8 Tips for Growing Your Business

Running a business is no easy feat. Although practically anyone can do it, many people forget the intense effort it takes to scale a business successfully. First, the market is becoming more saturated with new endeavors, which means both small and large enterprises need their strategic priorities to be top-notch. What’s more, it’s no longer about the basics of demand and supply — other strategic tools and know-how must be put in place as well. With that being said, here are some useful tips for startups looking to take their business to the next level.

1. Think about licensing and franchising.

The business world keeps integrating on a daily business, which means it’s not impractical for companies to grow with a little effort from each other. It’s crucial not to underestimate the power of beneficial partnerships. This doesn’t mean distributing shares or giving leverage to another company, it simply means working alongside other companies (even competitors) when required. It’s normal to feel the need to protect your intellectual property. However, partnerships foster faster growth and create more brand awareness — two vital aspects every brand looking to scale up should focus on.

That being said, business growth can’t be done without taking risks and making small sacrifices. This is when licensing comes into place. Your company can partner with various brands interested in licensing a product and sharing the revenue. Compromising with other companies won’t take too much effort. However, it’s best to partner with reliable brands that already have a good reputation and following. This way, they can help you reach a broader market faster.

Alternatively, you can also consider franchising. Businesses with the capital and know-how to create such sublets will also spark fast growth and reach other consumer markets faster. To manage all these projects, you’ll require a fool-proof website with ironclad security, which is why it’s essential to buy IPv4 addresses that are secure and reputable.

Studies have shown that many IP hosts are blacklisted, and unknowing companies could unwittingly be victims of such IPv4 addresses. However, using an IPv4 address that’s from a reputable vendor is the solution to many security issues. You can purchase one from an IPv4 broker like IPv4 Connect.

They provide reliable IPv4 address block sites by screening each block and cleaning them (if blacklisted) before reselling them at customer-friendly prices. Rest assured that the old routing records and DNS entries on the address will be cleaned as well. As a result, your team will benefit from either unused or clean transferred IPv4 blocks that’ll ensure your website runs smoothly and unhindered.

2. Be sure to hire trusted employees.

When on the search for new staff, the hiring process shouldn’t just include textbook questions. The best candidates can only be chosen when the right interview questions are asked. So, don’t rush the interview process or focus solely on credentials. Choose a recruiter who won’t be biased or partial, preferentially a diverse team that would conduct these interviews with the business’ best interests at heart. If the business is just starting out and you don’t have a recruiting team yet, it’s essential to get the best interview scheduling software. This helps growing businesses and large companies alike. Plus, it also improves the candidate experience.

Off the top of our heads, GoodTime is one online scheduling interview software that provides a platform where hopeful candidates can schedule their interviews according to the company’s availability. It’s a suitable choice for businesses that need to save time and money trying to schedule and impartially select deserving and qualified candidates. Apart from interview scheduling, the platform also provides smart interviewer selection options, interview training, resume analysis and insights.

3. Take advantage of new software for more efficient results.

Every business must adapt to the ever-changing ‘mode of operation.’ The world has gone digital, and many businesses are now automating their workflow. Although not everyone is ‘tech-savvy or sales smart’, it’s vital to keep up with the trends so as not to fall behind. This is when software like Workboard comes in.


The WorkBoard OKRS software works with goals and objectives to provide key results that help startups and established businesses take control of their work environment. WorkBoard also provides clarity on new directions, decisions that’ll help inspire your team to work in alignment with one another. Furthermore, the software will communicate the possible results and outcomes that would stem from working towards such objectives. With improved transparency, clarity, motivation, and drive, you’ll see your team members make a considerable impact faster.

4. Think about your company’s work ethic.

After the recruitment process, it’s equally important to monitor each employee’s work ethic. Hiring on probation helps employers check how committed new recruits are and how passionate they are about working for the brand. Most times, companies need fresh brains willing to be part of something bigger than them.

As a growing business, it’s not just essential to take on staff that shares a common objective. Such drive and passion should show in their work ethic. Punctuality, honesty, creativity, hands-on experience, confidence, and teamwork are key qualities every staff should have. Being an active team member and contributing to the business’ success should be the priority of every employee in and outside the work environment.

5. Improve relations with your customers.


Some people believe that traditional marketing is dead, so they put all their ‘eggs’ into digital marketing. However, any successful business needs to learn how to combine both traditional and modern methods. Consumers are becoming more aware of what they buy, what they eat, and what they use. They’re now asking more questions, so it’s essential to be a vocal and transparent business.

One of the ways to improve relations with customers is through good old e-mail marketing. No, this mode of marketing isn’t dead, and it still converts a lot of engagement into sales. However, it’s crucial to maintain a friendly yet professional tone and make every customer feel understood, heard, and treasured.

6. Try to take part in networking events.

Meeting new people, potential business partners, and even business masterminds who have a lot to share would undoubtedly help grow your business. In today’s world, the people you know might be more important than ‘what’ you know. So, take out the time to attend such workshops and events with other members of the team.

7. Do your best to give back to the community.


We all love a cheerful giver. Similarly, we also love businesses that are charitable, regardless of how small the initiative. It doesn’t have to be big. Look around your local community and figure out the next step you can take to help. It could be an end of the year food kitchen, offering face masks or palliatives to those in need, cleaning up the environment, or even giving free business tips to graduates.

Community involvement has been a strategy smart brands employ to give back. No doubt, this improves relations between the locals and their brand. When people think your business is accessible, kind, and open, it’ll be easier for them to support and patronize the products or services the brand provides. Plus, offering community services will create more brand awareness and boost your business profile. So, it’s a win-win.

8. Improve your social media engagement.

Social media platforms are undoubtedly the new marketing hub for large and small businesses alike. With people spending more than half of their day on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and the likes, it’s a no-brainer jumping on the bandwagon.

Opening just one page may not help. Try exploring at least two or more platforms to pull sales from different sides. The objective is to ensure people view your content by creating stories, short ads, and relatable videos that’ll get their attention. The larger your following, the greater chances you have and translating such engagements into sales.


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