8 Best Custom Ph.D. Dissertation Writing Services Available Online in 2022


When you advance to higher academia, one of the most challenging pieces of work is the Masters Thesis or the PhD Dissertation. These written pieces are not only incredibly lengthy, they require original arguments and ideas, extensive research, skilled writing showcasing a strong grasp of language and academic rules, and multiple presentations apart from the original document: outlines, proposals, presentations, and speeches to name a few. 

When you are a PhD student, you are typically burdened with many projects at the same time as your thesis or dissertation. The average student is taking many classes with difficult papers and projects, working as a teacher’s aide or assistant, and even carrying out other jobs or taking part in the school community through clubs. All in all, this can be absolutely  overwhelming and you may feel like you cannot possibly get it all done. 

Fortunately, there are excellent online options that can lend you a great deal of assistance. The best resources are Masters thesis writing services and dissertation writing services; professional writers will be able to write a stellar dissertation or thesis that meet your particular needs. Moreover, if you need help with your other university papers or projects, they can tackle those with ease as well. When one of the most difficult and time-consuming documents you may ever write is off of your to-do list, you will undoubtedly feel relief. 

Of course, you may be concerned about finding a high-quality custom PhD dissertation writing service. After all, this is an important piece of work and as such, you have to be sure it will be exceptional. Our experts have compiled a list of the 8 best dissertation writing services in the world available online today and thoroughly reviewed them for your convenience in 2022. 

Choose the best custom dissertation writing service below:

1. PaperHelp – The best dissertation service in the United States

Price for Dissertation: Starting at $24.00 


  • Wide array of dissertation options,
  • Writing, proofreading, and editing options,
  • Screening process for writers,
  • High-quality writing,
  • Choice of tier of writer,
  • Ability to rehire a certain writer,
  • 100% original work,
  • 3 free revisions,
  • Discounts on large orders.

PaperHelp has a fresh and fun interface, making it an enjoyable experience for any student. It is especially appealing to an American PhD student, as you are most likely accustomed to a serious and stressful environment. PaperHelp will not only lighten your mood with their space-themed design, they will lighten your load by providing excellent paper writing services. They can write your thesis, thesis proposal, thesis statement, dissertation, dissertation abstract, introduction, chapters, conclusion, hypothesis, methodology, proposal, results, and even come up with topics. Along with these incredibly detailed options, you can trust in PaperHelp to assist with any other assignment or paper you may have. 

When you are purchasing such a significant piece of work from online writers, you may wish to know who these writers will be. Fortunately, with this dissertation writing company, you can either directly hire a certain writer from their list and then fill out the order form or you can fill out their order form and then choose a writer from a more curated or tailored list of writers. The latter option works very well if you are a new buyer. Yet, if you have already ordered from a specific writer and loved their work, you can hire them directly by utilizing their unique ID number. This may be significantly advantageous if they have, say, written one of your dissertation chapters, and you would like them to perform another PhD dissertation writing service. 

You can rest assured that the writers at PaperHelp have been put through extensive writing and grammar testing, interview processes, and even probation periods in order to be hired to the team. In particular, they must exhibit a strong display of American English language capability, a high degree of writing skill, a great knowledge of how to avoid plagiarism, and important personality traits like friendliness, flexibility, and working well under pressure. After their rigorous review period, they are placed under three tiers of writing: Basic, Advanced, and TOP. During your order process, unless you have selected a certain writer directly, you can choose one of these levels of writing to match your own skill and expertise. 

To order your PhD dissertation, you can choose their specific labels from the assignment type drop-down menu, select your academic level, indicate the word count, pick your deadline, add any extra details or instructions, and pick your tier of writer. Afterwards, you will be able to view a list of specific writers who can take on your project and you can verify their expertise, ratings, and reviews. Moreover, you can directly chat with them to make sure they understand the nature of your dissertation and inquire if they could handle the requirements of your academic institution. Then, you can hire the writer of your choice and purchase your dissertation. Pricing for a thesis starts at $20.00 per page and for a dissertation at $24.00 per page. Yet, you can save money with their special discounts for orders over $635.00.

2. EssayBox – Good dissertation papers for students from USA in 2022

Price for Dissertation: Starting at $28.00


  • Great array of dissertation options,
  • Expert academic writers,
  • 100% original work,
  • 3 free revisions,
  • Discounts,
  • Excellent customer support.

If you are looking for an exceptional Master’s Thesis writing service, EssayBox will be there for you every step of the way; they are also a great choice if you need a PhD dissertation writing service. For the cautious student, their website is full of helpful information concerning their writers, services, practices, and policies. It is a fairly easy platform to navigate, giving you the option to order right from the main page for convenience. Along with your thesis or dissertation, you can order from an amazing array of other options if you have further assignments or schoolwork you need help with. 

