8 Points to Check Before Choosing an AI Recruitment Tool

AI Recruitment Tool

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has helped businesses for ages. From marketing and sales to customer service, this technology is heaven-sent. Today, they are also utilized in HR recruitment.

To cope with the loss of human touch due to the pandemic, businesses now rely on AI-driven solutions. And they are extremely helpful as they make the job easier for recruiters. 

There are many advantages of AI-driven recruitment software in companies. However, if you don’t know which tool you need, AI can harm your company. One of these includes unnecessary investment in tools that you don’t need.

That’s why this article will discuss some important points to consider. Before you head on picking out a recruitment tool, it’s best that you give these points a thought. You’ll be wasting valuable time and money if you choose the wrong tools for your company.

What is AI Recruiting?

The term AI recruiting software refers to a type of technology that helps with the hiring process. This includes tools like chatbots, tracking systems, and other software. It is used for high-volume recruitment tasks such as interviews. However, this isn’t the only aspect in recruitment that utilizes the software.

AI-Powered Recruitment Software

Different recruitment software is used for different recruitment processes. Here are some of the most popular types of AI software used for recruitment.

  • Applicant tracking software. This tool is used for collecting, sorting, scanning, and ranking job applications.
  • Chatbots. These are text-based programs that converse with candidates online. They are used in place of direct communication with a recruiting professional.
  • Video interviewers. This type of AI tool is used during interviews. They will collect video recordings of the interview to assess the candidate. Usually, they look for certain emotions, the tone of voice, and even eye movements.
  • Phone interviewers. Phone interviews take up so much of a recruiters’ time. That’s why some businesses install phone interviewers. They are responsible for screening applicants through phone calls.
  • Testing. Some recruitment software can also help in testing. They use exams that assess cognitive, creative, numerical, and adaptive abilities.

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Things to Consider Before You Invest in AI for Recruitment

Although artificial intelligence provides a wide range of benefits, it can also be harmful. It can only be considered a good investment if you’re careful about choosing one. It’s not just something you randomly get because it’s trending. There are some considerations that you need to be aware of before choosing one.

1. AI Software Bias

First and foremost, you have to understand that technology isn’t perfect. Although they tend to get closer to perfection, it’s unavoidable that they still make mistakes. With AI recruitment software, biases occur.

In the hiring process, humans tend to discriminate among candidates. That’s why people created AI tools to end this discrimination. But, it seems that AI tools are not without biases

These recruiting tools are trained by humans using real-world data. This is intended to assist technology in detecting the characteristics of qualified candidates. But these tools can adapt some preexisting human prejudices at the time of creation. Such is the case for computing industries.

Take, for example, Amazon and its recruiting tool. Their AI recruiting tool was found to have gender biases when it comes to technical jobs. This happened because the software was trained to pick applicants with a 10-year job experience. And men mostly have that long experience in the tech field.

To avoid such circumstances, you should check your AI recruiting software providers. They should have a diverse team and processes that prevent biases in their products.

Diversity in the company is crucial for productivity. Keep in mind that diverse companies outperform those who aren’t by 35%.

2. Round the Clock Availability

Finding available time for both recruiter and candidate can be challenging. That’s why before you choose a tool, make sure that it is available all the time. This means 24 hours a day for seven days.

This is extremely helpful for international businesses. Instead of hiring more recruiters, you can rely on AI recruitment software in these cases. Aside from this, it can streamline the interview process. You’ll have applicant information ready the next morning. This means you can easily go over the information from interviews for further examination.

3. Scalability

Since the business world is ever-changing, your AI recruiting tool should, too. Scalability is important if you want to adapt to the constant demands of the market.

Technology scalability refers to how capable the software can easily adapt. As an example, due to the pandemic last 2020, there is a sudden surge in demand for toilet paper. This pushed groceries to recruit more staff than ever.

With a scalable recruitment tool, it would be easy to meet this demand.

4. Generates Data-Driven Insights

Recruiters tend to make the mistake of rushing decisions. This often leads to hiring the wrong candidate for the position. That’s why a recruitment tool that generates important data helps the process. The data should be able to help you make the right recruitment decisions. 

The data that can help you with your hiring decision includes:

  • The time of hiring
  • The cost of each hiring
  • Applicants for each position
  • The background of the applicant
  • Applicant’s soft skills

However, you should be careful since some tools do not include data analysis. This means you’ll have to interpret data yourself. This can create more time-consuming jobs for your employees. To avoid this, there are some best AI recruiting software that has a data analysis feature in them.

5. Solves Your Problems

Of course, the best AI recruiting software should fit the needs of your company. Choosing the software for things you don’t need help with is not a good investment.

To give you an idea, let’s say you’re having trouble with reviewing resumes. It’s not wise to invest in software that does face-to-face applicant screening. You’ll only end up with more work than you originally had. 

Different recruiting software provides different services. You have to choose the ones that your company really needs.

6. Easy Integration

Let’s say you already found an AI recruiting tool that fits your company’s needs. The next thing you need to worry about is how simple it can be integrated. If not, then it will be of no use to you.

To do this, the tool you chose should be compatible with your company’s recruiting software. The data from the software can effectively be transferred to the tool you will use.

If your AI tool can be easily integrated, you won’t have to make significant changes to your data flow. This will save you time and money to do more important things. 

7. Provides Best Candidate Experience

The software should be able to help you with the recruitment process. However, it is equally important that you give the candidate the best experience. These applicants will not only use the software but can become future employees of the company. This can mean losing a good candidate for the position.

There is a wide range of AI software available for recruitment. Before you decide on which recruitment software to invest on, try to consider this. The software you choose will have an impact on the screening process and your candidates. Look for the ones that leave a positive impact.

8. Proof of Concept

When you invest in an AI recruiting tool, it will be a lifetime investment. That’s why it’s a good idea to do a proof of concept first. By doing so, you’ll be able to determine if the program can solve your problems. Not only that, but you can get a glimpse of whether it does what it says it does.

Some best AI recruiting software can be tested out on free trials. You should look for these in the market as much as possible. It’s cost-effective and you can check if it’s true to what the provider says it does. 

Additionally, you should not overlook how constant maintenance is going to happen. And it’s a good thing, actually. Software maintenance means that the developers are working on an upgrade.


Before you choose an AI software, you should first discuss these things carefully with any vendor. AI is a great addition to any business, but that doesn’t mean you automate every process. AI recruitment software should solve your company’s problem with high-volume tasks. You have to make sure that you really need it before you invest in it.


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