from any potential injury, and by extension, law suits. Employees need to feel safe and secure that their protective garments can withstand copious amounts of external pressure, so they can go about their tasks with a peace of mind they are bestowed another layer of protection they would not have wearing regular clothing otherwise.

What types of activities and sectors may require PPE?

There are many industries that are in high-risk situations most of the time. These are the ones that deal with loud noises, dust, gases, heavy objects, chemicals, hot surfaces or substances, biological agents, falling debris, and more of the likes. Employers for these types of work models must take extra consideration into investing in professional safety garments.

Some of these industries include healthcare, construction, warehouses, laboratories, industrial, landscaping, security, and catering. For the welfare of the employees, the organizations provide various types of work garments customized on the work and type of environment.

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How do you maintain PPE?

For limited-use garments, they require little, if any, maintenance at all. These are usually single use items that you can discard right after use, more for your sake than to reuse clothing. Reusable garments that become contaminated with hazardous materials should be laundered by the employer, not sent home with the employee. In not doing so you can risk the chance of transferring dangerous materials to the home environment.

When workers are exposed to hazardous materials in the workplace, there is always the concern that they will unknowingly take those contaminants into their car or home. To safeguard yourself and the people around you, it’s better to be safe than sorry; take the proper methods to safely discard your safety clothing in such a way it does not run the risk of being exposed further and endanger other people.


When it comes to choosing the right safety apparel for at-risk workers, always remember that protection lies in the wearing itself. Offering your employees the peace of mind that comes with each fabric will go a long way into boosting their self-esteem and will, that you trust them to do a good job and not neglect their safety in the process, that will go a long way even after the clothes have gone through their wear and tear.

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