When you are looking for a Master’s thesis writing service, you are most likely searching for a professional writer who can reach the academic expectations and standards set by your institution and meet the rules and requirements of American English. EssayBox has a large team of students and professors who hold Master’s and PhD’s degrees. Since this is the case, you can rest assured that your hired writer will be qualified and experienced enough to handle your thesis. 

Additionally, EssayBox offers one of the most simple online ordering processes out of any online thesis writing service or dissertation writing service. You can choose to submit a free inquiry form or short order form, filled with all the details of your paper. After choosing between thesis and dissertation options, academic level, page count, and deadline, you will be able to select payment and purchase your order. Fortunately, if you forget to include anything important or anything changes, you can contact their excellent customer support in order to update your writer immediately. 

The pricing for a Master’s thesis writing service starts at $24.00 per page, although it will vary depending on the deadline and any extras you wish to add on. You may wish to add a plagiarism report, an editor’s check, a copy of sources, or priority support. Although their pricing is quite on-par with most cheap-average dissertation writing services, you may wish to cash in on their many discounts. They are particularly advantageous to the Master’s or PhD student as the discounts increase with the number of pages you order at one time or over-time. 

3. EssayFactory – Most Recommended Dissertation Writers for UK Students 

Price for Dissertation: Starting at £22.00 or $29.50 


  • Wide array of dissertation options,
  • UK-English essay writers,
  • 0% plagiarism verifications,
  • On-time delivery standards,
  • Free revisions and edits.

If you are studying abroad in the UK, or if you are a Master’s or PhD student in the UK, EssayFactory is the most recommended dissertation writing service for UK students. Right from their homepage design, any student can recognize that they are a serious platform yet this only becomes further apparent when you read their various informational pages. They strongly believe in providing a stress-free, hassle-free, and reassuring service for all students. 

Their team of UK-English writers are verified both for identity and for their qualifications, so you can rest easy knowing your thesis or dissertation will be written by a professional who understands UK academic rules and requirements. You can also breathe a sigh of relief that EssayFactory will select a writer for you that has expertise in your subject or has extensive experience with research.

To receive your custom Master’s thesis writing service or PhD dissertation writing service, simply fill out the price estimate or short order form on their main page, selecting one of their thesis or dissertation options, your academic level, deadline and page count. Next, you will be able to submit a full order including details of your paper. Although their pricing starts at either £18.00 or £22.00, you can take advantage of their rewards program for further orders. On each order you make, you will receive 15% back in credits that you can place towards your next order. For dissertation students, you may find yourself making many orders for specific components of your work so this is an excellent loyalty program for you!

4. Studdit – The most popular Indian Dissertation Writing Provider in 2022 

Price for Dissertation: Starting at $20.00


  • Wide array of thesis and dissertation services,
  • High-level academic writers and professors,
  • Excellent customer service,
  • 100% original work,
  • Amazing discounts,
  • 3 Free Revisions.

Studdit is one of the fastest growing dissertation writing services in India, and it’s easy to see why! As soon as you jump onto their essay writing website, you are met with an incredibly appealing, organized, and interactive landing page. All their information, prices, services, and policies are clearly laid out so you can feel confident that you will be receiving superior writers, a high quality thesis or dissertation, and excellent customer support. 

Studdit’s writing team is made up of qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced writers from the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia for an Indian students. They all hold at least a Master’s degree, if not also a PhD or professor position. In this way, as a Master’s student or PhD student, you will know the writer who is writing your project is at least at your current level. Yet, it is most likely they will have surpassed and excelled your level. 

The order process is very easy and simple. On their main page, you will see a short order form available where you can pick your thesis or dissertation option, academic level, pages or words, and deadline. You will also be able to choose your level of writer, and any extras that you so desire. Although they are already well-known as one of the cheapest thesis and dissertation writing services, they also supply many available discounts; you can chat with customer support in order to find out which offers apply to your order or peruse their website to find exceptional deals. 

5. 1Essay – Most Affordable Dissertation Writing Service in UAE

Price for Dissertation: Starting at $25.00


  • Wide array of thesis and dissertation options,
  • High-quality academic writing,
  • Fast delivery,
  • Great customer service,
  • Quick and easy order form,
  • Quality control.

1Essay.org is well-known as one of the most affordable Master’s thesis writing services and PhD dissertation writing services in the United Arab Emirates. Yet, while it is one of the cheapest essay writing websites, you definitely receive a high-value service. They boast about their professional team of writers and editors, who all hold either a Master’s degree or PhD degree themselves from some of the top universities in the world. They promise to research your dissertation topic thoroughly, modify the hypothesis to suit the research, show solid opposing arguments and counter them effectively, and write a solid introduction and abstract. 

