7 Ways To Track Company Vehicles


A vehicle tracking system helps you track your vehicles no matter where they are. These systems come with features such as the ability to track a vehicle’s performance, alert owners on the scheduled maintenance of a car, and note a driver’s behavioral pattern when driving.  

Benefits of tracking systems include vehicle utilization, theft prevention, safety for drivers and vehicles, improved vehicle lifecycle management, and cost-efficiency. They can also handle fuel management, tire pressure, battery life and enable the development and analysis of reports.

The innovative fleet tracking solutions provided by planethalocameras.com and the fleet dash cams by Fleetware will help you in monitoring the company’s vehicles to ensure efficiency, compliance, and safety. Below are 7 ways you can track your company vehicles in real-time:

1. Vehicle Integrated Mobile Devices

Connectivity highlights the new world. Your smartphone has a role to play as an extension of your car. Your mobile phone can serve as an infotainment system and expand the capabilities of tracking your company’s vehicle. There are varieties of auto-enabled mobile gadgets that act as automakers and auto assistants. 

By installing a mobile device within your vehicle or embedding the widget into the console of your car, you can communicate and track your vehicle through your driver’s mobile phone. You can start your company’s car from your mobile phone and follow it for security reasons.

2. Vehicle Computer App

Thanks to technological advancements, some apps can sync with your vehicle’s computer system to track your auto activities. Vehicle computer apps make it easy for tracking your company’s vehicle from wherever you are. This form of tracking is known as app tracking. It helps through the accessibility of apps on Android and iOS.

App tracking works by sending you real-time location updates and the driving behaviors of your company’s car. That way, you get to know the state of the vehicle, the geolocation entry and exit, and the degree of acceleration.

3. OBS Plug-In Devices

With an OBS device plug, you can access more than the location of your company’s vehicles. These systems are plugged into a port, usually underneath the steering wheel. It constantly gives you access to speed, torque, warning lights, brake pedal use, and velocity. It can also alert you if your vehicle is in danger or needs maintenance.

4. Install A GPS Tracking Device

GPS tracking systems help you keep track of the exact location of a vehicle and give you other details concerning the engine’s RPM and temperature, fuel level, tire pressure, and battery life. Depending on the company offering this type of tracking system, you may have an extra feature in the form of an alert that goes off if a driver over-speeds or veers away from the expected directions.

Additionally, GPS tracking provides real-time updates on vehicle maintenance scheduling, route planning, and the behavioral patterns of drivers. You can choose to install and maintain your system yourself or engage the services of an automobile tracking and security company to handle it for you.

5. GPS Positioning and Live Software Mapping

To implement this system, you can install it on your driver’s phone or opt for the in-built transmitter design. GPS positioning and live software mapping can read and import GPS data for you, track real-time GPS locations, and even import or export GPS map formats like the GPS Exchange Format (GPX) and the Garmin MapSource format (GDB). 

Track Company Vehicles

If you’re not interested in the in-built version, you can get any external software mapping you want. Any good auto software will send you notifications about your company’s vehicle through an application. That way, you can track the car with ease and maximum flexibility.

6. Streaming Dash Cameras

Another option for you is the use of dash-cams. These are cameras installed in your vehicle to map its location, direction, and situations surrounding it. There are inward-facing dashcams that help you keep a security check on passengers, and there are outward-facing dashcams that stream the state of traffic and hazards along the road. 

While it’s not wrong if you choose to get an inward dashcam over the outward dashcam, both are equally important in their regard, so you shouldn’t overlook any. Any good dashcam will work in tracking and securing your company’s car.

7. Radio Transmission

Radio Transmission may be an option for you if you’re already thinking about the limitations, such as network outage, of using systems that are dependent on a cellular network. The good thing about this option is that you can keep track in real-time, cost-effectively. You can reduce operational costs often related to tracking vehicles and secure your company’s car without additional fees.


Keeping track of company vehicles is a task that may even require a department considering how beneficial it’d be to your company. With data coming in from real-time tracking, you can analyze a vehicle situation, tell what may happen next, and take actions to avert them. You can even reduce the possible impact of that situation and secure your company’s assets.


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