8 Critical Facts About SEO That You Need To Know


Marketing is central in every stage of business development. Digital marketing expands your business boundaries by reaching prospects from across the entire world. And that is how SEO becomes essential in your marketing strategies and efforts. You need to adequately implement SEO to see business growth with consistent search traffic. There are many Salesforce consulting companies which will help achieve your goals.

As you are aware, SEO has always been under development. Every new technique is supposed to bring businesses in front of their prospects. Clients will find it easier locating businesses that offer the solutions they need in their cities and according to their needs. As a business owner or marketer, you need to understand how to capture your prospects and convert them to long-term customers with SEO.

This article will teach you eight of the most critical facts you should know about SEO. Read on to learn about the areas you should work on to improve your ranking on SERPs.

1. Brand Awareness Matters

According to New York SEO Consultant, brand awareness has a significant impact on SEO. When you see a product from a brand name you have heard about or visited before, you will most likely want to know more about it than a not-so-popular brand. In addition, the number of clicks that you get from search teaches Google where to place you on search results.

As you work on your ranking, you should also try to inform people about your brand. A link outreach service will help you to reach more prospects seeking products in your niche. You can also try broken link building service. The more people come across your brand, the more they are likely to remember it. At last, when your brand ranks on Google, it will get more click-throughs than when completely unknown.

2. Voice Search is Growing

Voice Search

In the past, we had to open the web browser and type the words that describe what we need into Google Search. That is when SEO was still growing from infancy. Imagine the number of clicks you have to make before you find the accurate information you need online. That would consume so much time.

Today, search is as fast as saying “Hey Google,” followed by the information or product you need. That means that you should optimize your content for voice search. The key difference here is that voice search does not focus on a keyword but a natural conversation. For instance, “Hey Google! How do I cook bitter leaves?”

3. Search Intent Mastery

Hold! Before a customer starts searching for anything on Google, they have a reason why they need it. Sometimes, a keyword may have several possible results, but how do you know how to best rank it? You need to understand your audience to rank your content better.

A person searching for Web design LA is probably a customer seeking a web design company in Los Angeles. However, if they search for blog SEO, then they want to learn to rank their blog with SEO. So rank your keywords appropriately to avoid high bounce rates.

4. Local SEO and Availability

How do you operate your business? Is your overall target market global or local? You need to understand how to rank your business locally for the target market. At the same time, customers want to know if your business is open when they arrive. That explains why Google My Business is a must-have for all businesses.

5. Site Experience is a Ranking Factor


In 2021 and beyond, you need to rethink your web design when thinking about SEO. Apart from offering your visitors value, make it easy for them to navigate through the website and access the content they need. The introduction of Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor has brought a tremendous shift in the web design industry. It is now no longer about how fancy but how usable your website is.

6. Video Content is Now a Key Player in Ranking

Previously, Google could not read the content of videos to determine how it should rank the page. However, in recent years, video marketing has changed how you can reach your prospects in various ways. I have even seen privately hosted videos ranking on Google’s top SERPs.

With platforms like youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other video hosting sites, you can get your content on top of Google as most relevant videos get higher ranking priority over text content. Ensure that you include the appropriate keywords and tags in videos so that Google bots can pick them when ranking.

7. Mobile-Oriented Websites Rank Better

We cannot insist on this enough. Mobile internet penetration is growing fast. People in the remotest places use their hand-held devices to access the web most often. Commuters use their phones to Google for products before getting to their destination. Search engines expect you to have a mobile-ready website to serve all your customers better.

We are not talking about a responsive design. A mobile-responsive design can make websites appear neater on smartphones and tablets. However, that alone does not address most mobile users. Small devices have a small screen, RAM, and accessibility shortcuts. You need to cut off clutter from your website to load super-fast on low-end devices as well.

8. SEO is a Continuous Practice

SEO concept

Most businesses make mistakes when budgeting for SEO. Getting your site on Google is one thing, and retaining or improving its position is an entirely different exercise. In addition, SEO ranking factors keep changing.

Google continues to develop new standards that will help to improve the general web experience. So you have to work with an SEO consultant and keep an eye on the latest trends to ensure that your website stays at the top of the search.


SEO is the ultimate marketing strategy to grow your business exponentially. Nothing can raise your ROI as fast as consistent traffic interested in your products without paying for every visitor. Master the facts that will enhance your SEO experience to build a better experience for customers and stay on top of SERPs.


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