To place a thesis or dissertation order from the United Arab Emirates, you can click order now at the top of the main page or simply use the short, price estimate form on the landing page. You will be able to select your service, thesis or dissertation assignment piece, academic level, deadline, number of pages, level of writer, and any extras. After purchasing, you can breathe a sigh of relief that 1Essay and their high proven track record means your project is safe in their hands. 

6. SpeedyPaper – Brazil Dissertation Writing Service

Price for Dissertation: Starting at $19.00


  • Wide range of dissertation options,
  • Writers are academic experts,
  • High-quality writing,
  • Fast delivery,
  • Excellent customer service.

The Facts: At SpeedyPaper, their top-notch writers understand that theses and dissertations are some of the most important pieces of writing you will ever submit to an academic institution. That’s precisely why they dedicate themselves to researching topics thoroughly, upholding English writing rules, and conforming to academic standards and expectations. Moreover, one of their highest priorities is to deliver your thesis or dissertation before your selected deadline. In this way, you can make sure the paper is up to your, and your school’s standards before submitting it for review. As SpeedyPaper has one of the cheapest dissertation writing services online today in Brazil and Colombia, you will not be breaking them to receive a premium paper either. While most student reviews rave about this aspect, they are impressed that they can also monitor the progress of their paper and check in to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. 

7. 99Papers – Most Reliable Dissertation Writing Service in Australia 

Price for Dissertation: Starting at $20.00


  • A wide array of thesis and dissertation options,
  • Verification process for writers,
  • High-quality writing,
  • 100% original work,
  • Free, unlimited revisions,
  • Excellent discounts,
  • Exceptional customer service.

99Papers may be the most-utilized and well-reviewed dissertation writing service online today, but it is most popular in Australia. If you are currently a Master’s student or PhD student in Australia, you may appreciate hopping onto this platform. You will enjoy the super simple interface, where you can order right from the main page, read about exactly how their service works, their clear pricing system, and about their writers; as a student in a high-stress environment, you may appreciate how transparent and clear their information is. 

Their writing team is made up of post-graduate writers and editors who display strong skills in American English and UK English. These writers will tackle any thesis or dissertation with precise research and incredible attention to detail. Moreover, although their pricing is exceptionally low for their valuable dissertation writing services, they also offer bonuses through their loyalty system. You can receive 10% of your order in credits to place towards your next order. 

8. IvoryResearch – Best UK-Based Thesis Writing Website 

Price for Dissertation: Starting at £372.00 or $498.00


  • UK-English essay writers
  • Exclusive customer experience 
  • 10 days of free revisions
  • Elite customer service
  • Discounts 

If you are a Masters or PhD student based in the UK, you may be facing an extraordinary amount of pressure from your academic institution and incredibly high expectations for work. When Ivory Research handles your thesis or dissertation, you can take a great deal of stress off your shoulders. The majority of their writing team holds a Master’s or PhD degree; moreover, they are all separated by their subject expertise which means you will receive a writer that specializes in your discipline. Although their pricing is quite a bit higher than most essay writing websites, they offer quality unmatched by other paper writing services. For instance, you can view samples of their dissertations on their platform displaying in-depth research, premium English writing, and accurate referencing styles. Moreover, they have an exceptional discount system which offers you 15% off an order of more than 3 assignments; that’s easy to do with a dissertation, since there are so many components! Furthermore, you will receive your 10th order completely free!

Dissertation Writing FAQ 

What is a PhD? 

A PhD stands for Doctorate of Philosophy. It is the highest form of academic degree that an individual can accomplish; it is available for a wide range of academic disciplines. Typically, in order to do a PhD, the student must have already completed a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree. However, in some disciplines, it is possible to move from a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent right into a PhD. 

In a PhD, the student must complete three, four, or even five years of research or perform their own studies in order to contribute original findings to the discipline. In most cases, a PhD will write and defend a lengthy project called a PhD dissertation in order to receive their degree and Doctor title. 

What is a dissertation or doctoral dissertation? 

A PhD Dissertation or a Doctoral Dissertation is an academic written work that is submitted to an academic institution, typically a board of reviewers on a specific discipline’s board. Upon successful submission and acceptance, the student will have satisfied a large portion of the requirements to earn a PhD degree. 

The dissertation should display extensive research or thorough studies, an excellent grasp of knowledge of the discipline in question, and be an original and valuable contribution to the field. A dissertation requires many steps to complete over time. For instance, the student must formulate a dissertation proposal that will be approved by a board before they can begin their research or studies. In most cases, students must formally request to work with a specific professor or researcher as a supervisor during their project. Their supervisor will then work closely with them during the process of their PhD dissertation and most likely, examine every component of their dissertation as it is completed. 

What is the difference between a dissertation and thesis?

The terms dissertation and thesis can often be used interchangeably, which can be confusing to students. There is actually a major difference between the two, although they sometimes make up a similar purpose and structure.

A dissertation is a lengthy paper that a PhD student must submit and defend in order to receive a PhD degree and a Doctor title. It is an extremely long process, lasting between two to five years on average. Moreover, a PhD dissertation is composed mainly of one’s own contributions to the field at hand. Since the PhD is the highest level of academic qualification one can earn, typically someone completes a Masters and Masters thesis prior to undertaking a PhD and dissertation. 

On the other hand, a thesis can be submitted in both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree. The most common type of thesis is the Master’s thesis and it must be submitted and defended to receive a Master’s degree. While it must contain one’s own contributions to the specific field, it can also pull from established works to a large degree. Moreover, a Master’s thesis is usually completed in 1 to 3 years. 

How long is a PhD dissertation?

A PhD is a significantly long piece of written work, typically between 60,000 to 100,000 words depending on the academic institution and discipline. Although it spends on the specific project, there are general components that make up a doctoral dissertation, including a cover page, an outline, a summary, a comprehensive account of the contributions, an introduction, a review of past history or literature and where this dissertation fits in, an explanation of methodology and approach, a presentation of the research or results, a summary and implications, a conclusion, and a list of relevant sources. They’re may or may not be multiple chapters for any one of the main core sections. 

Are dissertation writing services legit to use in 2022? 

When you are a Master’s student or a PhD student, it can be incredibly difficult to know what to do when you are faced with an immense project such as a thesis or dissertation. Typically, you are also juggling many other responsibilities at the same time as writing such lengthy academic work. A PhD dissertation writing service offers an excellent way to save energy and time, because you will have this significant task off your plate. 

That said, you have probably heard throughout your academic career that getting friends, family members, or pulling direct information from online is considered plagiarism. In the world of  academia, plagiarism can land you into serious problems with your school. 

Every student must weigh the risks and benefits for themselves when it comes to determining if they should purchase a thesis or dissertation online. For some students, it can be their only option as they are struggling with completing their academic work to a large degree, putting their mental health, physical health, or other important elements of their lives in jeopardy. 

Are writing services safe? 

If you are purchasing a thesis or dissertation writing service, you may be concerned about your personal information as well as your financial information (such as a credit card number). Since there are so many unsafe dissertation writing services online today, it is crucial to know that the one you choose is legitimate.

The first way to check if the masters thesis writing device or dissertation writing service you are using is safe is through the company policies. Most websites will either list these in a specific section of their webpage or at the bottom of any given page. They should have a confidentiality policy where they promise not to disclose any personal information or the fact that you are using their platform to anyone.

Another good method is to ensure that the lock symbol at the top of the address bar is locked when you are on a payment page. If the lock does not appear, is broken, or appears open, that page is not secure or encrypted. In these cases, your information is at risk. 

How to hire the best dissertation writer online? 

When you are searching for the best Masters thesis writer or the best dissertation writer, you can rest assured that our experts have analyzed all the important features of essay writing platforms and viewed hundreds of student reviews in order to compile our lists of the top essay writing services online. If you pick from our list of the 8 best masters thesis writing services and PhD dissertation writing services, you will surely not be disappointed. 

Moreover, all the websites we have listed allow you to detail your dissertation work to a great degree to make sure that your writer completes your academic work up to your expectations. You can also contact writers directly or through customer service in order to update them on new ideas or changes to the paper. In fact, some dissertation writing services will let you pick out your writer yourself which allows you to review their expertise first. In this way, you can be certain you are choosing the best writer for your project. 

How do dissertation writing services work? 

Dissertation writing services are easy and simple. On the main page of most essay writing platforms you will view a short order form or price estimate form; you can fill this in to get started. Typically, they will ask for the type of service you require, if you would like a thesis or dissertation or other assignment, your academic level, your deadline, and your page length or word count. After you submit your order, you will either have the opportunity to speak with and choose your writer directly or one will be assigned to you. Then, the writer will begin the writing process and deliver your paper to you before your indicated deadline.

How much does dissertation writing cost in 2022?

As a Masters or PhD student, you are most likely eager to find affordable dissertation writing services today. Many of the essay writing websites we have mentioned in our list are within the cheap-average essay writing range. While there are other cheaper or free services online, they often produce work that is low-quality, riddled with grammar and language errors, and plagued with plagiarism. When you are handling a project that is as significant as a Master’s thesis or a PhD dissertation, you require high-quality writing that adheres to English language and academic standards. It is better to pay higher and receive value, and take advantage of superior discounts and offers, than receive low quality work for a few dollars cheaper. 

Final remarks about dissertation writing services

Theses and dissertations are one of the most difficult academic assignments, yet, they are also the most important pieces in your academic career. Whether you are struggling with the research, the arguments, the writing, or the whole project, an online Masters thesis writing service or a PhD dissertation writing service can get it all done for you with excellence and eloquence. Choose from our list of the 8 Best Dissertation Writing Services Online to get started today!



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